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Extended 120 TRIZ Links in the World
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Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.), May 1, 2008
[Posted: May 4, 2008: Updated: May 25, 2008]  

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 1, 2008)

This page of TRIZ Links in the World was rebuilt after 7 years since 2001. The links are first searched by using Google with the keyword 'TRIZ' and the language specification 'English' (and later 'all'). Then, browsing the pages of the sites, the natures/features/strengths of the sites were evaluated roughly. Various link pages in such Web sites are helpful for tracking further links/sites. The sites are arranged according to their geometrical regions/countries. All the links (except written otherwise) are active at moment

Many Web sites are written in different languages, and it's a pity that I cannot read many of them at all or can just guess them very vaguely. (This is the situation for everybody; probably nobody understands Russian, Hebrew, English, and Japanese together to trace the history of TRIZ - SIT - USIT - USIT (Japan).) Thus the sites listed here are much overweighed on the sites written in English. In many countries where people usually use their own languages other than English, there are much more TRIZ activities than the ones apparent in the links listed here. (I think that it is very desirable for the TRIZ community in each country to have a public (not official but voluntary-based) Web site for serving as the domestic hub and the international bi-directional window, i.e. "TRIZ Home Page in xxxxx" in my words.) Even under such a limitation, I have tried here to annotate each Web site for helping readers access rich and relevant information. 

Top of this page 1. Japan 2. North America 3. Europe (West, Central, North) 4. Russia and East Europe 5. Mid East 6. Asia 7. Australia 8. Central and South America 9. Africa 10. Others Selected Links

Selected Links

(1) Japan                   [See more details (about 100 sites) in the Japanese page. ]

TRIZ Home Page in Japan  (Editor: Toru Nakagawa)      (in English and in Japanese)

English pages: 
Japanese pages:

A volunteer-based 'Public Web site' in TRIZ in Japan, founded, edited, and operated by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.).  This is an information hub in TRIZ, posting many articles for introduction, communication, paper presentation, question, etc.  Besides the Editor himself, many authors in Japan and overseas have contributed their papers and communications in the Web site.  The Web site has pages written in English as well as those in Japanese.  Many important papers originally written in English are posted in Japanese translation, and also many originally written in Japanese (or by Japanese people) are posted in English translation.  Thus this site is a bi-directional window for people in Japan to look out the World and for people in the World to look into Japan.  Articles accumulated here in English since 1998 have been evaluated highly.  Nakagawa's Personal Reports of TRIZCONs, ETRIA TFCs, and Japan TRIZ Symposia may be informative for you. Articles related to USIT are also unique.

Japan TRIZ CB (Official Page)    (in English and in Japanese)

           English pages: 
           Japanese pages 

Volunteer-based national organization in Japan for promoting the penetration of TRIZ into Japanese industries, academia, and society.  The CB organized the Japan TRIZ Symposium 2005, 2006, and 2007, and posted the announcements, reports, and keynote papers in the Web.  Announcements of the 4th Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008 are also shown here.  (Web Master: T. Nakagawa). 

Japan TRIZ Society (NPO) (Official Page)    (in Japanese)

Established in Dec. 2007 as an NPO; this is an official successor of Japan TRIZ CB, and is an organization of over-100 members voluntarily joined.  Japan TRIZ Society is going to hold the 4th Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008.  Announcements and reports will be posted. 

SANNO Institute of Management, TRIZ Center   (in Japanese)

Active in research and industrial consulting with TRIZ since 1997, in cooperation with Ideation International Inc.  About 10 consultants in TRIZ.  Extended abstracts (but not the full texts) of their TRIZ Letter articles are posted in Japanese.  No pages are available in English.

CTC (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation)    (in Japanese)

Agency of Ideation International Inc. for selling Japanese editions of IWB etc.  Not involved in TRIZ consultancy.

Mitsubishi Research Institute:  Invention Technology Team: ITD/TRIZ Project.  (in Japanese)

Agency of Invention Machine Corp. (from 1997 till 2007).  Led the TRIZ penetration in Japan, especially based on the IMC's software tools TechOptimizer and Goldfire Innovator in Japanese editions, and by organizing Users' TRIZ Study Groups and IM User Group Meetings (from 2001 to 2003, and in an open form in 2004).  This Web site posts documents of these activities (accessibility partly limited to IM users) in Japanese.

Cybernet Systems    (in Japanese)

Agency of Invention Machine Corp. since autumn 2007.

