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Venue of the Six TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2010

Venue, Access Map, Transportation, Buses, Hotels, Visa procedure,

Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)
Posted: Jun. 14, 2010; Updated: Jun. 25; Aug. 1; Aug. 16, 2010

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  Venue: Kanagawa Institute of Technology    

Kanagawa Institute of Technology,
An active privately-run university having 4 faculties (i.e., Engineering, Creative Engineering, Applied Bioscience, and Information Science)

Web site in English: http://www.kait.jp/english/

Location:              1030 Shimo-Ogino, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 243-0929, Japan.

Located in the south-western suburbs of Tokyo.
About 2 hours from Tokyo. (about 60 minutes by Odakyu line from Shinjuku to Hon-Atsugi, and then 25 minutes by bus to the campus.)

Campus Map  (Borrowed from KIT Web site)

The tallest building just at the main entrance and bus terminal is our Symposum site.

Entrance  & Campus bus terminal


  Access Map and Transportation       

Access Map (Borrowed from KIT Web site)

Access outline: The following 4 steps from Airport to the Venue:    [Supported by Mr. Atsushi Inoue]

(1) From Narita Airport to Tokyo (or directly to Shinjuku) 

[Note: new descriptions based on the recent start of operation of New Skyliner (Keisei Railways)] (Aug. 15, 2010)

(2) From Tokyo to Shinjuku by JR Line

(3) From Shinjuku to Hon-Atsugi by Odakyu Line

(4) From Hon-Atsugi to the KIT Campus by bus

The timetable of buses are described in detail. (Aug. 16, 2010)

(1) From Narita Airport to Tokyo (or directly to Shinjuku) :  [

For the access to/from Narita airport, please check Narita Airport access page in English ,
especially its page on Access by Rail ways (URL: http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/access/train/index.html). 

As you note in the following railway access map, besides the former-standard JR Narita Express a faster service, New Skyliner of Keisei' Sky Access Line has just started its operation on July 17, this year. 
[Note:   The Narita Airport stations of both JR Narita Express and Keisei New Skyliner are located under the ground of the Airport Terminal Buildings side by side.  Thus you may select either of them at Narita Airport depending on the timing you pass through the Custom Gate.]

(Borrowed from Narita Airport Web site)

There are several ways for access.

(1A) JR Narita Express : This is the (former) standard, which we still recommend (in some cases):

The timetable of Narita express are:
(From Narita Airport to Tokyo): http://jreast-shinkansen-reservation.eki-net.com/pc/english/common/timetable/e_nex_u/index.html
(From Tokyo to Narita Airport): http://jreast-shinkansen-reservation.eki-net.com/pc/english/common/timetable/e_nex_d/index.html

In short (and roughly speaking), the Narita express departs 1-2 times every hour, takes about 60 minutes between Tokyo and Narita Airport. 

As shown in the above map, the Narita express from Narita Airport stops at Tokyo, and then at Shingawa, where the train is divided into two trains, and one of them stops at Shinjuku (and go further). Thus if you stay in Tokyo down town area (say, for attending at the OTSM-TRIZ Seminar), you would like to get off at Tokyo or Shinagawa. On the other hand, if you want to go to the Symposium venue directly, you should go to Shinjuku without getting off at Tokyo. 

(1B) Keisei' Old Skyliner (now named Cityliner) : This is the former alternative, which we do not recommend any longer because of the start of the (New) Keisei Skyliner in July 2010 (See the next item (1C)).

(1C) (New) Keisei Skyliner , the (new) standard of access, which we recommend (in some cases). 

Keisei Skyliner was revewed on Jul. 17, 2010 by using a newly build railway between Narita and Nippori (in Tokyo).  The time for accessing Narita Airport is reduced to 36 mmutes on this way, and the frequency of operation is increased to 2 to 3 trains every hour.

The English URL is http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/ .

