WTSP Mails and Letters (B4-News2020)  

WTSP Mails and Letters:  Apr. 2020  

Toru Nakagawa; Shireen Al Jaouni (Palestine), Igor Polkovnikov (USA), Jean-Jacques Urban-Galindo (France), Mahmoud Karimi (Iran), Yury Danilovskiy (Korea), Ellen Domb (USA)

Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader)
Posted:  Apr.  21, 2020; Updated: May 25, 2020

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Apr. 3; Apr. 5, 2020


Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"

Apr. 4,

TN ==> WTSP Members& Colleagues [WTSP] Letter: (18M-1) Main Pages of Our WTSP Site Have Been Renewed (May 25, 2020)
Apr. 6 Shireen Al Jaouni (Palestine) <=> TN Appreciation.  TRIZ sites in Arab countries?

Apr. 6

TN ==> LinkedIn posting

"Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs"

Apr. 6 Igor Polkovnikov (USA) <==> TN Would you consider to include my site in the WTSP Catalogs?
Process of making/enhancing WTSP Catalogs.
Apr. 7 Jean-Jacques Urban-Galindo (France) <==> TN TRIZ' capability for concentrating relevant information and clarifying disagreements
Apr. 10 Mahmoud Karimi (Iran) <==> TN Great mind and great job!
Apr. 10 Yury Danilovskiy (Korea) <==> TN

Introducing "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" to Russian people. ;
Korea-Russian way of TRIZ (improvement of TRIZ in Korea) 

Apr. 12


Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"

Apr. 11 TN <==> Ellen Domb et al. Please write the Site Introduction of the TRIZ Journal
Apr. 21   Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  (May 25, 2020)
Apr. 22 TN ==> WTSP Members& Colleagues [WTSP] Letter: (18M-2) Welcome to WTSP Project/Catalogs, Mails & Letters (Jan.-Apr., 2020), Introduction of "Altshuller Foundation" site  (May 25, 2020)
Apr. 22 - 25 Bill Fowlkes (USA) <==> TN

Needs of including sites related to 'Tools' for creative problem solving  (May 25, 2020)

Apr. 25 TN ==> THPJ Readers in Japan "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Updated on Apr. 21 (May 25, 2020)


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HP Update (Apr. 3)

[WTSP] Letter 18M1

Shireen LinkedIn Posting (Apr. 6) Igor Jean-Jacques Mahmoud
Yury HP Update (Apr. 12) Ellen HP Update (Apr. 21) [WTSP] Letter 18M2 Fowlkes HP Readers in Japan

Japanese page



  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Apr. 3; Apr. 5, 2020)  

WTSP Communication: "Loved the Compilation of Your WTSP Resources" (Carol Augustin)
Two Web sites: eduCBA (○) and WallStreetMojo (□)for e-learning courses of professional skills in business 
WTSP: Main Pages of Our WTSP Site Have Been Renewed (Toru Nakagawa) (Apr. 3, 2020) (Apr. 5, 2020)


  [WTSP] Letter: (18M-1AB, DE) Main Pages of Our WTSP Site Have Been Renewed

Toru Nakagawa ==> WTSP Members & TRIZ Colleags   Apr. 4, 2020         (Posted here May 25, 2020)

Hello, how are you, your family, and people in your country?
The Covid-19 Crisis is growing surprisingly rapidly, widely. and severely almost all over the world.
We pray and fight for the earlier overcome of this Crisis in the world, and sincerely pray for health, recovery, and condolences for many people in the world.

Our WTSP site inside "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated last night (dated Apr. 3, 2020) in the English and some Japanese pages:    http://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/

You may now access the WTSP site simply with    http://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/

[1] WTSP: Main Pages of Our WTSP Site Have Been Renewed (Toru Nakagawa)

Over 2 years of our trials and progress of WTSP project have made our site a lot of new and old information which may be sometimes confusing for you. I have renewed the main pages with the intentions
(1) Clarify various aspects of the WTSP project for smoother work to build the WTSP Catalogs, and
(2) Easier to access the WTSP Catalogs for ordinary users/ readers.

