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(B1) News 2017 of WTSP (World TRIZ Sites Project)

Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, Osaka Gakuin Univ.),  Dec. 24, 2017

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Posted:  Dec. 27, 2017; Updated: Dec. 29, 2017

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Dec. 24, 2017)

This page intends to show up-to-date News about the WTSP Porject in brief summary, for the first year 2017.  Detail information of the News will be posted in separate pages.  Latest News is arrranged at the top.

  (B1) WTSP News 2017:  activities, invitations, outputs, etc.  (Latest News at the top)

 Index Page of 'World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP)' is open in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"   (Dec. 27, 2017). 

Basic information and activity news are posted and will be kept up-to-date. 7 sub-pages are also posted as follows:

(A1) Policies ( Aims,  Goals of Outputs, Documentation process, Organizing the Project Team)

(A2) Organization ( Invitation to Membership,  Joining as a Member, Organizing a Team and Roles we need , Current organization and Members)

(A3) Platform (for working as voluntary members)  ( Outline of the Bitrix24 Groupware System  Our WTSP Platform in the Bitrix24 system , Brief Introduction of using the Bitrix24 platform for documentation )

(A4) Guidelines (Guidelines of describing Sites and Lists of Sites, Handling the documents in 3 main stages (i.e., drafts, manuscripts under internal review, and output publicized openly) , Handling documents in countries,regions, and the world, Handling documents in English and also in various non-English languages, Structuring documents in a categorized system )

(A5) Accesses to the Project outputs by people outside the Project  ( Public Links to the Output Documents in the WTSP Platform; Usage of the Outputs Documents)

(A6) Publicized outputs  ( Basic information of the WTSP Project, Output Documents of the WTSP Project (to be annonced later) )

(B1) WTSP News 2017

 Initializing 'World TRIZ Sites Project' in 'Letters from Readers (Nov. - Dec., 2017)' ' page    (Dec. 17, 2017)

The page records the communications during Nov. - Dec. 2017, mostly issued by Toru Nakagawa for proposing WTSP and responded by many TRIZ Leaders in the world.  You can see why and how Nakagawa wanted and initiated the Project and how so many people in various countries responded positively to support and join the Project. Such a consensus of necessity of WTSP certainly becomes our motivation for the success of the project and further for us, TRIZ community in the world, to work Together! Connected !! 

 Plan and Invitation to WTSP  (Tour Nakagawa) (Dec. 9, 2017)

An official Invitation to the 95 TRIZ Leaders for starting the World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP). The Project is open for any TRIZ Leaders/Colleagues who volunteer to work for the sake of TRIZ, Together ! Connected!!   This page summarizes the purpose and philosophy of the Project and describes concretely how we are going to work together with the platform in Bitrix24 system in cloud.  

  Proposals of WTSP (Toru Nakagawa)  (Dec. 9, 2017)

A series of emails sent to 95 TRIZ Leaders (of 33 Countries) in the world, for proposing a volunteer work together as 'World TRIZ Sites Project' (WTSP).  
Proposal (1)   Please help to Build a page of 300 TRIZ Sites in the World  (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 21, 2017)
Proposal (1A)  Let’s Cooperate with the platform of (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 22, 2017)
Proposal (1B)  World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP): Guidelines of Describing TRIZ Sites and Their Lists (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 27, 2017)
Proposal (1C)  World TRIZ Sites Project (WTSP): Organizing the Project Team (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 28, 2017)


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(A1) Policies

(A2) Organization

(A3) Platform

(A4) Guidelines

(A5) Access to the Project Outputs

(A6) Publicized Outputs

(A7) Current Working Manuscripts of WTSP Catalogs  (A8) World WTSP Catalogs (Current Active Version)

(A9) Introductions to WTSP Catalogs 

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