The timetable is available at
      From the Airport to Nippori:    http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/timetable_ueno.html
      From Nippori to the Airport: http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/timetable_narita.html

If you use the Keisei Skyliner, you should change at Nippori station (not the final destination (Keisei-Ueno), but just one station before Ueno). Then you must change to JR Yamanote line either toward Shinjuku (for the Symposium venue) or (in the opposite direction) toward Tokyo (for the OTSM-TRIZ Seminar venue or for your hotel in Tokyo). 

The transfer at Nippori from Keisei Skyliner to JR Yamanote line is very smooth if you buy the transfer ticket at Narita Airport by specifying your JR destination station (e.g., Shijuku, Tokyo, Shimbashi, etc.).  A simplified map of Nippori Station for train change is shown below (Norht is upward). .

For going to Shinjuku (toward the Symposium venue), on Track 11 you should take the green train (for Ikebukuro and Shinjuku) of the Yamanote Line (i.e., the circular line).  The train comes every 3-4 minutes.  Shinjuku is the 10th stop from Nippori. You should not ride on the blue train on Track 12; it will take you to the northern outskirts of Tokyo without reaching Shinjuku.  [JR trains in Tokyo area are color-coded.]
For going to Tokyo (the venue of OTSM-TRIZ Seminar), or Shimbashi, Shinagawa, etc. (for your hotel in Tokyo), on Track 10 you should take the green train (for Tokyo and Shinagawa) of the Yamanote Line (i.e., the circular line).  (Tokyo is 6th stop from Nippori.)  The blue train on Track 9 is running in parallel up to Shinagawa and further does to Yokohama and southern outskirts of Tokyo. During around 10:00 to 16:00 of weekdays, the blue train is operated as rapid trains and skip several stations including Nippori.  So it is safe for you to take the green train of Yamanote line.   

(1D) Limousine buses :

There are also lots of limousine buses from Narita airport to hotel areas in Tokyo.  See the Web site of the Narita Airport  http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/access/bus/index.html or the.information of your hotel. 

However, we do not recommend these choices, because
(1) many of the buses are bound for hotels in metropolitan area, not train station, so you have to walk to train station when the bus arrives,
(2) the status of highway traffic is not stable around Tokyo area, there might be terrible traffic jams and in such cases it takes very long time to arrive at the destination.

(2) From Tokyo to Shinjuku by JR Line (also information of Tokyo and Shinjuku Stations)

A simplified map of Tokyo Station is shown below for clarifying the trains you should take. (North is upward of this map.) 

The Narita Express arrives at an (quite deep) under-ground platform in the western end of Tokyo Station. Thus you shoul expect about 10 minutes for the transfer to a train or for going out of the Station.  (See the separate page for accsthe venue of the OTSM-TRIZ Seminar.)
If you come to Tokyo from Nippori on Yamanote line, you arrive at Track 5.  (The train goes further to Shimbashi, Shinagawa, Shibuya, etc.)  [On your return trip, the train for Nippori will depart on Track 4.]
For going to Shinjuku, take JR Chuo line.  At Track 1 and 2 of Tokyo station you can take any train from either side of the platform. Shinjuku is the fourth stop from Tokyo.  The train departs every 3 to 5 minutes, and it takes about 15 minutes from Tokyo to Shinjuku. 

Platforms of Shinkansen trains are located at the eastern end of this map (not shown).


[Note: The venue of the OTSM-TRIZ Introductory Seminar is SANNO Institute's Satellite Office, which resides in Sapia Tower, a buliding next door to the Tokyo Station.  One minute walk from the Nihonbashi Exit, i.e. north-east exit of Tokyo Station.  See more detail in the page of the Seminar.]

Changing trains at Shinjuku Station is explained below by using a simlified map. (North is upward, again.)

The Narita Express arrives at the Track 6, coming from south.  All the JR platforms in Shinjuku Station are located at the same level.  Thus changing trains is easy, disregarding so busy & crowded people.
If you come to Shinjuku from Nippori on Yamanote line, you arrive at Track 14.  [On your return trip, the train for Nippori will depart on Track 15.  (Do not take a train on Track 16.]
The train from Tokyo arrives at the platform of Tracks 11 and 12.  [On your return trip take a train of Chuo line either at Track 7 or 8.  