All the main pages from (A1) through (A8) are renewed, while keeping the old pages in the Archives.

Some of the main points are:

(a) Guidelines to build the WTSP Catalogs are shown clearly.
       Orthodox bottom-up approaches in each country, and bypassing approach to gather Attractive and Useful introduction of good sites.

(b) Smoother practices of preparing drafts, refining them into manuscripts, and building small Web sites by Members in each country, while integrating them into World WTSP Catalogs and public posting in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" by the Project Leader.
The Bitrix24 platform will not be used.

(c) Current Active Version of World WTSP Catalogs are shown clearly, while the previous versions are archived.

(d) "Welcome to WTSP Projects / Catalogs" page is now accessible with the site domain URL: https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/ .
Users/readers are smoothly guided to the pages wanted. See the figure attached.

[2] WTSP Communication: "Loved the Compilation of Your WTSP Resources" (Carol Augustin, USA)

I received an email with the charming title, as shown above, from a person I did not know before. Here I post several turns of our communications with her (or him ?).
She happened to encounter our site of WTSP Catalogs and contributed the information of their two sites for extensive e-learning courses in professional skills in business.
Their 2 sites are accepted in a new category X1BZ (Business oriented sites) as shown below. It is my pleasure that we can obtain new information about important Web sites in the world by virtue of the WTSP Catalogs themselves. It is a sign of possible autonomous growing of the World WTSP Catalogs.

[2A] Two Web sites: eduCBA (○)and WallStreetMojo (□) for e-learning courses of professional skills in business
In a new category X1BZ (Business oriented sites) the following 2 sites are listed in our World Around-TRIZ Catalog.
The sites are described in our Standard Formats.

X1BZ-01 eduCBA (○) Online training and video courses for learning finance, software and business skills to achieve professional success.

X1BZ-02 WallStreetMojo (□) Sharing secrets about the best ways to learn Investment Banking, Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Accounting, M&As, Valuations and more.


I suppose almost all of you are under difficult situations in business activities in industries, universities, and especially consultancies and sometimes in your personal situations and daily lives.
Fortunately, however, we are not interrupted in our thinking and in our working and communicating with IT.
Why don't you use your time of some cancelled activities for reviewing your work and your Web sites ?
Please contribute a thorough introduction of your own Web site to the World WTSP Catalogs, and please work to edit your Country's WTSP Catalogs. All these work will give you and us all rich fruits in the near future, as you know.

Please note that the World WTSP Catalogs had very few updates since last October, in spite of the good examples in the Preliminary Version and readiness of revisions.
Let's make the World WTSP Catalogs much more Attractive and Useful by working Together ! Connected !!
Best wishes, Toru


  Shireen Al Jaouni (Palestine) ==> TN     Apr. 6, 2020

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the effort for preparing and organizing this informative World WTSP Catalogs to form a platform for networking, exchange of lessons learnt and best practices of TRIZ.
Your continuous supporting and cooperation will be highly appreciated; Together ! Connected !!
Warm Regards; Shireen Al - Jaouni, MSc., PMP

  TN ==> Shireen Al Jaouni    Apr. 6, 2020

Dear Shireen, Thank you for your appreciation and encouragement, all the time.
Are there TRIZ sites around you, in Arabic countries?
Best wishes, Toru

  Shireen Al Jaouni ==> TN     Apr. 6, 2020

Thank you very much for your email.

According to your question, unfortunately there is few sites in Arab countries related to TRIZ due to not spread widely and lack awareness to it.

I shared your website (TRIZ Catalog) to all including organizations, individuals, groups, sites, ...etc. In the mean time, I am looking for TRIZ sites in Arab countries in English and Arabic languages to share them to you as soon as possible.