Nikkei BP.    On line site     (in Japanese)

With "Nikkei Mechanical" (monthly journal), book publications, seminars, and online news, Nikkei BP was very active to promote TRIZ from 1996 till about 2002. Their promotion of TRIZ is not active for these several years, but because of their huge publicity in Japanese industries they have much influence with news and article on TRIZ from time to time.  Their current sites are:

Nikkei BP technical information site: "Tech On!":
Site of "Nikkei Monozukuri", a monthly journal:
Nikkei Consulting Co.  (in TRIZ):

IDEA, Ltd.     (in Japanese)

A consulting firm specialized in TRIZ.  Very active in TRIZ consulting in industries and also some seminars.    

SKI (Souzou Kaihatsu Initiative, Ltd.)    (in Japanese)

A TRIZ consulting firm and also a TRIZ publisher.  Published Darrell Mann's HOSI and Matrix 2003 in Japanese editions.

(2) North America


The TRIZ Journal    (in English)

The global hub site specialized in TRIZ, featuring with monthly e-journal and communication portals.  Founded in 1996 by Ellen Domb and Jim Kowalick, edited later (till 2006) by Domb and Michael Slocum, and currently (since 2006) operated as a part of RealInnovation Network by the Editor Katie Barry with Editorial Panel Domb and Slocum.  Nearly 10 articles on theories and practices related to TRIZ are posted every month, by the contribution of very different authors over the world.  Over-1000 articles are accumulate in the archive, accessible from the table of contents and searchable with the keyword search inside the site.  Pioneering articles in a wide variety of topics are most attractive in this Web site.

What is TRIZ?
TRIZ 40 Principles in various fields:

Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies  (in English)

Established in 1998 in the US as a not-for-profit organization for promoting TRIZ in the (especially Western) world.  (Late) Lev Shulyak obtained the permission by Mr. Altshuller and coordinated various schools in TRIZ to form the Institute.  Altshuller Institute held its annual conferences TRIZCON since 1999 till present (i.e. TRIZCON2008, the 10th.).  Abstracts of TRIZCON papers are posted in the Web, but the full texts are available only in the Proceedings (either hardcopy or CD-R).  (See selected papers posted in the TRIZ Journal, etc.)

Genrich Altshuller: Father of TRIZ:

Technical Innovation Center      (in English)

TRIZ publisher and consulting firm started in early 1990s by (Late) Lev Shulyak.  Altshuller's books are published in English translation especially in the early days of TRIZ penetration into the Western world.
Key persons: Richard Langevin, Valery Krasnoslobodtsev


Genrich Altshuller (English translation by Lev Shulyak): "And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared: TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving", TIC, (1996),
Genrich Altshuller (with new material by Lev Shulyak, drawings by Uri Fedseev): "40 Inventive Principles: TIZ Keys to Technical Innovation", TIC, (1997),
Genrich Altshuller (English translation by Lev Shulyak and Steven Rodman): "The Innovation Algorithm: TRIZ, Systematic Innovation and Technical Creativity", TIC, (1999).

Ideation International Inc.   (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm organized in early 1990s around the Kishinev TRIZ school (i.e. keypersons: Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman, and several more Russian experts).  Formed a strong group in TRIZ research and trained a number of American and other TRIZ specialists.  Published nearly 10 books.  They name their extended methodology as 'Ideation-TRIZ' (as a kind of 'Contemporary TRIZ' in contrast to 'Classical TRIZ' developed by Altshuller by 1985).  They developed a software tool 'Innovation Workbench (IWB)' for guiding their process.

TRIZ and I-TRIZ     
Software tool: Innovation Workbench (IWB)

S. Kaplan: "Introduction to TRIZ" (1996)
D. Clarke: "TRIZ: Through the Eyes of An American TRIZ Specialist" (1997)
J. Terninko, A. Zusman, and B. Zlotin: "Step-by-step TRIZ: Creative Solutions to Innovative Problems" (1997).
A. Zusman, B. Zlotin, G. Altshuller, V. Philatov: "Tools of Classical TRIZ" (1999)
Ideation International: "TRIZ in Progress" (1999).
B. Zlotin and A. Zusman: "Directed Evolution: Philosophy, Theory, and Practice" (2001)

Invention Machine Corp.   (in English)

Global leader of TRIZ software tools, 'TechOptimizer' and then currently 'Goldfire Innovator'.  Strong in the knowledge bases, especially in the Effects Databases.  Has a unique capability in semantic analysis of patent/technical documents to automatically extract the essence of the documents into well-comprehensive sentences.  Has marketing agencies in various countries in Europe and in Asia. 
Keypersons:  Jim Todhunter, Stephen Brown.

