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Detail Page of the Sixth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2010

Just Before the Symposium: Announcements and Detailed Information

Edior:  Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)

Posted: Sept. 3, 2010

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Message to All the Participants (by Yuji Mihara, General Organizer of the Symposium) issued on Sept. 1, 2010 (Posted: Sept. 3, 2010)

Message to All the Presenters (by Toru Nakagawa and Yoshihisa Konishi, Program Committee) issued on Sept. 2, 2010 (Posted: Sept. 3, 2010)

Guide to the Poster Presenters (by Yojiro Fukushima, Program Committee) issued on Aug. 26, 2101 (Poste: Sept. 3, 2010) 

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 Message to All the Participants (by Yuji Mihara)    (Posted: Sept. 3, 2010)

Communication to the 6th TRIZ Symposium in Japan attendee

                      2010.9.1. The Sixth TRIZ Symposium General Organizer
                                            Yuji Mihara.

I contact it on symposium participation as follows,

1) The program 100828 version :  Attached -1       ==> See the Agenda sheet

2) A bus stop map for Kanagawa Institute of Technology
  (Bus center and the Hon-Atsugi station square):Attached -2   ==>  Figure below (Japanese/English):

3) A bus time schedule for Kanagawa Institute of Technology: Attached -3   ==>  See JTS Web site

4) A bus time schedule from Kanagawa Institute of Technology for Atsugi Bus Center :  Attached -4  ==>  See JTS Web site

5) A figure of building placement and a use floor sketch of Kanagawa Institute of Technology :  Attached -5 
            ==> Figures below.  (Note by Nakagwa: Downward is North in these figures.  The bus comes up toward north from Hon-Atsugi station and stops at the bus terminal located at the Western end of the KIT Campus.)

6) The guidance of the Group Discussion :  Attached -6   ==> See below:

After Buffet Dinner on the second day at the venue, we are going to have a parallel session of Group Discussions. This intends to complement the presentations and discussions already set in the agenda. We are going to have informal and frank discussions on several topics/areas of interest. This year we have set the following 6 groups on the themes we have selected for the Special Interest Lectures and the Tutorial. On the first day of the Symposium, we will post a big table on the notice board and ask you to entry any one group whichever you like. As you see in the table, we are going to use English as much as possible for international communication. Please note that the Official Languages of the present Symposium are Japanese and English, even though we happen to have a large number of participants from Korea.

(A) Education and TRIZ Education and research of TRIZ at universities, Creativity education at schools, Penetration of TRIZ in society, Understanding the essence of TRIZ Toru Nakagawa, Nikolai Khomenko English:(J→E)
(B) Technical & Industrial TRIZ How to apply TRIZ to technical problems, How to promote TRIZ in industries, How to persuade managers with TRIZ, ... Shinsuke Kurosawa, Gaetano Cascini English:(J→E)
(C) Product planning and TRIZ Prediction of market, Prediction of technologies, How to develop new products, ... Manabu Sawaguchi Japanese & English
(D) IP Strategies and TRIZ Usage of TRIZ in IP, Business, and R&D strategies Toshimitsu Kataoka Japanese & English
(E) IT/Software and TRIZ How to apply TRIZ in IT/software problems, Toru Shonai,Yojiro Fukushima; Japanese & English
(F) Introducing TRIZ and Experience Exchange How to introduce TRIZ in my own organization? Understanding TRIZ in its essence, Q&A for beginners, ... Mamoru Zenko Japanese

7) Others instructions

(a)  Copying or distributing of USB memory Proceedings is forbidden.
             To an applicant, we sell it more.

(b)  Taking photos/videos of the projected slides (except by the specified Organizing staff) is forbidden.
             Recording of the talks is also forbidden.
            The snapshots that do not affect announcement content are free to do photography.

(c)  As an official language, we use Japanese and the English.
            Please refrain from the remarks in the official occasion by the other languages (for example, Korean).
             In addition, the interpretation to the other language in the meeting place is annoying for other participants.

(d)  Dress code : We do not need formal clothes.
          Current Japan is hot, and it seems that it is hot for the period of the meeting.