Your continuous supporting and cooperation will be highly appreciated; Together ! Connected !!
Warm Regards; Shireen Al - Jaouni,

  TN ==> Shireen Al Jaouni    Apr. 6, 2020

Thank you, Shireen.
I am happy to hear that the WTSP Catalogs are of some help for you to share TRIZ knowledge with people around you.
Best wishes, Toru



  LinkedIn Posting:  "Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs: Top pages of our site are renewed, for your easier access to the Catalogs."     Toru Nakagawa   Apr. 6, 2020

See ==>



  Igor Polkovnikov (USA) (LinkedIn) ==> TN     Apr. 6, 2020

Would you consider my site for the inclusion? www.virtuar.com/triz/

  TN ==> Igor Polkovnikov     Apr. 7, 2020

Thank you, Igor.  I have visited your site and find it interesting especially in many infographics of inventive principles.  
Concerning to the ways of including a site in our WTSP Catalogs, I would like to answer as a general rule:

(1) First of all, please read the (A4) Guidelines page under the WTSP Project (top index) page

(2) Please write an introduction of your site, following the instructions in the Guideline, especially by filling in our Standard Site Description Form (one page in A4) .

(3) You may be a Contributor (i.e., a Supporter outside WTSP) or become a Member (by submitting WTSP Membership Application Form) for working together.

(4) Send your manuscript and message to the WTSP Members (especially Country Editor) in your country.  Such Members are listed in our (A2) Organization page

(5) It is our basic way that the WTSP Team in each country should make an appropriate list of TRIZ-related Web sites together with introductions of such individual sites.

           ---  Oops.  Exceeded the limit.  --- To be continued. -- -

  TN ==> Igor Polkovnikov     Apr. 7, 2020       (Continued)

(6) In many countries (including USA and Russia), unfortunately, WTSP Country Editor is not obtained and hence WTSP Team is not formed well yet.  In such countries, please write emails to a number of leaders, key persons, colleagues, and friends in TRIZ in your country for making a reliable/useful WTSP Catalog of TRIZ-related sites together in your own country. 

(7) Making manuscripts of WTSP Catalogs in each country is important as the basis of its thoroughness, reliability, fairness, usefulness, etc.  Especially usefulness for the people in the country (particularly in non-English speaking countries).  And it is also necessary for avoiding the overload at the Project Leader.

(8) Here is a bypass which skips (5)-(7). 

If you evaluate your site highly, worthy to be recorded in the World WTSP Catalogs (at evaluation levels ◎〇□), do this in addition to (2)-(4):

Write a close and attractive introduction of your site in a free format (2-5 pages in A4), and send it to the Project Leader (at nakagawa@ogu.ac.jp).

(9) Reading your manuscript, I will include your site in our World WTSP Catalogs, as soon as possible. 


Thanking you for your cooperation,  
Let's work Together ! Connected !!

  Igor Polkovnikov (USA) ==> TN     Apr. 8, 2020

Dear Mr. Nakagawa, I have asked you about the possibility of being included to the catalog:
You was so kind to advise me to prepare the introduction to the site and mail it to you.

The short description of my short enough site is attached.
Thank you for consideration,          
Igor Polkovnikov (Igor Polk)


Website:  Problem Solving with Practical Dialectics and Systems Thinking

The site is managed by Igor Polkovnikov.
This site is a virtual meeting place of TRIZ people in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.
It directs to our club bi-weekly meetings entitled "Dialectical Problem Solving" where we meet, discuss, and learn. The club is established in June 2018.

The site contains information available to members, and a collection of reformulated and amended Altshuller's principles (51 overall) open to public.

The organizer, Igor Polkovnikov is an author of "Junctions. On How Worlds are Connected" where he introduces the idea of interactions as abstract flows and a multitude of system hierarchies a system belongs to. The TRIZ principles found on the site are reformulated in accordance with materials of the book.


  TN ==> Igor Polkovnikov     Apr. 9, 2020    

Dear Igor, Thank you for your message.

As I replied to you in the LinkedIn comment-reply, please try to follow the (A5) Guidelines and particularly the steps (1) through (7) as the basic route. Steps (8)-(9) is a bypass for important sites with thorough description in 2-5 pages of A4.