GEN3 partners  (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm, having a network of TRIZ and subject-matter experts in US and in Russia.
Keypersons:  Simon Litvin, Sergei Ikovenko

TRIZ Group        (in English)

Teaching at Wayne State Univ. and TRIZ consulting.  (Keypersons: Victor Fey, Eugine Rivin)

V. Fey and  E. Rivin: "The Science of Innovation: A Managerial Overview of the TRIZ Methodology" (1997)
D. Clausing and V. Fey: "Effective Innovation: The Development of Winning Technologies" (2004)
V. Fey and E. Rivin: "Innovation on Demand: New Product Development Using TRIZ" (2005)

TRIZ Consulting, Inc.      (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm. 
Keyperson: Zinovy Royzen

Innovation-TRIZ    (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm. 
Keyperson: Jack Hipple

The Official TRIZ WWW Site    (in English and in Russian)

Web site by Semeyon Savransky.  Encyclopedia in TRIZ (written in English and partly in Russian). On-line Internet University in TRIZ was operated.  This site contains a lot of information and was very active from 1999 to 2003; last updated in May 2003.

Book:  Semyon Savransky: "Engineering of Creativity: Introduction to TRIZ Methodology of Inventive Problem Solving", CRC Press LLC, (2000.)

The PQR Group   (in English)

Keypersons: Ellen Domb, Michael Slocum, Joe Miller, etc.
Ellen Domb has been the Founding Editor of the TRIZ Journal from 1996 to 2006, and is still involved to TRIZ Journal as an Editorial Panel member.  She dedicates herself to the penetration of TRIZ world-wide especially to beginners.
Ellen Domb's blog: TRIZ for the Real World   

Pretium Consulting    (in English)

Keypersons: Peter Hanik, Sergey Malkin. 
A new TRIZ consulting firm having spun off from Ideation International.  They have newly developed a software tool 'The Guided Innovation Toolkit Software' and a method .

Anti TRIZ-journal (Editor: Yevgeny B. Karasik)  (in English)

A Web site specialized in TRIZ on the 'orthodox' standpoint, especially opposing the 'westernization' typically appears in the papers published in the TRIZ journal.
Keypersons: Yevgeny B. Karasik, Genady Filkovsky,

USIT Web Site: Ntelleck   (in English)

Web site by Ed Sickafus.  Developer of USIT (Unified Structured Inventive Thinking).

Books:  E. Sickafus: "Unified Structured Inventive Thinking (USIT) - How to Invent" (1997).
            E. Sickafus: "Heuristic Innovation" (2007)   (in English)

Now manages the TRIZ Journal.  The Web site contains the fields of innovation, business management, outsourcing and six sigma, besides TRIZ.

Applied Innovation Alliance, LLC   (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm. 
Keyperson: Dana W. Clarke, Sr.
Genrich Altshuller (with commentary by Dana W. Clarke, Sr): "New 40 Principles Extended Edition: TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation", (2005).
Dana W. Clarke, Sr.: "TRIZ: Through the Eyes of an American TRIZ Specialist", Revised, (2002).

TRIZ Scientific  (in English and in Russian)

Web site established by MATRIZ and Ideation Research Lab, and was active around 2001 to post about 10 papers and some photo albums of 1980s. (in Russian and in English)
Key persons: Svetlana Visnepolschi, Vladimir Proseanic, etc. 

Halliburton Associates     (in English)

TRIZ (and TOC) consulting and education at schools.  
Keyperson: Cal Halliburton,

Institute of Professional Innovators  (in English)

Keypersons:  Greg Yezersky
General Theory of Innovation (GTI):

Third Millennium Publishing  (in English)

On-line publisher.  The following textbook is available:
Larry Ball: "Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithms"

John Terninko's Web site  (in English)

This author proposed the combined use of QFD, TRIZ, and Taguchi, in 1997.  The Web site is operated during 1996-1997.

Jim Todhunter's Blog    'Innovating to Win'  (in English)


------------------- Below:  Web sites of wider interests, where TRIZ is a minor part. ----------

American Supplier Institute   (in English)

Keyperson:  Genichi Taguchi and Shin Taguchi
Non-profit, employee-owned company for bringing the management and quality improvement techniques to companies worldwide.  Having pioneered in implementing QFD and Taguchi method in US.  Now promoting Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Taguchi methods, QFD, Project management, Lean manufacturing, VA/VE, TRIZ, etc.  Introducing TRIZ since 1996.


