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Composed by Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University)

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Posted: Feb. 18, 2013.  Updated: Mar. 27, 2015; Nov. 16, 2017

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An Advice for Searching Pages in This Web Site (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 23, 2015):

Try to use alternative retrieval methods depending on what sort of pages you want:

(a) Top Page (for New Information (with introductions) within 6 months),
(b) Four Entrance Pages (for Children, for Students, for Engineers, and for Practitioners),
(c) Categorized General Index Pages (Editorial, References, Papers, Forum),
(d) New Information accumulated (for all the pages listed in the chronological order since 1998)
(e) Any relevant pages (use the links in the texts and in the link tables), and
(f) Site Search with Keywords (the present page, by using any keywords).

Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 16, 2017) The present site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" was found to have blocked the page searches by softbots (Google, Yafoo, etc.) since half a year ago due to some mishandling in our Web server; now this error has been corrected.  Internal search of pages was not working nearly 2 years due to unknown causes, but has been recovered today.  I deeply apologize for your  inconveniences for so long time, and beg your patience for some more months until recovering the hit ratio. 


Site Search in the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", for English Pages

Note:  When you first enter this page, after the message of "The page is now ready", you may need to wait for a few more moments until the search box is opened by the Google Custom Search Engine.

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  Editor's Note on Composing the Site Search Page (Toru Nakagawa, Feb. 18, 2013)

(1) The present Site Search is provided by the support of Google's Custom Search Engine.  The search and display are all done by Google's server, without charge.  Recognizing its power and convenience again, I appreciate Google for their service.

(2) Target pages of the search (English pages) are all the files under the directory .
Site Search for Japanese pages is also available in the Japanese page , and covers all the files under the directory excluding the ones under .../TRIZ/eTRIZ/ .
According to Google, they find about 19,000 files under the directory .../TRIZ/ in this site.

(3) While the query words input, the autocomplete function will support you.  Since Google has already prepared the index of the site, the search is done quite rapidly.

(4) Retrieved pages are shown in the order of the relevance.  It's a good practice to choose some specific keywords or multiple keywords to focus down to the pages you want.

(5) Advertising sites are shown by Google at the first search, but seem to be suppressed at the second and later searches. 


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