At the western end of JR Shinjuku Station, the transfer ticket gate for Odakyu lines is located for the people who already have the Odakyu line tickets.  If you do not have one yet, get out the JR ticket gate and there you can find a ticket counter of Odakyu line and the entrance gate. 

For checking the local train routes and time tables, the following page may be useful:
         (Train route finder in English):  http://www.jorudan.co.jp/english/
In this page, you can input any station as the  from/to fields, including the Narita express, JR-east, Keisei, and Odakyu railway.

(3) From Shinjuku to Hon-Atsugi by Odakyu Line :

You will use Odakyu railway from Shinjuku to Hon-Atsugi to get the symposium venue.
Please check the Odakyu Homepage to check the train type and which station each type of train stops.
        Odakyu Homepage:  http://www.odakyu.jp/english/route/index.html

To get the Hon-Atsugi, the best choice is to use express train (departs from platform 4 and 5, on the upper layer of platform, and takes about 55 minutes).

(4) From Hon-Atsugi to the KIT Campus by bus

Taking bus at Hon-Atsugi station is the standard way for you to get the KIT Campus.  (Taxies are expensive, and have no merit in case of a trafic jam.)   Four types of buses will be operated:

(a) Regular bus line from Hon-Atsugi station to KIT and farther ahead.  The bus departs at Hon-Atsugi Bus Center, stops at Bus Stop 1 of Hon-Atsugi Station, and goes to KIT (bus stop in front of KIT), and goes farther for "Seinen-no-Ie" (#07).

(b) Direct, non-stop bus service from Hon-Atsugi Bus Center (3 minutes walk from the station) to KIT for KIT students and staff (and any other people).  This type of bus does not stop at Hon-Atsugi Station.  Many buses in the early morning to KIT and in the late afternoon from KIT, but very few in other time zones. 

(c) KIT's staff-only bus for returing for KIT to Hon-Atsugi, especially made availabel to TRIZ Symposium paricipants.

(d) TRIZ Symposium Chartered bus for returning from KIT to Hon-Atsugi just after the closing of the Symposium on Sept. 11, 2010.

Fare is 280 yen for all the types except (c).  It takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on the traffic conditions.

The timetable of the buses for KIT (of types (a) and (b)) may be found in:

The timetable of the buses are re-constructed here for your convenience (and for avoiding miserable confusions).  See below the map of the bus stop and Atsugi Bus Center.

Buses Hon-Atsugi Station ==> KIT

Sept. 9 (Thu), Sept 10 (Fri.)
Sept. 11 (Sat.)
Type (a) Regular buses (b) Express bus for KIT (a) Regular buses (b) Express bus for KIT
Bus stop

Bus Center and
Bus stop 1 of Hon-Atsugi Station.

[* Not Bus Center, but Hon-Atsugi Station.]

Bus Center (non-stop at Hon-Atsugi Satation)

Bus Center and
Bus stop 1 of Hon-Atsugi Station.

[* Not Bus Center, but Hon-Atsugi Station.]

Bus Center (non-stop at Hon-Atsugi Satation)
Bus No. Destin-ation

No. 07: "Seinen-no-Ie"
#:No. 89: "Tobiodai Danchi"

Destinated for KIT No.07:"Seinen-no-Ie"
# No. 89: "Tobiodai Danchi"
Destinated for KIT
7 02   8#*  22  28#* 40#* 42  55#* --       30#* --
8 02   10#* 25#* 40 45#* 55#*         25 30 35 40 45 48 51 54 57 59 00   30#*       45   55
9   07  17#*  30#*     40  52#* 01 03 05 00  30#* 05
10  02# 12# 22# 35# 37 52#         20 30 35 40 45 00 30#        30 40
11  07# 22# 35# 37 52# 00 00 30# --
12  07# 22 37# 52# 00 00 30# --
13  17 47# 00 00 30# --
14 17 47# -- 00 30# --
15 17 47# -- 00 30# --
16 12 37# -- 00 30# --
17 02 32# 55 -- 00 30# --
18 12# 35 55# -- 00 30# --
   --- omitted ---   -- omitted --  