In your particular case, please write your site introduction in our standard format, and then send such information to the TRIZ people you have connections in USA. Please encourage those people to work together for building USA TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs.

Thanking you for your interests in WTSP.         Best wishes, Toru

  Igor Polkovnikov ==> TN     Apr. 9, 2020

Thank you, I'll try to follow.



  Jean-Jacques Urban-Galindo (France) (LinkedIn) ==> TN     Apr. 7, 2020

Avec la multitude d'informations qui vont se publier, y a-t-il un espoir qu'une approche "à la TRIZ" puisse permettre de progresser dans :
- l'extraction de la "substantifique moelle" en concentrant (réduisant les répétitions inutiles qui n'apportent pas de valeur ajoutée) les informations pertinentes et les connaissances.
- la caractérisation des controverses : interprétations différentes des données.

En se souvenant que "données qualifiées" -> informations -> suggèrent des relations = connaissances quand la relation causale est confirmée (hiatus coefficient de corrélation/relation causale). Gaston Bachelard : "Une connaissance est une réponse à une question."

Avancer dans une transposition aux "connaissances" des méthodes d'analyses de données en composantes principales de JP Benzecri que j'ai découvertes au milieu des années 70 ? http://ll.univ-poitiers.fr/llappli/wordpress/hommage-a-j-p-benzecri/

  TN ==> Jean-Jacques Urban-Galindo     Apr. 8, 2020

Thank you, Jean-Jacques. I certainly think Yes (to your first paragraph). TRIZ way of thinking and TRIZ spirits have such power, not individual tools, I think.

I do not understand well about your comments in the second and third paragraphs. (English translation seems poor. My French is poor, too.)

  Jean-Jacques Urban-Galindo  (LinkedIn) ==> TN     Apr. 8, 2020

Thank you, Toru, I understand that my text is difficult to understand after machine translation. I will try to clarify my ideas and translate them with the deep.com (european) software I usually use.

With the number of publications to come, is there any hope that a "TRIZ" approach can make progress in:
- concentrating relevant information, convergent opinions and knowledge (reducing unnecessary repetition which does not add value).
- clarification of disagreements: different interpretations of data.
remembering that "data" -> information -> knowledge = causal relations between information

Do not confuse correlation coefficient with causal relationship.
Applying data analysis methods/tools to "knowledge". JP Benzecri's work in the mid-1970s Analysis of data in principal components ?



  Mahmoud Karimi (Iran) (LinkedIn) ==> TN     Apr. 10, 2020

Great mind and great job like before �� Nonstop forward ��

  TN ==> Mahmoud Karimi     Apr. 10, 2020

Dear Mahmoud, Thank you for your encouragement. Could you communicate about your recent activities, your website, etc. to "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", or to WTSP Catalogs?

  Mahmoud Karimi ==> TN     Apr. 10, 2020

My dear Toru, Thanks for your kind message. I am so sorry that I have not been more involved and proactive helping you in WTSP. I have even not replied some of your emails which I received them while I was very busy on Innovation Factory reconstruction and operation. Pardon me   ��
I will update you about my activities and please count on me to help you more.

  TN ==> Mahmoud Karimi     Apr. 10, 2020

Thank you, Mahmoud. I learn from your LinkedIn profile that you are working very actively in many important jobs in parallel.


  Yury Danilovskiy (Korea) ==> TN     Apr. 10, 2020

Dear prof. Toru Nakagawa, Thank you very much to your interest to my website about TRIZ.

I sure that russian TRIZ users must know about TRIZ users in other counties.
Many years ago I informed for my readers about TRIZ in Japan. If you open page you can to see picture about TRIZ page in Japan.
Russian people have big interest to Japan culture and they think so: " if TRIZ have the application in Japan therefore TRIZ as set of tools have big value" :-)

translation of my remark about TRIZ in Japan :

TRIZ site in English and Japanese, which was created under the editorship of a professor Toru Nakagawa 21 years ago November 22 1999 https://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/
You can read links in Russian to articles posted on this site in Russian
the language that I translated using Google translator https://yadi.sk/i/1D15xNLU4gwemg

[Note (TN, Apr. 18, 2020): Yury Danilovskiy attached a PDF file of the top page of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" in full Russian translation (14 pages in PDF) . The first page of PDF is shown below as an image.  Seeing my own site in Russian is shocking for me.  The capability of Google translator is amazing.  Thanks, Yury.]

