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Compiled by Toru Nakagawa (OGU),
Apr. 12, 2008 and May 1, 2008

[Posted: Apr. 13, 2008; Updated: May 4; May 25, 2008]

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Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 17, 2014):  Sorry but this page is not up-to-date, even though it still works in most parts.  Updating this page needs a lot of work.  I wish to get several people in different countries for updating this in collaboration. 


Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Apr. 12, 2008)

Seven years have passed since I built this page last time.  Organizations and IT situations have changed much.  This has urged me to update this page for many years.  After spending about 10 days I am now ready to post the 'TRIZ Links in Japan' in my Japanese pages in its extended form.  This English main page is also renewed to post the 'Selected TRIZ Links in Japan and in the World'.  'Extended 100 TRIZ Links in Japan' is posted in the Japanese page; because those Web sites are written only in Japanese, the Extended List will not be translated into English. . 

(Toru Nakagawa, May 4, 2008)  The 'Extended TRIZ Links in the World' is now ready after 3 more weeks of struggling.  In this page, Selected 50 Sites are listed with some annotation.  In the separate page, Extended List of 120 TRIZ Sites sre shown with some more details of annotation.  They are arranged in the order of their geometrical regions/countries. 

In the Japanese page, 80 papers and articles written by Japanese industrial and university users are listed. The list may be useful to understand how those users learned, applied, and promoted TRIZ in their organizations. 


Top of this page Selected 10 TRIZ Links (Japan) Selected 30 TRIZ Links (Japan) Extended 100 TRIZ Links (Japan) (in Japnanese) Users TRIZ articles (Japan) Selected 50 TRIZ Links (World) Extended 120 TRIZ Links (World)  Japanese Page

Selected 10 TRIZ Links in Japan

TRIZ Home Page in Japan  (Editor: Toru Nakagawa)     (in English and in Japanese)

English pages: 
Japanese pages:

A volunteer-based 'Public Web site' in TRIZ in Japan.  This is an information hub in TRIZ, posting many introductory as well as professional articles, written and contributed by many authors in Japan and from overseas, besides the Editor himself.  Many important articles are posted in English and in Japanese, in parallel.  Nakagawa's Personal Reports of TRIZCONs, ETRIA TFCs, and Japan TRIZ Symposia are informative.  Articles related to USIT are also unique.

Japan TRIZ CB (Official Page)    (in English and in Japanese)

           English pages: 
           Japanese pages 

Volunteer-based national organization in Japan for promoting TRIZ.  It organized the Japan TRIZ Symposium 2005, 2006, and 2007.  Annoucements of the 4th Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008 are also shown here.  (Web Master: T. Nakagawa). 

Japan TRIZ Society (NPO) (Official Page)    (in Japanese)

Official successor of Japan TRIZ CB, and established in Dec. 2007 as an NPO.  It has over-100 members voluntarily joined.  This Society is going to hold the 4th Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008.  Announcements and reports will be posted. 

SANNO Institute of Management, TRIZ Center   (in Japanese)

Active in research and industrial consulting with TRIZ since 1997, in cooperation with Ideation International Inc. 

CTC (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation)    (in Japanese)

Agency of Ideation International Inc. for selling Japanese editions of IWB etc. 

Mitsubishi Research Institute:  Invention Technology Team: ITD/TRIZ Project.   (in Japanese)

Agency of Invention Machine Corp. (from 1997 till 2007).  Led the TRIZ penetration in Japan, especially based on the IMC's software tools TechOptimizer and Goldfire Innovator in Japanese editions, and by organizing Users' TRIZ Study Groups and IM User Group Meetings (from 2001 to 2003, and in an open form in 2004).  This Web site posts documents of these activities (accessibility partly limited to IM users) in Japanese.

Cybernet Systems    (in Japanese)

Agency of Invention Machine Corp. since automn 2007.

Nikkei BP.    On line site     (in Japanese)

With "Nikkei Mechanical" (monthly journal), book publications, seminars, and online news, Nikkei BP was very active to promote TRIZ from 1996 till about 2002. They have much influence on Japanese industries with news and article on TRIZ from time to time.  Their current sites are:

Nikkei BP technical information site: "Tech On!":
Site of "Nikkei Monozukuri", a monthly journal:

IDEA, Ltd.     (in Japanese)

A consulting firm specialized in TRIZ; very active in TRIZ consulting in industries.      

SKI (Souzou Kaihatsu Initiative, Ltd.)   (in Japanese)

A TRIZ consulting firm and also a TRIZ publisher (of Darrell Mann's HOSI and Matrix 2003 in Japanese editions).

