WTSP: Internet surveys (4th round)

Internet Surveys (4th round) of TRIZ Sites in Individual Countries   ==>  52 Countries + 3 Language Groups (Nov. 20, 2021)

Toru Nakagawa (OGU, WTSP Project Leader)
May 7, 2021; Latest Update:  Nov. 17, 2021

Posted:  May 8; May 15; May 26; Jun. 5; Jun. 17; Jun. 24; Jul. 16; Jul. 22; Aug. 5; Aug. 30; Sept. 13; Oct. 7; Nov. 17; Nov. 20, 2021

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 7, 2021)

On Apr. 29, we have submitted our WTSP paper (4th Report) to ETRIA TFC2021.  At its end, we described as:

The basic plan this year is to enhance the Beta Edition of the World WTSP Catalogs.  We should do our best efforts for
(1) Getting attractive and useful introductions of individual websites written by site owners.
(2) Getting manuscripts of Country WTSP Catalogs by collaborative team work in various countries,
and we have recently decided to add another approach of
(3) Carrying out top-down Internet surveys in a number of important countries and support the bottom-up jobs (1) and (2). 

The present page summarizes the results of the (on-going) activities (3) and (2) mentioned above.

At first, I will describe some general comments on the method and process of surveys in general (without specifying countries), and then record the results of surveys and relevant activities in individual countries, in the arrival order of their reports.  Important reports/manuscripts will be posted in the page '(A7) Current Working Manuscripts of WTSP Catalogs' .

  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 26, 2021)

Draft documents at the initial steps for building Country WTSP Catalogs are submitted by the Poland Team, and are posted in the sub page .  Sharing such documents are helpful for encouraging the collaboratiive activities in the TRIZ community not only in the specific country but also many other countries.  Thanks, Joanna Majchrzak.

  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jul. 22, 2021)

The list of WTSP Members (who submitted the Membership Application Form) and Members-to-be (who stated explicitly to join WTSP but have not submitted the Membership Application Form yet) are updated in the WTSP (A2) Organization page  .  We wish you to form  a WTSP Team in your own country and to work  for building each Country Part of the World WTSP Catalogs.   We need much more WTSP Team activities for making the World WTSP Catalogs attractive and useful for many users in the world.  WTSP Catalogs are one of the most effective levers for proliferating TRIZ and relevant meodologies in the world.

  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 30, 2021)

A month ago I found the way to specify any individual country as the site location in the Internet Search, particularly with Yahoo!Japan search engine.  Thus I started the search for TRIZ-related sites in Israel, India, Mexico, etc., in which countries I could not carry out the surveys before.  If you want me to make an Internet Survey of TRIZ-related sites in your country, please do not hesitate to email me.  There are 20+ countries left to be surveyed, for our World WTSP Catalogs, I feel.

  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 7, 2021)

Internet Surveys of individual countries are summarized in a table classified with the Regions.

  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 17; Nov. 20, 2021)

Internet Surveys of 10 more individual countries (in Latin America and Africa) are obtained, and are posted individually as before.  Having obtained the survey results of 52 countries and 3 language groups, I have decided to finish this '4th-round survey of TRZ 8related) site in individual countries in the world'. (Nov. 17, 2021)

The results of the 4th-round Surveys (52 individual countries and 3 language groups) are summarized as follows:
(a) In a Excel file :  For each country, 'selected TRIZ sites (◎○□△)', 'Global TRIZ sites', 'Around-TRIZ sites of this country' and 'TRIZ sites to be listed in other country' are selected and grouped in the Index table.  Then such summary tables of individual country are gathered together for each Region in Excel sheet and arranged in the alphabetical order of country name. 
(b) In a new HTML page :  The 'selected TRIZ sites (◎○□△)' of individual countries in the world are gathered and shown in a new HTML page.  Adding short notes of the data for the countries already shown in the Beta Edition, the Current Status of the Survey Results of WTSP World TRIZ Catalog is posted.  This gives an overview of TRIZ deployment in the whole world, and shows what we should do to make our WTSP Catalogs more useful.   The summary is reported in Japanese page also, in a shorter form .