I work in South Korea from 2005 until today, but I began work in russian market at parallel from 2017.
My mission in this business are delivering in Russia Korean version of TRIZ, because TRIZ obtained in Korea big amount of new instruments and approaches. According to this circumstances I prepare majority materials in Russian language as translation from Korean and English.

You can see several short variants in English here :

TESE ( Trends of Engineering Systems Evolutions and 40 principles as toy for exercises) :

6 types movements in engines and mono bi-poly   

77 examples about principle 14  

and another..
for example here :  


My grandson Mitya also wants to become an inventor.

The child was told an ABC of 40 simple methods for creating inventions, and he himself said that the prototype here would be an ordinary hat with ears. He saw such hats many times, but never thought that they could be improved and supplemented with some new function.

Having learned that any invention can be described by NUMBERS, namely, by the numbers of methods, he was able to determine all the methods that he learned there. It turned out that the construction of the spectra of inventions is exciting !!! This allows you to remember all these methods well in a playful way.

If you recognize the method in other people's inventions, then you will be able to apply it in your own invention ..

Everything is like learning English .. you recognize a word in a speech from other people, which means you can easily use it in your own.

Thank you again . Best regards, Yury



  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Apr. 12, 2020)  

WTSP Mails and Letters: Jan. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa)
WTSP Mails and Letters: Feb. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa)
WTSP Mails and Letters: Mar. 2020 (Editor Toru Nakagawa)



  TN ==> Ellen Domb, Michael S. Slocum, Phil Samuel, Darrell Mann, Kobus Cilliers     Apr. 11, 2020      Please write the Site Introduction of the TRIZ Journal.

Dear Editors of "the TRIZ Journal" (former and present)

Hello, how are you? It's a severe time of COVID-19 pandemics in the world. Users of TRIZ and promoters, consultants of TRIZ are suffering much. Can we turn this crisis into a chance?

As you know, we have been working in the WTSP Project to build "World TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs" for proliferating TRIZ further in the world.
The WTSP project and its World WTSP Catalogs are accessible in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" with the URL
As I wrote recently in the WTSP site and in LinkedIn, we wish to improve and enhance the World WTSP Catalogs much to make them really Attractive and Useful. See .

For the purpose, we should make introductions of individual sites, especially important sites, Attractive and Useful.
Your "TRIZ Journal" has been the top leading Web site in the world, and is shown as one of the Most Important sites (◎)in the world in our WTSP Catalog.

Hence we would like to ask you:

(1) Could you please write a thorough Site Introduction of your Web site?

We have 3 stages of describing a site:

(a) Single line in the Index table of the WTSP Catalogs
         --- done for your site.

(b) Site Description in the Standard Format (about 1 page of A4 size):
        --- I wrote and posted an introduction at a lower level in a free format. Please revise it.
        --- And please fill in the Form attached here .

(c) Close introduction of the site in a free format (about 2-5 pages of A4):
Describe remarkable features and articles. Introduce important/useful articles briefly and attach hyperlinks to them.)
        --- Please write site introduction at this level also.
             Please choose some style you think best fit for your site.
             You may use figures and illustrations, of course.

(2) Since the TRIZ Journal has its glorious and difficult times of history, I would like you to discuss who write the introductions and what time range of history each covers.

I think introducing the history and contents of the TRIZ Journal before 2006 (or before 2010) is important. Many articles in those days are still valuable for TRIZ.
Selecting and categorizing important papers may be a hard work, but may be worthy of doing for the world TRIZ community.