  Selected 30 TRIZ Links in Japan (described in Japanese)   (Rebuilt on Apr. 12, 2008)

  Extended 100 TRIZ Links in Japan    (Rebuilt on Apr. 12, 2008)

Almost all sites are written only in Japanese. Thus the page of Extended Links will not be translated into English.

Japanese Page was rebuilt on April 12, 2008, classifying with the following categories:

(1) Primary TRIZ Sites, generating/posting original information on TRIZ
(2) TRIZ firms, providing services as consultants, tool vendors, dealers, etc.
(3) Academic societies and journals in the fields more or less related to TRIZ
(4) Public organizations interested in TRIZ, e.g. universities, governmental/manicipal, and non-profit organizations
(5) Commercial organizations interested in TRIZ and providing seminars, trainings, and e-learnings, etc.
(6) Portal sites providing with dictionaries, book search, technical/business news, community groups, etc.
(7) Personal (or voluntary) Web sites and blog sites showing some interest in TRIZ.
(8) Official or personal Web sites and blog sites, useful for reference though TRIZ is not written explicitly.

(9) TRIZ-user industries and universities:  80 papers and articles written so far by users in industries and universities are listed according to the user organizatons. Separate page , posted on May 4, 2008.

Selected 50 TRIZ Links in the World

(1) Japan        ==>  see above.

(2) North America (USA, Canada)

The TRIZ Journal      (in English)

The global hub site specialized in TRIZ, featuring with monthly e-journal and communication portals written and contributed by many authors over the world.  Founded in 1996. Nearly 10 articles on theories and practices related to TRIZ are posted every month. Over-1000 articles are accumulated in the archive.

Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies    (in English)

Establihed in 1998 in the US as a not-for-profit organization for promoting TRIZ in the (especially Western) world.  Has held its annual conferences TRIZCON since 1999. 

Technical Innovation Center       (in English)

TRIZ publisher and consulting firm, started in early 1990s.  (Key persons: Richard Langevin, Valery Krasnoslobodtsev)

Ideation International Inc.    (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm organized in early 1990s on the basis of the Kishnev TRIZ school. Strong in TRIZ reasearch, training, and industrial consulting. Published nearly 10 books and developed the software tool 'Innovation Workbench (IWB)'.  (Keypersons: Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman, etc. )

Invention Machine Corp.   (in English)

Global leader of TRIZ software tools, 'TechOptimizer' and then currently 'Goldfire Innovator'.  Strong in the knowledge bases, especilly in the Effects Databases.  Has a unique capability in semantic analysis of patent/technical documents to automatically extract the essence of the documents into well-comprehensive sentences. (Keypersons: Jim Todhunter, Stephen Brown).

GEN3 partners  (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm, having bases in US and in Russia. (Keypersons: Simon Litvin, Sergei Ikovenko)

TRIZ Group      (in English)

Teaching at Waine State Univ. and TRIZ consulting.  (Keypersons: Victor Fey, Eugine Rivin)

TRIZ Consulting, Inc.     (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm.  (Keyperson: Zinovy Royzen)

The Official TRIZ WWW Site    (in English and in Russian)

Encyclopedia in TRIZ (written in Engish and partly in Russian), and On-line Internet University in TRIZ.  Was very active in 1999 - 2003.  (Keypersons: Semeyon Savransky)

The PQR Group    (in English)

Keypersons: Ellen Domb, Michael Slocum, Joe Miller, etc.

Pretium Consulting     (in English)

A new TRIZ consulting firm. Developed a software tool 'The Guided Innovation Toolkit Software'.  (Keyersons: Peter Hanik, Sergey Malkin).

Anti TRIZ-journal (Editor: Yevgeny Karasik)   (in English)

Specialized in TRIZ on the 'orthodox' standpoint. (Keypersons: Yevgeny Karasik, Genady Filkovsky)

USIT Web Site: Ntelleck    (in English)

USIT: Unified Structured Inventive Thinking.  (Keyperson: Ed Sickafus)

TRIZ Scientific  (in English and in Russian)

Web site established by MATRIZ and Ideation Research Lab.  Was active around 2001.  (Key persons: Svetlana Visnepolschi, Vladimir Proseanic, etc.) 

Third Millenium Publishing   (in English)

On-line publisher handling Larry Ball's books.