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Method/Process of Surveys

Survey results of individual countries (order of date)

Summary Table

Overall summary (Excel)

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  Methods/Processes of Internet Surveys (4th Round)  (Toru Nakagawa)

In the past I made several times of internet surveys for the WTSP project:

(1) Mar.-Apr. 2018:  TRIZ related sites in Japan:  with Yahoo. 
(2) Sept. 2018: (1st round) TRIZ related sites in various (33+) countries: with Yahoo.
(3) Mar. 2019: (2nd round) TRIZ related sites in the world in various languages: with Yahoo
(4) May 2019: (3rd round) Around-TRIZ sites in the world:  with Yahoo

This time, I tried the following ways of Internet searches:
(a) Google, Keyword=TRIZ OR (systematic AND innovation) OR (innovation And method), Location= UK:
    Outputs are apparently messy, with a number of sites outside the specified country, multiple web pages of a site are output at separated places. ==> Not suitable for us
(b)   Yahoo, Keyword=TRIZ OR (systematic AND innovation) OR (innovation And method), Location= UK:
    With the standard option of suppressing similar web pages of the same web site, clear outputs within the specified country only, but many (overwhelming) sites related to Innovation in general. ==> Need modification.
(c) Yahoo, Keyword=TRIZ OR  "Systematic Innovation", Location= UK:
        With the standard option of suppressing similar web pages of the same web site, clear outputs within the specified country only ==> Suitable for our purpose.
(d)  Yahoo, Keyword=TRIZ OR  "Systematic Innovation", Location= UK, Option of no suppression:
        Many pages from the same websites appear randomly and disturb the clearness of the output. ==> Not suitable for our purpose.
According to these results, I have chosen the method (c) for the present round of Internet searches.

[Note (TN, Aug. 30, 2021):  The Yahoo's option of specifying the Location is limited to about 30 countries in its standard.  I have recently found that this option is realized with the subcommand '&vc=countryXX' and we may directly put a 2-character country code, such as IL, IN, MX, etc. for the survey of sites located in Israel, India, Mexico, etc.   Thus we now can survey for websites located in any specific country.]


The results of the Internet searches will be shown in a few sets of tables (in HTML) for each country:
(A) Outputs of the search results with the heading of 'Site code, Site name, and Site domain URL':
         Outputs of  individual web page (containing  the Web page URL, Title of the Web page, and excerpt of the page (in 2-3 lines)) are shown without modification and without rearrangement.
         Site domain URL (or the URL of the home page) is obtained as the top part of the page URL, with minor adjustment if necessary.  Site name is taken from the Home page (or About Us page, etc.).  XX(yyyyy) means that XX is the acronym of the full name yyyyy.  XX: zzzz means  zzzz is the Web site belonging to XX.  Site Code should be shown in the form of CC-nn, where CC is the country name and nn is the properly set site number in the country; but at moment this part is shown with '##' temporarily waiting for later setting.
          All the URLs have active hyperlinks.  

        Note:   Please refer the results obtained in Sept. 2018 for 33+ countries listed in the page .


(B) Summary Table of the Web sites obtained in (A).

Site Code

Site Name

Site domain URL

(C) Table of Favorite/Recommended Web Sites.  In the Form   See the Guideline
         This table may be written by any person (and compiled by a coordinator) for suggesting/recommending useful Web sites.


Site Name

Site domain URL

Owner, Key- persons

email address

short recommendation

name, date

(D) Collection of (Draft) Site Descriptions     See the Guideline

Surveyor's brief introduction; Site Introduction in WTSP Standard Form (in 1 page) by the site owner; Optional Closer Site Introduction in free format (in 2-5 pages or more) by the site owner

(E) (Manuscripts of) Index of WTSP Web Sites in the Country CC.  In the Form     See the Guideline

Visiting individualsites, evaluating them (even temporarily), selecting them, and obtaining basic information for this table need to be done cooperatively in each country under the leadership of some coodinator(s).  

Internet search inside the site is often very useful.  For this purpose, you can use any Internet survey engine with site: oprator follwed by the site URL, together with the search keyword.  For example, use   TRIZ OR "Systematic Innovation" site:www.triz-si.org  as the keyword for serching inside a Website www.triz-si.org. (TN, May 23, 2021)

Site code

Site Name

Site domain URL

Site Location

Site Language

Role of site


Single-line Description

(a, b, c)

(name, date)

Brief introduction (3-10 lines) by a surveyor and closer introduction (in the Standard Form and optionally in free-format) by the site owner are expected further.



  Results of Internet Surveys of TRIZ Sites in Individual Countries  (Toru Nakagawa)


