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TRIZ Book References (books, proceedings, etc.)

(in Japanese)

  Publication:  "Matrix 2003" by Darrell Mann, Simon Dewulf, Boris Zlotin, and Alla Zusman -- Publication Announcement of the Japanes Edition and Q&A Documents for the English Edition.
         by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)      (Apr. 5, 2005) 

Japanese Edition:  Translator:  Toru Nakagawa,
Publisher:  Sozo Kaihatsu Initiative, Tokyo,;  Published on Apr. 15, 2005
ISBN:  4-902716-01-1,  Soft cover, B5 size, 92 + v pages  +  1 sheet,  Price: 2400 yen
[Introduction to the Japanese Edition,  Author's Preface, Nakagawa's Preface for the Japanese Edition
Q&A Documents on the English Edition  [PDF]  (1)  Nakagawa's Comments   (2) Mann' s Responses   (3) Errata  in Marix data  (4)  Zlotin & Zusman's Remarks

[The databook of "Matirx 2003" has been highly evaluated by Japanese users.  The Japanese Edition  contains a number of editorial  improvement for users' convenience.  The Q&A documents should be useful for readers of the English version. ]

 Darrell Mann's "Hands-On Systematic Innovation" 
          -- Publication Announcement of Japanes Edition and Q&A Documents for the English Edition.

                (Toru Nakagawa)      (Jun. 30, 2004) 
               Supervising Translator:  Toru Nakagawa;  Translators:  Knowledge Creation Study Group,
                    Publisher:  Sozo Kaihatsu Initiative, Tokyo,;  Published on Jun. 30, 2004
                    ISBN:  4-902716-00-3,  Soft cover, B5 size, 464 + xiv pages  +  1 sheet,  Price: 9000 yen
                 [Introduction ot the Japanese Edition,  Author's Preface to the Japanese Edition, Nakagawa's Preface,
                   Q&A Documents on the English Edition  (1)
  (2)   (3)   (4) ,
                   Extended Table of Contents of the English Edition
                   (Extended Index of the English Edition -- to be posted later)]

(in English)

  Proceedings of TRIZCON99:  First Symposium on TRIZ Methodology and Application,
       Held by Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies on March 7-9, 1999 at Novi, Michigan, USA (1999), 323 pages.

  The Innovation Algorithm:  TRIZ, systematic innovation and technical creativity
          G. Altshuller (original Russian publication in 1973),
          English translation by L. Shulyak, S. Rodman, Technical Innovation Center, Inc., USA (1999), 312 pages.

  TRIZ in Progress:  Transactions of the Ideation Research Group
        Ideation Research Group, Ideation International Inc., USA (1999), 248 pages.

  Tools of Classical TRIZ
         Ideation International Inc., USA (1999), 266 pages.

  TRIZ:  The Right Solution at the Right Time -- A Guide to Innovative Problem Solving
        Yuri Salamatov, Edited by Valeri Souchkov, English translation by Maria Strogaia and Sergei Yokoviev, Insytec B.V., The Netherland (1999), 255 pages.
Prefaces to the Japanese Edition, and Errata and Q&A on the English Edition.  Y. Salamatov, V. Souchkov, and T. Nakagawa [posted: Nov. 22, 2000] 

  Proceedings of the 4th Annual International TPD Symposium -- TRIZ Conference,
         Held at Industry Hills, California, on Nov. 17-19, 1998,
         Co-sponsored by American Supplier Institute and the TRIZ Institute.

  Systematic Innovation:  An Introduction to TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving),
         J. Terninko, A. Zusman, B. Zlotin, St. Lucie Press, USA (1998),

  Unified Structured Inventive Thinking -- How to  Invent
         Ed. Sickafus, NTELLECK, Michigan, USA (1997), 488 pages.

  40 Principles:  TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation,
         G. Altshuller, Edited and English translation by L. Shulyak, Technical Innovation Center (1997).

   "The Science of Innovation: A Managerial Overview of the TRIZ",
          Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin, The TRIZ Group, Michigan (1997), p 82.

  TRIZ:  Through the Eyes of an American TRIZ Specialist -- A Study of Ideality, Contradictions, Resources,
        Dana W. Clarke, Sr., Ideation Internationa Inc., Detroit, Michigan (1997), 88 pages.

   "Step-by-step TRIZ: Creative Solutions to Innovative Problems",
         John Terninko, Alla Zusman, and Boris Zlotin, Responsible Management, Nottingham, NH (1996?).

   "An Introduction to TRIZ: The Russian Theory of Inventive Problem Solving",
         Stan Kaplan, Ideation International (1996), 44 pages.

  "And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared:  TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving",
       G. Altshuller (H. Altov), Children's Literature, USSR (1st Ed. 1984, 2nd Ed. 1987, 3rd Ed. 1989),
        English translation by Lev Shulyak, Technical Innovation Center, Inc., USA (1994), 171 pages.

   "Creativity as an Exact Science: The Theory of the Solution of Inventive Problems",
          Genrich Altshller (1979),
          English translation by A. Williams, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, USA (1984).

TRIZ Paper References (papers, technical reports, articles, etc.)

  Nikkei Mechanical (A monthly journal in Japanese)         Contents of TRIZ articles 

  TRIZ WWW References     (cf. TRIZ Links)

Articles published on The TRIZ Journal
             Contents of Archives of The TRIZ Journal (Composed by Nakagawa, Aug. 23, 2001)

  Articles published on the Scientific Channel of Ideation International, Inc.

  Mitsubishi Research Inst. TRIZ Home Page   Contents of TRIZ articles 

  Hiroshi Igata' TRIZ Home Pame      Contents of TRIZ articles 

  SANNO University's TRIZ. Home Page   Contents of TRIZ articles 

Introductory:  The Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies   URLs and list of sources from Media Kit   (Dec. 6, 2002)

  References on Related Topics

(in Japanese)

(in English)

"The Creative Problem SOlver's Toolbox -- A Complete Course in the Art of Creating Solutions of Any Kind"
         Richard Fobes, Solutions Through Innovation, Oregon (1993), 345 pages.  ISBN: 0-9632221-0-4

  "101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques -- The Handbook of New Ideas for Business",
         James M. Higgins, The New Management Publishing, Florida (1994), 223 pages.  ISBN: 1-883629-00-4

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