(3) Europe (West, Central, and North Europe)

ETRIA:  The European TRIZ Association   (in English)

A not-for-profit organization for promoting TRIZ in Europe and the world.  Established in 2000.  Has organized the "TRIZ Future Conference" every year, in different countries.  Papers presented at TFC (2001 - 2007) )are stored in the ETRIA Web site and accessible by the ETRIA members only.

Systematic Innovation    (in English)

Consulting firm, doing research, publisher, and software tool development. (Keyperson: Darrell Mann)

TRIZ XXI   (in Spanish)

A project of Valencia Polytechnic University.  

Association TRIZ France      (in French)    

Established in 1999. (Keypersons: President: Pascal Crubleau)

INSA Strasbourg Graduate School of Science and Technology  (in French and in English)

Active in research and education in TRIZ (especially OTSM-TRIZ).  The Advanced Master course of this university is currently the only one specialized in TRIZ in the Western world.  (Keypersons: Roland de Guio, Denis Cavallucci, Nikolai Khomenko, Dmitry Kucharavy) 

Apeiron  (Italian TRIZ Association)    (in Italian)

Association for Reason-based Innovation.

CREAX (Belgium)    (Simon Dewulf)   (in English)

TRIZ consulting, seminar, tool development.  Software tools: DIVA and CREAX Innovation Suite.  (Keypersons:  SImon Dewulf)  Providing useful information free: 

Categorized Links on Creativity (838 links, hand picked)   
More Inspiration
Function Database

ICG Training& Consulting      (in English)

Consulting firm in TRIZ and Systematic Innovation. (Keyperson: Valeri Souchkov)

SIT Innovation Community in the Netherlands  ( in English)

TRIZ-Online Startseite   (in German and in English)

(Keypersons:  Carsten Gundlach)

WOIS Institute Coburg  (in German and in English)  (Inserted: May 25, 2008)

WOIS stands for 'Contradiction Oriented Innovaion Strategy' (in German acronym). (Keypersons: Hans-Juergen Linde, Guenther Herr)

TriS Europe

Innovation Cards or Slides    (in English)

For 'Innovating by Playing'. (Keypersons:  Hape Etzold, Magdalena Michalak)


(4) Russia and East Europe

The Official G.S. Altshuller Foundation   (in Russian and in English)

The copyrights of Mr. Genrich Altshuller's works are legally owned by his granddaughter Yuna Komarcheva in this Foundation.  The Foundation is trying to record the huge volume of Altshuller's works in digital format and publicize them in the Web site for free access. 

English page:
TRIZ terminology in different languages:

MATRIZ (International TRIZ Association)    (in Russian)

Was founded in 1989.  It has the strong base on TRIZ people in Russia and a number of Russian TRIZ Masters and experts emigrated and currently working actively in the Western world. 

TRIZ Links world wide (rich and nice collection):

TRIZ Developers Summit (Official Site)  (in Russian and in English) 

Under the support of MA TRIZ, the Summit had scientific seminars (TDS) in 2005 and 2007, and are trying to compile the 'TRIZ Body of Knowledge' and to set the program of 'TRIZ Top Level Certification'.  (Board members: A.V. Kudryavtsev, Simon S. Litvin, Vladimir M. Petrov, and Mikhail S. Rubin) 

TRIZ Body of Knowledge:

TRIZ-CHANCE  (in Russian)

A network of consulting firms in Russia, carrying out publications. A large number of articles (or papers) written in Russian. 

Institute of Innovative Design   (in English and in Russian)

Trying to provide rich contents of TRIZ in English. (Keypersons: Yuri Salamatov)

TRIZ-PROFI   (in English and in Russian)

Autonomous non-profit organization of TRIZ specialists gathered by Viktor N. Baturin in Moscow (2005- ).   Such specialists have their own Web sites and publish a journal every year.  (Keypersons: Vladimir Y. Bubentsov, Alexey V. Podkatilin, Viktor I. Timokhov, Peter I. Chiksin, Anatoly A. Guin, Alexander I. Skuratovich, Sergey A. Fayer, Nikolay A. Shpakovsky).

