Introductory article:

Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ for Business and Management:
An Overview

Valeri Souchkov (ICG Training and Consulting, The Netherland)
ICG Training and Consulting, Home page, White Paper, posted in 2007, updated in 2014

Japanese translation by Toru Nakagawa (OGU), TRIZ Home Page in Japan, posted on Nov. 23, 2016

Posted on  Nov. 23, 2016

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 22, 2016)

An excellent introductory article by Valeri Souchkov is translated into Japanese and is posted in the Japanese page  of this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".  I am grateful to Dr. Souchkov for his permission of my present posting and also for his decades long activities of introducing TRIZ over the world in the modernized form including the business applications.

The present article introduces TRIZ and its use for business and management to the ordinary business people in plain words without any prerequisite.   He puts stress on the way of thinking rather than tools.  His way of using TRIZ for business and management has been proven to be easy to learn and effective to apply.   

Table of contents of his 20 page article is shown here for you to refer to his original article

1.  Introduction

2.  What is TRIZ?

3.  Why does TRIZ work for business and management?

4. Finding a right problem is a problem too

5.  "Basic xTRIZ" process

6.  There is more in TRIZ: Creating what's next

7.  Roadmapping the future

8.  TRIZ for business and management: A roadmap

9.  Examples of using TRIZ in business and management

10.  Conclusions

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Even though Dr. Souchkov has never visited Japan yet, he has appeared several times in the Japanese and English pages of this Web site, including:

"Four Views on TRIZ" by V. Souchkov, originally in TRIZ Journal (Mar. 1999)  ; in Japanese translation by T. Nakagawa (Mar. 1999)

"TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time", (Authored by Yuri Salamatov, edited by Valeri Souchkov (1999)); Japanese edition (Supervising  translation by Toru Nakagawa (2000)); Publication announcement of the Japanese Edition ; Preface to the Japanese Edition (V. Souchkov) ; Q&A on the English Edition (Q: T. Nakagawa, A: V. Souchkov)  posted in this site (Nov. 22, 2000)

"A Brief History of TRIZ", V. Souchkov, posted in ICG T&C Home Page (May 2008), Japanese translation by T. Nakagawa, posted in this site (Nov. 2008).



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