Search result page

(A) Search Output

(B) Summary Table

(C) Table of Recommended Sites (D) Collection of Site Descriptions

A-uk UK

  (May 8, 2021) 40 Websites

A-it Italy

  (May 8, 2021) 50 Websites

A-de  Germany   (May 12, 2021) 68 Websites    
A-fr  France   (May 15, 2021) 56 Websites    
A-pl  Poland   (May 23, 2021) 50 Websites
E-au Australia   (May 23, 2021) 23 Websites    
A-nl Netherlands   (Jun. 5, 2021) 33 Websites    
A-fi  Finland   (Jun. 5, 2021) 21 Websites    
D-kr  Korea   (Jun. 5, 2021) 72 Websites    
F-ca  Canada   (Jun. 17, 2021) 30 Websites    
D-tw  Taiwan   (Jun. 17, 2021) 45 Websites   Preliminary revision version (Dec. 18, 2022)
D-th  Thailand   (Jun. 17, 2021) 31 Websites    
A-be  Belgium   (Jun. 24, 2021) 22 Websites    
A-se  Sweden   (Jun. 24, 2021) 19 Websites    
C-ir  Iran        (Jul. 16, 2021)    64 Websites    
L-Arabic       (Jul. 16, 2021)    22 Websites    
L-Spanish       (Jul. 16, 2021)    57 Websites    
L-Portuguese       (Jul. 16, 2021)    45 Websites    
C-tr  Turkey       (Aug.  5, 2021)    27 Websites    
A-at  Austria       (Aug.  5, 2021)    26 Websites    
A-ch  Switzerland       (Aug.  5, 2021)    21 Websites    
A-cz  Czech Republic       (Aug.  5, 2021)    24 Websites    
A-dk  Denmark       (Aug.  5, 2021)    14 Websites    
A-no  Norway       (Aug.  5, 2021)     4 Websites    
C-il  Israel       (Aug. 30, 2021)     24 Websites    
D-in  India       (Aug. 30, 2021)     45 Websites    
G-mx   Mexico       (Aug. 30, 2021)     23 Websites    
A-es  Spain       (Sept. 13, 2021)    27 Websites    
A-pt  Portugal       (Sept. 13, 2021)    15 Websites    
A-ie  Ireland       (Sept. 13, 2021)    11 Websites    
A-gr  Greece       (Sept. 13, 2021)     8 Websites    
A-hu  Hungary       (Sept. 13, 2021)    13 Websites    
A-ro  Romania       (Sept. 13, 2021)    9 Websites    
E-nz  New Zealand       (Sept. 13, 2021)    7 Websites    
D-pk  Pakistan       (Oct. 7, 2021)   11 Websites    
D-lk  Sri Lanka       (Oct. 7, 2021)    6 Websites    
D-bd  Bangladesh       (Oct. 7, 2021)    3 Websites    
D-vn  Vietnam       (Oct. 7, 2021)   24  Websites    
D-sg  Singapore       (Oct. 7, 2021)   15  Websites    
D-ph  Philippines       (Oct. 7, 2021)   11 Websites    
D-hk  Hong Kong       (Oct. 7, 2021)   16 Websites    
D-id  Indonesia       (Oct. 7, 2021)   37 Websites    
G-ar  Argentina       (Nov. 17, 2021)   10 Websites    
G-pe  Peru       (Nov. 17, 2021)   13 Websites    
G-cl  Chile       (Nov. 17, 2021)   12 Websites    
G-co  Colombia       (Nov. 17, 2021)   19 Websites    
G-bo  Bolivia       (Nov. 17, 2021)   6 Websites    
G-ur  Uruguay       (Nov. 17, 2021)    7 Websites    
G-br  Brazil       (Nov. 17, 2021)    41 Websites    
G-cr  Costa Rica       (Nov. 17, 2021)   12 Websites    
G-ni  Nicaragua       (Nov. 17, 2021)    6 Websites    
H-ma  Morocco       (Nov. 17, 2021)   13 Websites    

H-eg  Egypt

      (Nov. 17, 2021)   8 Websites    
H-za  South Africa       (Nov. 17, 2021)   9 Websites    
H-ke  Kenya       (Nov. 17, 2021)   6 Websites    



  Summary of Internet Surveys of TRIZ Sites in Individual Countries  (Toru Nakagawa)  (Oct. 7; Nov. 17, 2021)

Countries are classified into the Regions and then arranged in the alphabetical order.

A. Europe

B. Russia

C. Mid-east

D. Asia

E. Oceania

F. North America

G. Central & South America

H. Africa

Austria  26
Belgium  22
Czech Republic  24
Denmark  14
Finland  21
France  55
Germany  68
Greece  8
Hungary  13
Ireland  11
Italy  50
Netherlands  33
Norway  4
Poland  50
Portugal  15
Romania  9
Spain  27
Sweden  19
Switzerland  21
UK  39

  Iran  64
Israel  24
Turkey  27

Arabic language

Bangladesh  3
Hong Kong  16
India  45
Indonesia  37
Pakistan 11
Philippines  11
Singapore  15
Sri Lanka  6
Taiwan  45 (Preliminary rev. Taiwan)
Thailand  31
Vietnam  24

Australia  23
New Zealand  7
Canada  30

Argentina  10
Brazil 41
Chile 12
Colombia 19
Costa Rica 12
Mexico  23
Nicaragua 6
Peru  13
Uruguay 7



Portuguese language  45
Spanish language  57

Egypt  8
Kenya  6
Morocco  13
South Africa  9
  Russian language   China



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