"TRIZ-PROFI: Effective Solutions" Journal  (downloadable, free)

TRIZland   (in Russian)

The main goal of the site is 'combining entertainment with brain training.'  (Keypersons: Viktor I. Timokhov)

Generator (     (in English and in Russian)

Instructive with nicely designed figures and comprehensive articles in English. (Keypersons:  Nikolay Shpakovsky, Elena Novitzkaya)

'Generation tools' (papers):
TRIZ-trainer  (on-line training tool):

OTSM-TRIZ Technologies Center  (in Russian, some in English)

Site of Classical TRIZ and OTSM-TRIZ, with emphasis on education at different levels from preschool education to postgraduate study.  Over-560 articles in Russian and about 10 in English. (Keypersons: Nikolai Khomenko, Dmitri Kucharavy)

List of TRIZ books:

Jonathan Livingston Project - OTSM-TRIZ   (in Russian and in English)

A new Web site of the project spun off the Minsk center. (Keypersons: Nikolai Khomenko, Tachiana Sidorchuk, Alla Nesterenko, Harry Flosser )

(5) Mid East (Israel, etc.)

SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking)   (in English and in Hebrew)

A big company ('SIT') of promoting, consulting, and training the SIT method. (Keypersons: Jacob Goldenberg, Roni Horowitz, Haim Peres, Amnon Levav, etc.)

ASIT Method:    (in English)

An advanced form of SIT.  (Keypersons: Roni Horowitz) 

(6) Asia    (Note:  Japan => see above. )

Korea TRIZ Association (KTA)     (in Korean)

Has an Agreement with MA TRIZ and is active in certification of Korean TRIZ Experts. (Keypersons: President: Ik-Cheol Kim)

TRIZ Corporation, Korea   (in Korean and in English)

A TRIZ Consulting firm, an Agency of Invention Machine Inc.  (in Korean and in English)

Learning Materials on TRIZ: 'TRIZ Trainer' (detailed descriptions and movies) (in English). (Keypersons:  Hyo June Kim, Nikolai Shpakovsky, Vasiliy Lenjashin, etc.)

IWINT, Inc.    (in English and in Chinese)

Developing a software tool: 'Computer-based training for Innovation CBT/NOVA'.  Headquarter in California, and branch offices in Beijing, Chengdu, etc. (Keypersons: Hyman Duan, etc.)      (in Chinese)

A branch of regional government of northeastern part of China, promoting TRIZ very actively.  A lot of introductory materials written in Chinese.

Taiwan TRIZ Association   (in Chinese)

Second Conference of Taiwan TRIZ Association: Held on Dec. 15, 2007 with 140 participants. (Keypersons:  President:  Dawud Yung-Jye Sha

Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity (CSTC)  (in Vietnamese and in English)

An academic unit within the Vietnam National University - Hochiminh City College of Natural Sciences.  Founded in 1991 by Phan Dung, a student of Mr. Altshuller. 

Phan Dung: 'About our Teacher Mr. Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller', (TRIZCON2001)

TRIZ Institute Thailand   (in Thai)

Umakant Mishra's TRIZ Web Site:    (in English)

(Keypersons: Umakant Mishra)  Has a lot of original materials related to the book:
Umakant Mishra: "TRIZ Principles for Information Technology", Draft Edition, TIC (2007). Note: Japanese translation project of this book.

TRIZ India Forum    (in English)

A small forum for promoting TRIZ in India.  (Keypersons:  Navneet Bhushan, Prakasan Kapporth)

TRIZ in Google Trends:

(7) Australia and Oceania

TRIZ4U   (in English)

Keypersons: Iouri Belski (Associate Professor at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

(8) Central and South America

AMETRIZ  (Mexican TRIZ Association)    (in Spanish)

Keypersons:  Noel León Rovira, Edgardo Córdoba López, Guillermo Cortés Robles.  Held the First (2006) and the Second (2007) Iberoamerican Technological Innovation Congress.

TRIZ Nicaragua  (Hugo Sanchez's TRIZ Web Site)                   (in Spanish)

Was active during 2002-2003 for introducing simplified forms of TRIZ (including SIT, USIT, and Larry Ball's method).  See Nakagawa's page: .  The site is closed temporarily.

Aditiva Consulting   (in Portuguese)

Keypersons: Marco Aurélio de Carvalho.  Blog:

(9) Africa

(10) Others     for TRIZ book search   (in English)

Wikipedia   (The free encyclopedia)  TRIZ  (in English)

Unfortunately, the current version about TRIZ is poor in quality to my eyes, but nobody has the responsibility for it.  Complete rebuilding and rewriting may be necessary. 

Mycoted     (in English)

Wiki of techniques of innovation, with categories of Problem definition, Idea generation, Idea selection, Idea implementation, and Processes.  The pages of this site seem reasonably good.

  Extended List of TRIZ Links in the World

Extended 120 TRIZ Links in the World     (Posted: May 3, 2008)

         Over 120 sites are listed according to their regions/countries, with annotation.  



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