The present stage of the TRIZ Journal must be introduced thoroughly.
Users/beginners/experts of TRIZ and systematic innovation should be guided to the present TRIZ Journal.
I feel the present TJ should better be introduced as a new, important site, separately from the initial site.
TRIZ Journal in the intermediate period may be a bit difficult to handle and introduce as a independent site. I feel it may be introduced as an early stage of the present TRIZ Journal.

Anyway we definitely need to have thorough introduction(s) of the TRIZ Journal(s) in the World WTSP Catalogs.
Could you please introduce the TRIZ Journal as one of the most Attractive and Useful TRIZ-related sites in the world in the old days as well as at present ?

Looking forward to hearing from you,         Best wishes, Toru

  Ellen Domb (USA) ==> TN    (CC: TJ Editors)   Apr. 11, 2020

Hello, Toru and TJ Colleagues: Thanks for all your kind words about the TJ.

As you know, since my retirement I have been living on a boat, with limited internet access, so I will write a short introduction from memory, and hope that others are able to provide links and illustrations, etc.


Ellen Domb and Jim Kowalick started the TRIZ Journal in 1996. We were both consultants with backgrounds in physics, material science, statistics, and applications in academia and the aerospace industry.
We had learned about TRIZ from a variety of sources including software companies and consultants who had roots in the former Soviet Union, but we couldn't find any case studies in global applications or teaching materials in U.S/Western European style. This was not a hard, TRIZ-like problem to solve!
       If there was no place to publish, there would be no publications!
So we started the TRIZ Journal with the goal of providing TRIZ practioners of all levels with the opportunity to share what they were learning: case studies, teaching methods, integration with other methodologies, etc.
Michael Slocum joined Ellen Domb as co-editor in 1998, and Jim moved to an advisory role.

In the early period, articles were edited for easy understanding in engineering-oriented English. From the beginning we encouraged articles on non-engineering applications (social, governmental, medical, etc.) If there were controversies about whether particular methods were "really TRIZ" or not, we published all points of view, occasionally with editorial notes about the controversy.

For new readers now, 25 years later, we suggest starting with the tutorial articles (which have "tutorial" in the titles).  Some of the examples may be outdated but the explanations have stood the test of time. Tutorials on contradictions, using the 40 principles (and examples from many disciplines,) the ideal final result, function analysis and substance-field analysis, and technology forecasting (with biomimetics as a sub-field) have been the most-frequently down-loaded articles.

The editors of the 1996-2006 TRIZ Journal are overwhelmingly grateful to the authors from all over the world who contributed their knowledge and time and energy to propagating TRIZ to new audiences, and we are grateful to I-Six Sigma, BMG, and Systematic Innovation for taking over the operation of TRIZ Journal for the intermediate and modern phases.


Ellen Domb, Ph.D.,

  Toru Nakagawa ==> Ellen Domb    (CC: TJ Editors)    Apr. 12, 2020

Dear Ellen, Thank you very much for your quick response and the draft of Site Introduction.

Could you please cover the time period 2006 - 2010?

Could you please enhance the draft by mentioning important topics and representative articles?
I hope Ellen will enjoy the work for several weeks :-)
Please attach hyperlinks to them (without writing their URLs explicitly, for saving space).

Some instructions for readers to find important articles in the TRIZ Journal Archives may be useful.
-- Probably such instructions may be written with a help by the present TJ Editors.

Best wishes, Toru


  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated   (Apr. 21, 2020)   (Apr. 25, 2020)         (May 25, 2020)

Introduction of the Site "Official Altshuller Foundation": Communications between Larisa Komarcheva and Toru Nakagawa
WTSP Site Introduction: The "Official Altshuller Foundation" Site (Larisa Komarcheva (Russia), Mar. 9, 2020)
Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs: Top pages of our site are renewed, for your easier access to the Catalogs (Toru Nakagawa)
WTSP Mails and Letters: Apr. 2020

  [WTSP] Letter: (18M-2AB, DE) Welcome to WTSP Project/Catalogs, Mails & Letters (Jan.-Apr., 2020), Introduction of "Altshuller Foundation" site

Toru Nakagawa ==> WTSP Members & TRIZ Colleags   Apr. 22, 2020         (Posted here May 25, 2020)

Hello, how are you, your family, and people in your country?