(e)  Phone number in case of the emergency such as typhoons:

Japan TRIZ Society :03-5809-2413 or 03-5809-2411(It is transferred to a mobile telephone of Hotta)
Kanagawa Institute of Technology guard's office:  046-241-1212

[Note:  Symposium Office at the venue during the Symposium:  046-242-0030  (direct from outside KIT)  (Sept. 7, 2010) ]

(f)  We receive a load temporary in the morning of the first day and the third day (to the meeting end) .
    Please do not bring in the valuables. We cannot receive it .
     We hand the tag of the load, please manage each person.
     Because we offer a place, please keep a load in a hotel as much as possible for safekeeping management.

(g) LAN environment :

In Kanagawa Institute of Technology, we can use LAN in disucussion room A(12F) and disucussion room B (3F) room No.305 and 306, and a design studio (waiting room) .
Please bring a LAN cable with you.

(h)  We perform a vote of "the report that was good for you" .
           With a card to distribute of a participation receptionist, please vote the "report that was good for you".
           We announce the result in Japan TRIZ Society homepage.

(i)  TRIZ reference book :

We can put a book to explain in the following in the vicinity of a reception desk : the book (or the pamphlet) of the member of Japan TRIZ Society and a book (or the pamphlet) to recommend of Japan TRIZ Society.
When you put a book, please put the card which wrote an address on the 1/2 part of A5 size card (half size of A4) beside a book.
Because we cannot take responsibility about loss or damage of this book, You please take responsibility about the safekeeping management of the book.

                                                                            Best wishes, Yuji Mihara

 Message to All the Presenters (by Toru Nakagawa and Yoshihisa Konishi)

Dear Presenters at Japan TRIZ Symposium 2010

                                                                     September 2, 2010
                                                                     Toru Nakagawa and Yoshihisa Konishi
                                                                     Program Committee
                                                                     The Sixth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2010
                                                                     Japan TRIZ Society, NPO

Our TRIZ Symposium in Japan is now close and going to start in a week. We summarize here the up-to-date information of the Symposium, for welcoming you soon at the venue!

(1) Final Manuscripts and the Proceedings: Having received the final manuscripts of presentations from you, we have set them up into the Proceedings. All your English slides (except some of Poster presentations) are translated into Japanese by the collaboration of management members and voluntary members of Japan TRIZ Society. The Japanese slides will be presented during your presentations in parallel to your English slides. (Similarly, we spent much effort for translating the presentation slides of Japanese authors into English for your understanding.) We sent the Japanese and English Editions of the Proceedings and of the Abstracts to the printing company on Aug. 30, and are now preparing for the digital version of the full set of the Proceedings to be handed to all the participants in USB memories.

(2) Updating the Agenda: In late August, we received an email from Richard Platt (USA) about the withdrawal of his Oral presentation and another from Hyo June Kim (Korea) of the withdrawal of his Poster Presentation. We have adapted our Agenda for these changes, and especially decided to shorten the 3rd-day Poster Session from 100 minutes to 70 minutes and to finish the Symposium earlier at 16:10. The updated Agenda has been announced in the Web, and attached here in the form of one-page sheet.

(3) Registered Participants: (As was yesterday,) 169 people have registered for participation, including 117 from Japan and 52 from overseas. Under the current severe economic situations in Japan, it is our great pleasure to have over-100 participants from Japan. We are going to have a much larger number of overseas participants than that of last year (i.e., 19). This year we are going to receive many Korean people. They contributed 8 presentations. Moreover, KMAC (Korean Management Association Consulting) has organized a big delegation of about 30 people, including 15 from Samsung Electronics and 12 from POSCO. We are very much surprised with receiving so many registrations on Aug. 25. They are eager to learn and discuss in our coming Symposium. I would like to inform you of this situation beforehand.

(4) Presentation Slides to Be Brought in on the Day: Please bring your presentation slides in a USB memory. The slides you have already submitted to us will be set in the JTS's PC in your presentation room. Therefore, you may use them if you do not have any update.

Presenters in the Poster Sessions are advised to read the Guide sent to you by Yojiro Fukushima on Aug. 26. Please bring in your slides printed in A4 (or B4), and work on the first day morning to glue them on two big sheets of paper and to post the sheets at the specified place in the Hall for the Poster Session. During the Poster Introduction Session, you are requested to introduce your work in 3 minutes. Then we will move to the 3rd floor for the actual presentation. The length of the Poster Session is 100 minutes on the 2nd day (for 6 posters) while 70 minutes on the 3rd day (for 5 posters).

(5) Group Discussions: We set the Group Discussions as the occasion of informal and frank communications for 2 hours after the dinner of the 2nd day. We are now preparing for the groups of 6 topics as shown in a separate page. You are invited to join some of these groups.