Buses KIT ==> Hon-Atsugi Station

Sept. 9 (Thu), Sept 10 (Fri.)
Sept. 11 (Sat.)
Type (a) Regular buses (b) Express bus from KIT (a) Regular buses (b) Express bus from KIT
Bus stop In front of KIT KIT entrance bus terminl In front of KIT KIT entrance bus terminl

No. 07, No. 89
Atsugi Bus Center

Hon-Atsugi Station and Atsugi Bus Center

No. 07, No. 89
Atsugi Bus Center

Hon-Atsugi Station and Atsugi Bus Center
  -- omitted --      
9 02 13 25 40 55   21 50  
10 10 25 55   20 50  
11 15 30 55   20 50  
12 15 30 55 50 20 50 50
13 15 35 55 00 10 20 50 00 10
14 05 35 55 50 20 50  
15 05 35 55 00 10 20 20 50 00
16 07 36 51 30 33 36 40 45 50 20 50 40
17 02 21 36 57  00 20 40 20 50  
18 21 31 47  00 10 20 40 20 50  
19 01 10 20 40 55   20 50  
20 15 35 55   15 45  
21 15 35 55   45  
22 15      



Recommended Hotel(s) in Atsugi (in the Hon-Atsugi Station area)

Atsugi Urban Hotel   (TEL:+81-46-222-3344 FAX:+81-46-222-2223)           (Jun. 14; Aug. 1, 2010)##

Web site:    http://www.auhf.co.jp/      (Written in Japanese, with keywords in English, and many photos.)

Special discount rate for the TRIZ Symposium:
                Single 6,000 yen/night    Twin/Double 12,000 yen/night (for 2 persons)
          (The hotel rate includes breakfast, services, and taxes.)

For reservation, use the Symposium specified Hotel Reservation Form (in MS Word) (click the left button for downloading).  Fill in it and send it to the hotel (via FAX or) via email to reserve@auhf.co.jp .  (If you use other method without the specified Form, the special discount will not be applied.)  (Jun. 14; Aug. 1, 2010)##

The Symposium Office will not get involved in the reservation, room allocation, payment, cancellation, etc.  Since there can be many ordinary guests besides the Symposium participants, we advise you to reserve the hotel as early as possible.  In case of no vacancy at the Atsugi Urban Hotel, the Hotel would arrange a nearby other hotel for you at the same rate.

Hotel map (= Hon-Atsugi Town Map)

Hotels in Tokyo 

There are so many hotels in Tokyo.  Internet reservation services are available.  Good and convenient hotels are expensive (14,000 to 20,000 yen).  Reasonable hotels which may be used by business people regularly are relatively narrow and located 5-10 minutes walking distance from stations (for 9,000 to 14,000 yen).  So there are lot of choices depending on your preference.  The Symposium office will be able to give you some names of hotels as general information on your request.  Please reserve hotels for yourselves.

Useful hotel reservation site for multi-language support is
Please check the availability and rate of the room by yourself.

<< Our recommendation >>
If you are planning to attend OTSM seminar held at Sapia tower near Tokyo station, the following hotels are convenient.

Yaesu Fujiya Hotel  :  http://www.yaesufujiya.com/english/ 
Hotel Sardonyx Tokyo :  http://www.hotel-sardonyx.com/tokyo/english/
Pearl Hotel Yaesu :   http://www.pearlhotels.jp/yaesu/ 

For other areas, we recommend

Dai-ichi Hotel Annex (Shimbashi station)  :  http://www.hankyu-hotel.com/cgi-bin2/cms2/index_en.cgi?hid=06dhannex
Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Shinagawa station) :  http://www.princehotels.com/en/shinagawa/

If you want to reserve the hotel near Narita airport, we recommend:

Holiday Inn Tobu-Narita : http://www.holidayinntobunarita.com/eng/index.html




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