Our WTSP site inside "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated on Apr. 12 and yesterday (Apr. 21) in the English pages:

[1] Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs:
      Top pages of our site are renewed, for your easier access to the Catalogs (Toru Nakagawa)

This is an Article I posted in LinkedIn on Apr. 6.
The figure "Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs" in our new page at the top of the WTSP domain is used to guide readers.

We finished the Preliminary versions of World TRIZ Sites Catalog (62 sites at ◎〇 levels) and World Around-TRIZ Sites Catalog (177 sites at ◎〇 levels).
They are much much better than any Internet surveys we can ordinary make.
However, many good and important sites in TRIZ are missing (because manuscripts are not yet submitted from 30-40 countries) and descriptions of individual sites are still weak.

We wish to enhance the WTSP Catalogs further to record many more, important and useful sites and to describe the individual sites more closely.
'Attractive and Useful' descriptions of individual sites in the world should be the value of our WTSP Catalogs.

Let's work Together ! Connected !! for such a goal.

One-page PDF file of this article, with active hyperlinks, is attached here .

Please forward it to your friends, colleagues, students, customers, etc.


[2] WTSP Mails and Letters: Jan.- Apr. 2020 (Editor: Toru Nakagawa)

Besides [WTSP] Letters, Update announcements, etc. from TN, we had various communications from readers and members. Only a part of them are picked up here:

[2a] Jan. 2020
     (5) Yury Danilovskiy (Korea): Creating short videos
     (6) Harry Flosser (Germany): Animation of TRIZ principles
     (9) Don Mansingale (USA): Former TRIZ activities in Boeing

[2b] Feb. 2020
      (3) TN (LinkedIn): Site introduction (1) TRIZ HP in Japan
      (7) TN (LinkedIn): Best 4 slides from 21 years of THPJ

[2c] Mar. 2020
      (1)(4) TN <=> Kurt E. Sickafus: Preparation and start of "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives"
      (2) Carol Augustin (USA): Loved the compilation of your WTSP resources
      (3) TN <=> Larisa Komarcheva (Russia): Site introduction of the "Official Altshuller Foundation" site

[2d] Apr. 2020
      (2) TN (LinkedIn): Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs
      (3) Igor Polkovnikov (USA) <=> TN: Could you include my site ?
      (4) Yuri Danilovskiy (Korea): Introducing western/Japan/Korean TRIZ to Russian people.
      (5) TN <=> Ellen Domb et al.: Site introduction of the TRIZ Journal.

[3] Introduction of the "Official Altshuller Foundation" site

   [3a] Communications between Larisa Komarcheva and TN.

I asked Larisa to write a thorough introduction of the site.
She send me a site introduction in our standard format and an explanation "Why was this website created".
I wrote several questions which many readers would like to learn from the site, and asked her to enhance it.

   [3b] WTSP Site Introduction: "Official Altshuller Foundation" site

The introduction written by Larisa on Mar. 9 is now included in the World WTSP Catalogs:
"The Official G.S. Altshuller Foundation, together with the Rights Holders of the Altshuller copyrights, created this website so that anyone can find amongst all the above of the original texts of the creator of TRIZ - RTV - TRTL, Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller (15 Oct. 1926 – 24 Sept. 1998)."
"Only works by Genrikh Altshuller and Valentina Zhuravlyova are posted on this site."

Why was this website created: "Briefly put: To serve as a reference point for people interested in learning about TRIZ independently; To present the undistorted (or sometimes little-known) works of G.S. Altshuller to users and developers of the theory".


Our WTSP Catalogs should be: Important and useful sites are listed appropriately.
          <== WTSP Teams should work proactively in each country.
Individual sites are introduced attractively and faithfully.
          <== Site owners themselves should write such introductions.

