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WTSP Appeal:

An Appeal for Building Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World

WTSP Global Co-editors:
Toru Nakagawa (Japan), Darrell Mann (UK),  Michael Orloff (Germany), Simon Dewulf (Australia), Simon Litvin (USA), Valeri Souchkov (Netherlands), 
Jun. 25, 2018

Appeals: Aug. 22, 2018

Posted:  Jun. 25, 2018; Updated: Aug. 22, 2018

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jun. 25, 2018)

This is an Appeal by the six WTSP Global Co-editors together.  It is posted in HTML and in PDF  . Could you please join WTSP?
Could you please post this Appeal in your own Web site or forward it to your colleagues, as a sign of your support for the WTSP project?

Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 22, 2018):  Added: We need Your Help to build WTSP Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in Your Country: Toru Nakagawa

  WTSP Appeal                     PDF


  An Appeal for Building
  Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World

Dear TRIZ Leaders/Colleagues over the World,

        June 25, 2018
      World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP) Global Co-editors:
     Toru Nakagawa (Japan), Darrell Mann (UK),
         Michael Orloff (Germany), Simon Dewulf (Australia),
        Simon Litvin (USA), Valeri Souchkov (Netherlands)


Hello, we hope you and your groups are fine, active, successful in promoting TRIZ and relevant methods, and hence are very busy as ever.

For these three decades, TRIZ has been proliferated widely beyond ex-USSR across the world to the extent that various activities, achievements, and accumulated knowledge are not viewable easily.  We know that many (global/country-scale) associations, industries, consultants, academic groups, individual persons are making their TRIZ-related works open in their Web sites.  However, the more abundant the works and individual sites grow, the more difficult it has become for us and for people to find good and useful works and learn the overall view of TRIZ, because of so much noise in the ordinary Internet search.

A solution for releasing such a difficulty is to ‘Build a Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in the World’ and to keep it up-to-date.  That’s why we have organized the World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP).

Such an approach was carried out in 2008 personally by Nakagawa:  A page of ‘100 TRIZ Links (with annotation) in Japan’ (in Japanese)  and another of ‘Extended 120 TRIZ Links (with annotation) in the World’ (in English) (including selected 10 links in Japan)  were built and posted in his public Web site “TRIZ Home Page in Japan” .  The pages, however, were never updated for these 10 years because of necessity of so much efforts.

Let’s work Together!, Connected!! to ‘To Build and Keep Up-to-date Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites in the World’ -- this is the aims of our ‘World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP)’ .  WTSP was proposed in November 2017 by Nakagawa and was supported by many people in global TRIZ community.  The six co-authors of this Appeal have volunteered to be Global Co-editors of WTSP to guide the project. 

A pilot work has been achieved recently in Japan.  Internet search was done with the keyword = ‘TRIZ’, location = Japan, language = Japanese/English, and the option of displaying the link to site internal search.  Using 400 hits of the search, the Web sites were visited one by one, and about 70 sites were found significant and introduced in 3 to 10 lines corresponding to their importance.  Adding about 20 more sites by using various background knowledge, a Catalog of 92 TRIZ-related sites in Japan was made in Japanese.  All the sites are posted in Japanese, and only 10 or 15 % of the sites have complementary posting in English.  The Catalog is translated into English, with close introductions to selected 24 sites and brief introduction to other 68 sites.  About 2/3 of the sites are found new from the 2008 Catalog.  We have found many important and unique Web sites in TRIZ and in relevant methodologies/fields.  See the Japan TRIZ Catalog in Japanese  and in English .

We are going to start similar work in various countries (probably 50-60 countries).  TRIZ-related sites located in each country are to be listed up and introduced one by one first in their own language, and then in English translation.  Then the Catalogs of selected sites in each country are to be integrated into the World Catalog.  The size of World Catalog may be 10 to 20 times larger than Japan Catalog, we guess.  Such WTSP Catalogs are to be publicly posted in various countries and are expected to be useful to locate a wide variety of information resources on TRIZ and relevant methodologies and their applications and to learn their rich and up-to-date contents all over the world. 

For such work, we will need in each country a team of several WTSP Members.  WTSP project will accept any people in the TRIZ community who wish to contribute to promote TRIZ-related methodologies by building and updating the Catalogs of TRIZ-related Sites.  Please refer further information of WTSP at our site (in English):

In summary, the current jobs for us in the WTSP Project are:

Let’s work Together ! Connected !!


Further information: 

[1] World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP): Index Page: (in “TRIZ Home Page in Japan”):

[2] WTSP Membership Application Form (download):

[3] WTSP access:  Toru Nakagawa (Project Leader):


PS:  Could you please post this Appeal in your own Web site or forward it to your colleagues, as a sign of your support for the WTSP project?


 Appeal:  We need Your Help to build WTSP Catalog of TRIZ-related Sites in Your Country:
                           Toru Nakagawa  (Aug. 22, 2018)

We have posted the WTSP Appeal (Jun. 25, 2018, by T. Nakagawa, D. Mann, M. Orloff, S. Dewulf, S. Litvin, and V. Souchkov).  And received many supports, Likes, and Comments, to our thanks.  For making your supports into reality, we need your help of actions. 

Please see the next slide (for the coming Japan TRIZ Symposium (Sept.) and ETRIA TRIZ Future Conf. (Oct.)).

If you are a learner/user of TRIZ, please write your impressions briefly on the TRIZ sites you recommend and send it to either the site owners or TRIZ leaders in your country.

If you are an owner of a TRIZ related site, please write an introduction of your site in 3 to 10 lines (and in 1 to 2 A4 pages if you want to promote it) and send the manuscript to some TRIZ leaders in your country (or one of Global Editors).

If you are a promoter/leader in TRIZ in your country, please join WTSP as a Member to form a WTSP team in your country and work to build WTSP Catalog of TRIZ Sites in your country.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please let us know. 
Best wishes,   Toru,    Aug. 22, 2018


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