GOAL/QPC         (in English)

Offers practical tools for continuous improvement, quality, and organizational transformation. Best known with 'Memory Jogger' series of pocket books.
Keyperson: Bob King   (in English)

Developed a software package, named 'Catalyst Suite', including the functions for identifying customer needs, QFD, and TRIZ contradiction matrix.  Training and coaching are also serviced along the software process.
Contradiction Matrix:

CreatingMinds   (in English)

David Straker's Web site, concerning to creativity, being creative, inventing, innovating, managing creativity, etc.  The editor has written a lot of introductory articles and grouped them in a hierarchical way, e.g. Principles, Tools (Tools for defining the creative problem, Tools for creating ideas, Tools for selecting ideas, Tools for implementing ideas), Articles, Quotes, Books, Links, etc. Very informative.
TRIZ 40 Principles

Innovation Tools   (in English)

Chuck Frey's Web site
A lot of articles and information written by the editor and many other people are collected and and organized in this Web site.  Especially, the 'Resource Centers' in the following fields are useful: Mind mapping, Innovation research, Innovation management, Idea management, Brainstorming techniques, and TRIZ Problem solving.
TRIZ Resource Center:

Quality Digest Magazine   (in English)

e-Journal in the field of Quality in general.  Free membership is available for reading some of detailed information.

QFD Institute   (in English)

Non-profit organization. Official (or orthodox) center in QFD (Quality Function Deployment). 
Keypersons: Glenn Mazur, Youji Akao, etc.
History of TRIZ and QFD

Glenn Mazur's Site    QFD, VOC, DFSS (and TRIZ)    (in English)

This site is titled as 'QFD and Voice of Customer Analysis for Design For Six Sigma and APQP'.
Glenn Mazur learned TRIZ early in 1995-1996 at Ideation International and wrote a nice introductory article on TRIZ.  The article can be read:
Introduction to TRIZ    

BMG (Breakthrough Management Group)   (in English)

Consulting and training in the fields of Lean, Six Sigma, DFSS, TRIZ, etc.
TRIZ   (in English)

Consulting and training firm, in the areas including: Time management, Stress management, Information skills, Communication skills, Memory improvement, Leadership skills, Problem solving, Decision making, Project planning, and Practical creativity.
Problem Solving Techniques

ThinkCycle       (in English)

An academic, non-profit initiative engaged in supporting distributed collaboration towad design challenges in the areas of Health, Education, Energy, Environment, Community, Global action, Sustainable living, etc.
Application of TRIZ to Biomimicry


PRIMA Performance    (in English)

TRIZ and business consulting firm.
Keypersons: Gunter Ladewig

The Innovation Journal (The Public Sector Innovation Journal)  (in English and in French)

Editor in Chief: Eleanor Glor; Editorial Board: 10 to 45 members all over the world.
Various categories of articles, including peer-reviewed papers.
Seems to be active during 1995 - 2004.
Eleanor Glor: 'Innovation Patterns' (2001)


(3) Europe (West, Central, and North Europe)

ETRIA:  The European TRIZ Association   (in English)

A not-for-profit organization for promoting TRIZ in Europe and the world.  Established in 2000 by the voluntary board members coming from different countries in Europe.  Has organized the "TRIZ Future Conference" every year, in different countries.  Collaboration of academia, consultancy, and user industries has been persued.  Detailed information of the TFC is announced in the local organizer's Web sites.  Papers presented at TFC are stored in the ETRIA Web site and accessible by the ETRIA members only.

ETRIA TFC Conferences (2001- present):

ETRIA TFC 2001 (Bath, UK)
ETRIA TFC 2002 (Strasbourg, France)
ETRIA TFC 2003 (Aachen, Germany)
ETRIA TFC 2004 (Florence, Italy)
ETRIA TFC 2005 (Graz, Austria)
ETRIA TFC 2006 (Kortrijk, Belgium)
ETRIA TFC 2007 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
ETRIA TFC 2008 (Enchande, The Netherlands)


Systematic Innovation    (in English)

Consulting firm, doing research, publisher, and software tool development. 
Key person: Darrell Mann
Software tool:  Matrix 2003 plus (for technical, business, and software)

Darrell Mann: "Hands-On Systematic Innovation", CREAX Press, (2002)
D. Mann, S. Dewulf, B. Zlotin, and A. Zusman: "Matrix 2003: Updating the TRIZ Contradiction Matrix", CREAX Press, (2003)
Darrell Mann: "Hands-On Systematic Innovation for Business & Management", IFR, (2004)

Oxford Creativity    (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm.  
Key person: Karen Gadd

Thames Valley Technology   (in English)

TRIZ consulting firm, education. 
Keyperson: Graham Rawlingson.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers   (in English)

IMechE TRIZ Network

Mulbury Six Sigma   (in English)

Independent publisher and reseller of the book:  "Pocket TRIZ for Six Sigma"

Insight Center   (in English)

Keypersons:  Paul Filmore




TRIZ XXI                (in Spanish)

A project of Valencia Polytechnic University.          (in Spanish)

Information resources operated by the TRIZ XXI project.


