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Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 17, 2014):  This page is not updated recently.  Please see the General Index (B) References:  Software tools for some more information.  It is rather difficult for me to buy and use some good but expensive commercial tools (not only because of money but also because of time).  It is desirable to have contributed articles of not commercial/advertizing but introductory/objective nature.  Could you please share your experiences and thoughts, as users or as vendors? 



TRIZ Software Tools in General

  Introductory:  "Introduction  to TRIZ Software Tools and Their Usage"   (Mar. 24, 2005)
         Shigeru Kasuya (Fuji Xerox Co.),  Mar. 18, 2005;  Excerpt of Kasuya's Lecture given at  a semianr on Feb. 8, 2005. 
       [Brief introduction to TechOptimizer and Goldfire Innovator (IMC), Innovation WorkBench (III), and Innovation Suite (CREAX). ]

 Invention Machine's Software Tools

Products Information
Products (Invention Machine)  Products (Mitsubishi Res. Inst.)

Japanese Version of TechOptimizer Professional Version 3.0J  is now on sale (IMC & MRI) (Jan. 27,1999)
     Complete conversion of V3.0 into Japanese, including all the databases.

TechOptimizer Professional Version 2.5
Ref: "Software Tools for TRIZ -- Mechanism, Usage, and Methodology Learning --
                   Invention Machine's TechOptimizer Pro Version 2.5"  by T. Nakagawa(Feb. 25, 1995)

IM Phenomenon Pro Version 1.0

Invention Magic    (Low-end version of IM Phenomenon)  (Mitsubishi Res. Inst., on sale)
Ref: "New Software That Assists 'Invention' -- by Linking Science & Technology Principles and
                Proposing Composed Technologies"    by T. Nakagawa, Nikkei Mechanical, Nov. 1998

TechOptimizer Professional Version 3.0    (Invention Machine)

 Ideation International's Software Tools

Products Information (Ideation International, Inc.)

The Innovation Workbench (IWB) System
Japanese version is under development

Other Software Tools


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