We need to remark a point here: In the Abstracts (or the short form Proceedings) which will be delivered to all the participants, we wrote an idea of Group (G) on "TRIZ: situations in Japan and situations in Korea" using Japanese and Korean languages with the support of an interpreter, but we abandoned the idea. Main reason for quitting it is that the Korean Language is not included in our Symposium's official languages, i.e., Japanese and English. And the second, more practical reason is that this topic will attract "too many participants" to operate other groups smoothly. Thus we decided to operate the Groups (A) - (E) in an international way, by using English as much as possible, and together with Korean participants. While discussing in each specific area, the comparison between Japan and Korea will also be there as a background interest. Discussions on several different aspects may reveal the comparison between Japan and Korea in a natural manner.

(6) Information Updated on the Web Sites: On our Official Web site of Japan TRIZ Society, new information is uploaded recently especially on the venue and bus services. Please take a look of it at http://www.triz-japan.org/e-index.html . The Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" is to be updated as well: http://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/ .

Yesterday, Yuji Mihara, General Organizer of our Symposium sent a message and instructions to all the registrants of the Symposium, including you. Please follow the guidance.

(7) Requests and Notes to All the Participants: Please observe the following rules of our Symposium. (See our Call for Papers.)

(a) Copying or distributing of the USB-memory Proceedings is forbidden. You can buy additional copies from JTS, either during the Symposium or later.

(b) Taking photos/videos of the projected slides is forbidden (except by the specified Organizing staff). Audio recording of the talks is also forbidden. Snapshots without relevance to the presentation contents are allowed.

(c) Our official languages of the Symposium are Japanese and English. Please refrain from talking in other languages, e.g. Korean, in official occasions. Interpretation into other languages in the meeting place is forbidden because it is annoying other participants.

(8) Voting of "Best Presentation for Me": Since two years ago, we have requested our Japanese participants to vote for "Best Presentation for Me" among all the contributed presentations (both Oral and Poster presentations). This year we are going to extend this voting scheme to cover both Japanese and Overseas participants as the voters. Awards will be presented after the Symposium to several best-voted presenters.

(9) Sponsored by Kanagawa Institute of Technology: On holding this Symposium, Kanagawa Institute of Technology has been supporting us by providing the rooms and facilities without charges and by taking care of us in various aspects. Japan TRIZ Society is very grateful for KIT for their support. We now show this fact more clearly in our Symposium documents as "Sponsored by Kanagawa Institute of Technology", with thanks.
We all are looking forward to meeting you soon in Japan and to discussing with you at the Symposium!

                                                                                            Very best wishes,
                                                                                             Toru and Yoshihisa

 Guide to the Poster Presenters (by Yojiro Fukushima)

Dear poster presenter on The 6th Japan TRIZ Symposium 2010

I am Yojiro Fukushima. And I am a member of The 6th Japan TRIZ Symposium 2010 program committee.

For your guidance, I would like to explain location of Poster session site, your preparation and your work procedure on the day.

1. Poster session site and work room

- Poster session site is located on third floor of main conference building.
- You can work to make poster for presentation in the Work Room beside the Poster session site.

2. What you prepare and bring.

- Printed sheets of paper (B4 or A4) which shall be used for presentation

3. Your work procedure in the first day morning

(1)  After you arrived on reception, please go to the Work Room beside the Poster session site as soon as possible. And make a poster in the Work Room, Thank you within the first day morning to be completed.

(2) Making posters
        - Following tools are prepared in the Work Room already.
                > Two big sheets of paper
                > glue stick for bonding the big sheets of paper and Printed sheets that you brought
                > adhesive tape for bonding the big sheets of paper and wall or panel
       - Please attach the Printed sheets to the big sheets of paper using the glue.
       - Eight Printed sheets are attached in a big sheet.  Column-wise order will take precedence.
       - If you will make presentation only in English, 16 Printed sheets are attached to two big sheets of paper.
       - If you will make presentation both in English and Japanese, 32 Printed sheets are attached to four big sheets of paper

(3) Poster Exhibition
       - Please fit the Posters on wall or panel at the indicated location in the Poster session site.
           (Note) You can use only prepared adhesive tape.

(4) Removal of the poster
        Please remove posters after the poster session in the third day .
        If posters remain after the all third day programs, the Secretariat will discard them.

I hope that you succeed in your presentation.

                                                                      Thank you
                                                                      Yojiro Fukushima

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