Association TRIZ France      (in French)    

Established in 1999.
Key persons:  President: Pascal Crubleau (ISTIA University of Angers).

INSA Strasbourg Graduate School of Science and Technology    (in French and in English)

Active in research and education in TRIZ (especially OTSM-TRIZ) in the graduate school as well as the undergraduate (Inventive Design and Innovation).  The Advanced Master course of this university is currently the only one specialized in TRIZ in the Western world.  Also working for consulting/collaboration with industries.     
Keypersons: Roland de Guio, Denis Cavallucci, Nikolai Khomenko, Dmitry Kucharavy 

The course of Advanced Master in Innovative Design:

Solid Creativity    (in French and in English)

Training and consulting firm specialized in ASIT.  Web site mostly written in French partly in English.
TRIZ 40 Principles 

IdealTech for Creativity and Innovation  (in French)

Consulting firm in TRIZ (especially I-TRIZ). 

Avraam Seredinski's Web site    (in French)

Published French Editions of Altshuller's books: "And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared" and "40 Inventive Principles".


Apeiron  (Italian TRIZ Association)  (in Italian)

Association for Reason-based Innovation (Italian TRIZ Association)
TRIZ Tutorial looks interesting (in Italian):


CREAX (Belgium)    (Simon Dewulf)   (in English)

TRIZ consulting, seminar, tool development.  CREAX operated (during 2000-2004) a big research project of analyzing all the US patents granted from 1985 to present. 

Software tools:
CREAX Innovation Suite:

The followings are free information in their Web site:
Categorized Links on Creativity (838 links, hand picked)   
More Inspiration
Creativity Test:
Function Database    (in Flemish)

A large number of links related to TRIZ.

The Netherlands

Insytec           (in English)

Keyperson: Valeri Souchkov
Software tool: TRIZ Explore
Book:  (English translation)  Y. Salamatov: "TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time" (1999)

ICG Training& Consulting    (in English)

Consulting firm in TRIZ and Systematic Innovation.
Keyperson: Valeri Souchkov
Publications (valuable list of papers, books, etc.)

Valeri Souchkov's Blog:

SIT Innovation Community in the Netherlands  (in English)

LimeTree     (SIT)   (in Dutch)


TRIZ-Online Startseite   (in German)

Keypersons:  Carsten Gundlach, Horst Thomas Naehler. Univ. of Kassel.
Best Practices (in German industries) :

WOIS Institute Coburg  (in German and in English)  (Inserted: May 25, 2008)

WOIS stands for 'Contradiction Oriented Innovaion Strategy' (in German acronym).
Keypersons: Hans-Juergen Linde, Guenther Herr,
Professor Linde (of University of Coburg) learned TRIZ in early 1980s.  Currently working actively for consulting in industries.

TQU: Transferzentrum Qualität und Umwelt   (in German)

Having competencies in Six Sigma, Lean Management, QWIKI im Web2.0, Business Excellence, Managementsysteme, Poka Yoke, TRIZ, and Wissen. 

Europäisches TRIZ-Centrum e.V.   (in German)

Held 4th European TRIZ-Conference in June 2005 in Frankfurt.  Seems not active at moment.

InterQuality Service AG    (in German)

TriS Europe   (in English and in German)


MethoSys GmbH   (in German)

Keypersons:  Peter Schweizer
Peter Schweizer's Web site:


TRIZ Zentrum Austria  (in German)

Luger Research (Austria)   ( in German)

Consulting firm established in 2001.
Keypersons: Siegfried Luger

Czech Republic

University of Brno   (Bohuslav Bušov)   (in Czech)






TIPS Innovation   (in English)

TRIZ/TIPS  Forum     (No message is accessible for me at moment.)


Innovation Cards or Slides    (in English)

The Innovation Cards are for 'Innovating by Playing'.
Keypersons:  Hape Etzold, Magdalena Michalak.

