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Message for the New Year 2022

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Professor Emeritus, Osaka Gakuin University),
Jan. 13, 2022

Posted on Jan.  16, 2022
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Message (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 13, 2022)

On the start of New Year 2022, I wish you all the year be healthy, happy, successful, and the World be peaceful and recovering from the pandemic.

The following is the New Year Card I sent with my wife Masako to our relatives and friends in Japan.


I wish to send you the message in English translation, because the world is under the severe Covid-19 pandemic situations, more or less similarly. 


For the Coming Spring            Hoping ever lasting friendship with you !
                                                 Wishing you good health and happiness !

Kenroku-en Park (Kanazawa) in early winter   In a windy morning (Tega Lake)

The conventional "Four-Box Scheme of Abstraction" in science and technology guides us in applying established theories, while the "Six-Box Scheme" of Creative Problem Solving (which I proposed in 2005) guides us in creating new ideas (or theories), I now understand clearly. I will keep working in research and proliferation, beyond traditional TRIZ.  At the age of 81, I am doing fine. (Toru)

Just like Mii-chan in the children song "Springtime, Come quick!  Wish to walk out with the red-strapped zori ! ...", I am waiting for the springtime while spending days almost locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Want to go around outdoors without wearing the mask!   (Masako)

                                  January  1st, 2021        Toru and Masako Nakagawa

                       277-0086  Eirakudai 3-1-13, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0086, Japan
                       Phone: +81-4-7167-7403;   
                       Email: (Toru)




Kenroku-en Park (Kanazawa)  (Photo:  Toru,  Nov. 29, 2021)
Pine trees are protected with ropes against breakage of brunches due to heavy snow in winter.


A swan in a very windy morning (Tega Lake, Kashiwa)  (Photo:  Toru,  Mar. 24, 2021)

A swan was swimming against the wind and waves towards the Sun.
She may be the symbol of ourselves, our works, all our people, and our world, in the very severe time.


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