Wishing you and all people in the world health and safety, and hoping your cooperation,

Best wishes, Toru

  Bill Fowlkes (USA) ==> TN      Apr. 22, 2020      Needs of including sites related to 'Tools'       (May 25, 2020)

I am doing some research on competitive products and found a category is largely missing from the WTSP Around TRIZ page:
Problem analysis toolkits such as Lucid and Southbeach Modeller and the many mind-mapping tools:

I'm sure there are others similar to them as well.
Regards, Bill Fowlkes

  TN  ==> Bill Fowlkes        Apr. 23, 2020

Thank you for your message and interests in the WTSP Catalogs.

I checked the Keywords I used in my series of Internet surveys:   They are:

TN3A2: Creative Think Method
TN3B: (Creative OR innovative OR Systematic) Problem Solve (Method OR Process OR Technique)
TN3C: Innovation (Process OR Strategy OR Method OR management OR Technology)
TN3D: (Quality OR Value OR Cost OR Productivity) (Deploy OR Engineering OR Management OR Control OR Analysis) (Method OR Technique OR Theory OR Process OR "Case Study")
TN3E: (Patent OR IP OR "Intellectual Property") (Analysis OR Protect OR Circumvent OR Mapping OR Strategy)

Yes, you are right. 'Tools' is missing in the keywords.
Could you please help us to include such sites in the World Around-TRIZ Sites Catalogs?

I know the importance of such category of sites and am interested in some of such sites.
You see in my Web site:

(a) "Southbeach Forum on Southbeach Notation and Modelling: A Forum for Introduction, Communication, and Evaluation" (Edited by Toru Nakagawa) (Jun. 9; Aug. 4; Oct. 3, 2013)

(b) Fuda-Yose Tool for Visual Thinking -- English Edition Available (A. Katahira, T. Nakagawa) (Sept. 30, 2015)

Besides (b), we have groups of people, in Japan, working to develop software tools for creative thinking.

So could you please become a SIG Editor of our WTSP project?
You may choose the range of topics of your SIG, and you may invite any people for your SIG either as WTSP Members or as WTSP Supporters (without becoming Members).
Please make some research and present the results in the form of (a part of) the WTSP Catalogs.
I'll be happy to support you to do the survey and present in the WTSP Catalogs.

You will be the first person of any SIG in the WTSP project.

Wishing to work with you Together ! Connected !!
Best wishes, Toru

  Bill Fowlkes ==> TN      Apr. 24, 2020

I am pleased and honored to be invited to be a SIG Editor. I have downloaded the catalog template and will endeavor to give you future input for the catalogue in the proper format.

Do we need to name my SIG or is SIG a generic term?
I will need to think about what topics I will focus on.

Here is the exciting news. My company too is developing software tools for creative thinking.
In fact, we are planning on releasing a beta version for testing this June. Perhaps you would be interested to take a look and give us your feedback? Sadly, for now we only have an English version, but I think your English is very good and that will not be much of an impediment.

It is while doing competitive investigation for our new product that I found the websites I sent you this week.
I have more and will put them all together in the next week or so for the WTSP Catalog.

Regards, Bill Fowlkes

  TN  ==> Bill Fowlkes        Apr. 25, 2020

Dear Bill, I am very glad at reading your reply!

You are the first person, in the field around-TRIZ (?), who really appreciate the significance of the WTSP project and join to work for the goals together.

We would like to have many SIGs as we proceed and as people find them necessary.
Please think about your range of field and then choose some 2-digit code and name of the SIG.

I will be glad to take a look of your company's creativity tool and to feed you back.

Since you say you are doing 'competitive investigation', you may feel some difficulty in listing up and introducing various Web sites in the competitive field.
I would like to suggest you to communicate with a number of people leading the field in your early stage of your SIG work.
Please inform them of the intention of the WTSP project/ Catalogs and get their understanding and their support.
Do you know any persons in the field who are working actively and are leading the field in a fair, academic stance?
Please invite such leaders to your SIG.

By the way, please call me just Toru.
Thanking you again and looking forward to working with you,
Best wishes, Toru

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