 TRIZ Oy      (in English and in Finish)

Keyperson: Kalevi Rantanen

Kalevi Rantanen, Ellen Domb: "Simplified TRIZ: New Problem Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals", Second Edition, Auerbach Publications, N.Y. USA. (2007)

(4) Russia and East Europe


The Official G.S. Altshuller Foundation   (in Russian and in English)

The copyrights of Mr. Genrich Altshuller's works are legally owned by his granddaughter Yuna Komarcheva and are managed by Larissa Komarcheva (Altshuller's daughter-in-law) in this Foundation.  The family are trying to record the huge volume of Altshuller's works in digital format and publicize them in the Web site for free access in Russian and some in English translation.  The documentation in Russian is already done in a huge scale but English translation is done only for its small portion yet. 

English page:
TRIZ terminology in different languages:

MATRIZ (International TRIZ Association)    (in Russian)

MA TRIZ was founded in 1989, having Mr. Altshuller as the President.  It has the strong base on TRIZ people in Russia and a number of Russian TRIZ Masters and experts emigrated and currently working actively in the Western world.  MA TRIZ is trying to establish the TRIZ certification program.

TRIZ Links world wide (rich and nice collection):

TRIZ Developers Summit (Official Site)  (in Russian and in English) 

Primary goal of this Summit is 'to organize interaction of developers and researchers in the field of development of TRIZ as sciences'. The Board members are: A.V.Kudryavtsev, Simon S. Litvin, Vladimir M. Petrov, and Mikhail S. Rubin.  Under the support of MA TRIZ, the Summit had scientific seminars (TDS) in 2005 and 2007, and are trying to compile the 'TRIZ Body of Knowledge' and to set the program of 'TRIZ Top Level Certification'. 

Papers submitted at TDS 2005:
Papers submitted at TDS 2007:
TRIZ Body of Knowledge:
TRIZ Top Level Certification ('TRIZ Master'): 

TRIZ-CHANCE   (in Russian)

A network of consulting firms in Russia, carrying out publications, and some other projects.  There are a large number of articles (or papers) written in Russian.  Almost no information translated into English.

TRIZ-Petersburg  (in English and in Russian)

Regional not-for-profit organization located at Sankt-Petersburg.  Has the information in English on TRIZ Fest 2006 and on the Journal of TRIZ, Vol. 1 (2005).

Institute of Innovative Design   (in English and in Russian)

The site located at Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia.
Keypersons: Yuri Salamatov
This site is trying to provide rich contents of TRIZ in English.  (More information in Russian)
Their way of working for Innovative Design is shown in PPT: 

TRIZ training on line (Levels 1, 2, 3 of MA TRIZ; syllabus is shown)

Yuri Salamatov (Editor: Valeri Souchkov): "TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time".

TRIZ-Novosibirsk  (TRIZ Diol)   (in Russian)

A lot of documents in Russian; and also many photo albums.

TRIZ-PROFI   (in English and in Russian)

Autonomous non-profit organization of TRIZ specialists gathered by Viktor N. Baturin in Moscow (2005- ).   Such specialists have their own Web sites and publish a journal every year (containing about 25 articles for 2006).
Keypersons: Vladimir Y. Bubentsov, Alexey V. Podkatilin, Viktor I. Timokhov, Peter I. Chiksin, Anatoly A. Guin, Alexander I. Skuratovich, Sergey A. Fayer, Nikolay A. Shpakovsky.

"TRIZ-PROFI: Effective Solutions" Journal  (downloadable, free, articles by the TRIZ-PROFI members)

TRIZland   (in Russian)

Keypersons: Viktor I. Timokhov
'This site offers a vast base of inventive problems for different ages – simple and complicated, from everyday life, scientific, detective and fantastic… The main goal of the site is combining entertainment with brain training.'

Generator (     (in English and in Russian)

Keypersons:  Nikolay Shpakovsky, Elena Novitzkaya,
This site is very instructive with nicely/charmingly designed figures and thoughtful/comprehensive articles in English.  'Generator' means the tools or methodologies for generating creative solutions.  The basis of this site was founded during 2002-2004 when the keypersons were working in Korea.

'Generation tools' (or methodologies) (papers):
'Explanations' challenges you small problems and shows you principles, trends of evolutions, etc.
'tendancies' talk about evolution histories of pillows, tooth brushes, etc.
'Solved problems' are historical stories in view of TRIZ:
'Our powers' shows some of their on going/previous projects:
TRIZ-trainer  (on-line training tool):

Anatoly Guin's Creative Education Site:  (in Russian)

Keypersons: Anatoly A. Guin
'This site is dedicated to the creative pedagogy, development of TRIZ-methods in the field of pedagogy and education. It is designed especially for teachers, for those creative teachers who are eager to teach their pupils to think boldly and originally.'

