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Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs:
Top pages of our site are renewed, for your easier access to the Catalogs.

Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, OGU)

LinkedIn Posting,  Apr. 6, 2020

Posted:  Apr. 21, 2020; Updated: Apr. 23, 2020

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  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Apr. 18, 2020)

This is an Article I posted in LinkedIn on Apr. 6.  It received a high appreciation (18 applauds among 22 viewers), probably because of its compactness.  Hope this invitation to the WTSP Project / Catalogs reach as many people, TRIZ users and TRIZ leaders, in the world.   Since I made a PDF file , please forward it to your friends, colleagues, students, customers, etc.



Welcome to the WTSP Project / Catalogs:
Top pages of our site are renewed, for your easier access to the Catalogs.

Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader, Osaka Gakuin Univ., Japan)  Apr. 6, 2020

We have finished the Preliminary Edition of the World TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs, after 2 years of struggles. I have renewed the top pages of our site, for your easier access to the Catalogs and for our smoother work of further enhancement of the Catalogs.

The top figure shows the new WTSP page you can access simply with URL of the site domain: www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eWTSP/ 

You are cordially invited to visit our site and take a glance of our World WTSP Catalogs. We have made a Catalog of TRIZ sites in the World (62 sites at Zlevels) and another Catalog of Around-TRIZ sites in the World (177 sites at Zlevels) . All the sites are briefly introduced and arranged according to their roles and (tentative) evaluations.

You will realize that our Catalogs are much much better than any Internet surveys you can ordinary make, in their quality and richness. You will see many good sites you already knew and many more good sites you have never met before.

At the same time, however, you may notice some of your favorite sites are missing in these Catalogs. You may also wonder why only 62 sites in TRIZ in comparison to 177 sites around TRIZ.

That's because the TRIZ Catalog is based on the manuscripts from only 4 countries, besides 2 internet surveys (of TRIZ sites in the world and in USA). Many good and important sites in 30-40 countries are missing at moment. This is the sad reality in the WTSP project, or in the TRIZ community in the world. There are many more TRIZ sites we should record in the World WTSP Catalogs.

Our Catalogs are also weak in the descriptions of individual sites. Introduction of each site in 3-4 lines besides the basic data is not sufficient to understand what the site really posts. We would like to ask all the site owners to describe their sites by filling in our Standard Site Description Form (1 page in A4), and optionally more closely in a free format (2-5 pages in A4). Such Attractive and Useful introductions of good sites will make the World WTSP Catalogs even more valuable.

We should enhance our World WTSP Catalogs further especially in these 2 points. Hence I renewed the top pages of our site. The pages so far were rather confusing for you WTSP Members/supporters because of a lot of old and new information reflecting trials and progresses in many steps. Storing old information in Archives, the new pages show the Guidelines for developing and enhancing the WTSP Catalogs clearly.

We wish to report much improved World WTSP Catalogs in the coming ETRIA TFC2020 in October.

Let's overcome the severe COVID-19 Crises in the world and work Together ! Connected !!


PS: @Clicking the boxes in the top figure, you can jump in to the WTSP pages in this Web site.
         We plan to build 'Country TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs' in every country, but only Japan WTSP Catalog (in English) is now ready.
          The PDF file also has such active hyperlinks. 


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