Sergey Faer's Web site on TRIZ and public relations   (in Russian)

Keypersons: Sergey A. Fayer
'Experience in political consulting is presented on the “TRIZ and Elections” site where you can acquaint yourself with the book “Principles of Tactics and Strategy of Electoral Campaign” – 73 stratagems.'

TRIZ Internet School    (in Russian)

School TRIZ:
HIstory of TRIZ:

TEMM Web site   (in Russian and in English) 

TEMM: Тheory of Evolution of Matter and Models.
Keypersons:  July S. Murashkovsky, Mikhail S. Rubin

Alla Nesterenko's Web site on Creative Education:  (in Russian)    (in Russian)

RATRIZ (Russian Association of TRIZ)    (in Russian) (Inserted: May 25, 2008)



OTSM-TRIZ Technologies Center  (Johnathan Livingston Project)  (in Russian, some in English)

'Project objective: Promoting harmonious integration of classical TRIZ and OTSM-TRIZ into the modern educational system at different levels: from preschool education to postgraduate study and post-diploma refresher courses.'  This site has accumulated over-560 articles in Russian and about 10 in English.
Keypersons: Nikolai Khomenko, Dmitri Kucharavy,
List of TRIZ books:

Jonathan Livingston Project - OTSM-TRIZ   (in Russian and in English)

Keypersons: Nikolai Khomenko, Tachiana Sidorchuk, Alla Nesterenko, Harry Flosser
A new Web site of the project spun off the Minsk center.
Multimedia documents:


Encyclopedia TRIZ   (in Russian)

COMCON*TRIZ     (Inserted: May 25, 2008)

Keypersons:  Alexander Narbut, Natalia Narbut



(5) Mid East


SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking)   (in English and in Hebrew)

A big company ('SIT') of promoting, consulting, and training the SIT method.
Keypersons: Jacob Goldenberg, Roni Horowitz, Haim Peres, Amnon Levav, etc.)

SIT Method:

ASIT Method:    (in English)

Keypersons: Roni Horowitz
ASIT Premier Course (Demo version): 

TRIZ Association of Israel

President:  Vladimir Petrov,


ABC   (in Turkish)

Training and consulting in 'Negotiation skills, Conflict management, Creative thinking, Creative problem solving, Innovation management, and Personal development'.


Iran Institute of Innovation & Technology Studies (IIITS)      (in Farsi)

An academic none commercial and none governmental institute founded in 2001.
Current focus of creative problem solving methodologies is TRIZ and VE.
Publishing TRIZ books in Farsi translation, and providing traininings up to MA TRIZ Level 3.
Keypersons:  Mahmoud Karimi, Meysam Maleki Anvar
Organized:  International Conference on Problem Solving Strategies and Techniques, 2006.
                  Held in Nov. 2006, in Teheran.

Iran Research Center for Creatology, Innovation & TRIZ  (IRCCIT)   (in English and in Farsi)

Keypersons: Sayed Mahdi Golestan Hashemi
Publishing a journal:     "Journal of Creatology & TRIZ


(6) Asia 

Japan    ===>  See  (1) Japan, above


TRIZ Corporation, Korea   (in Korean and some in English)

A TRIZ Consulting firm, an Agency of Invention Machine Inc.
TRIZ Tools:     (detailed texts in English)

Korea Item Development Inc. (KID Inc)   (in Korean)

TRIZ Center  (in Korean and in English)   (Updated: May 25, 2008)

Keypersons:  Hongyul Yoon,

Korea TRIZ Association (KTA)     (in Korean)

Keypersons:  President: Ik-Cheol Kim
Korea TRIZ Association has an Agreement with MA TRIZ and is active in certification of Korean TRIZ Experts.   (in Korean and in English)

Keypersons:  Hyo June Kim, Nikolai Shpakovsky, Vasiliy Lenjashin, etc.

Book:     Hyo June Kim "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving"

Learning Materials on TRIZ (Detailed texts from the Book; and 80 movies, free!!)   (in Korean)

TRIZ Trainer Demo:  (in English)
TRIZ Trainer Demo, Descriptions:  (in English)
TRIZ Trainer Demo, References:  (in English)

See ==>   (This is an extension of TRIZ Trainer)

Kim's TRIZ     (in Korean)

China, P.R.

IWINT, Inc.    

Headquarter: in California, USA; Branch offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong kong, and R&D centers around the world.   (USA and P. R. China).  Keypersons: Hyman Duan, etc.

Software tool:  Computer-based training for Innovation CBT/NOVA
Case Studies:

3rd Senior Conference on TRIZ Research      (in Chinese)

An organization for promoting industries in the regional government of a northeastern region of China. (I cannot spell it in English)
Seems to be very active.
Introduction to TRIZ, TRIZ References, 40 Principles illustrated, Articles, News, Foreign papers, etc.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Productivity Council   (in Chinese and in English)

Ralong Business Technology Academy  (in Chinese and in English)

TRIZ course:


Taiwan TRIZ Association   (in Chinese)

Keypersons:  President:  Dawud Yung-Jye Sha
Second Conference of Taiwan TRIZ Association: Held on Dec. 15, 2007 with 140 participants.


Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity (CSTC)  (in Vietnamese and in English)

Keypersons:  Phan Dung
An academic unit within the Vietnam National University - Hochiminh City College of Natural Sciences.
Founded in 1991 by Phan Dung, a student of Mr. Altshuller. 
Phan Dung: 'About our Teacher Mr. Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller', (TRIZCON2001)
Creativity & Innovation Methodologies:


TrizThailand.Community    (in Thai)

TRIZ Institute Thailand     (in Thai)






Prakash Apte's Web site.   (in English)

Keypersons: Professor Prakash Apte, Indian Institute of Technology at Mumbai          

Umakant Mishra's TRIZ Web Site:    (in English)

Keypersons:  Umakant Mishra

Books:   Umakant Mishra: "TRIZ Principles for Information Technology", Draft Edition, Technical Innovation Center, USA, Apr. 2007
Note: Nakagawa et al. are now working for publishing the Japanese Edition of this book.

This Web site has a lot of materials related to and giving basis for the work published in the book.

TRIZ India Forum    (in English)

Keypersons:  Navneet Bhushan, Prakasan Kapporth,
Started in Nov. 2007 by a few TRIZ passionates as a small forum in the internet.
They have started talking about the possibility of organizing the First Indian TRIZ Conference.
TRIZ in Google Trends:

MindTree Consulting Ltd   (in English)

Founded in 1999.  Seems to be a big company for business consulting, IT services, R&D services, etc.
Keypersons (in TRIZ): Prakasan Kappoth, Raghunath Govindachari

(7)  Australia & Oceania


TRIZ4U   (in English)

Keypersons: Iouri Belski (Associate Professor at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Book:  Iouri Belski: "Improve Your Thinking: Substance-Field Analysis", TRIZ4U (2007).

Vladis Kosse

Book:  Vladis Kosse: "Solving Problems with TRIZ - An Exercise Handbook", 2nd edition, Ideation International Inc., USA (2004).

New Zealand


(8) Central and South America


AMETRIZ  (Mexican TRIZ Association)    (in Spanish)

Keypersons:  President: Noel León Rovira, Vice president: Edgardo Córdoba López, Secretary General: Guillermo Cortés Robles,

The First Iberoamerican Technological Innovation Congress, Sept. 2006 (Report by Ellen Domb: )
Organized 2nd Iberoamerican Technological Innovation Congress in 2007: (Report by Ellen Domb:


TRIZ Nicaragua  (Hugo Sanchez's TRIZ Web Site)                   (in Spanish)

This site was active during 2002-2003 for introducing simplified forms of TRIZ (including SIT, USIT, and Larry Ball's method).  See Nakagawa's page: .  The site is closed temporarily.


Aditiva Consulting   (in Portuguese)

Keypersons: Marco Aurélio de Carvalho




(9) Africa



South Africa


(10) Others    (in English)

TRIZ book search:

Wikipedia   (The free encyclopedia)  TRIZ  (in English)

[Note (Toru Nakagawa, May 1, 2008):  The TRIZ page in the English edition of Wikipedia seems to have been built by many people editing fragments by fragments for these five years or so.  Unfortunately, the current version is poor in quality to my eyes, but nobody has the responsibility for it.  It is very difficult to improve such a page without completely rebuilding and rewriting.  I am rather negative to the Wikipedia way of building an encyclopedia without any editor/author responsible for each page.  All the pages in my Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" show the authors/editors and the date of publishing/updating for clarifying the responsibility as well as the copyrights.]

Mycoted    (in English)

Wiki of techniques of innovation, with categories of Problem definition, Idea generation, Idea selection, Idea implementation, and Processes
Mycoted is a UK based company specialized in creativity and innovation. 

[Note (Toru Nakagawa May 1, 2008): Even though the way of posting/editing is similar to Wikipedia, the pages in this site look reasonable, probably because the categories of interest are limited and structured.]  


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