Salamatov's TRIZ Textbook: Problems & Solutions
Problems and Their Solutions in Salamatov's TRIZ Textbook (English Edition): "TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time"
Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin University), 
July-September, 2000
 Compiled and posted here on Nov. 22, 2000

Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 22, 2000)

As introduced in the parent page, Salamatov's TRIZ Textbook has just been published in Japanese by translating from the English Edition.  During this translation work, problems and their solutions in the English Edition were compiledf in a tabular form for the purpose of adding cross-references in the Japanese Edition.  Since these documents should be useful for many readers of this well-adopted textbook of TRIZ (English Edition), they are posted here under the permissions by Dr. Salamatov and Insytec.

  Note:  Pr:  Problems    Problems shown explicitly in the main text.
            Ex:  Exercises    Exercises described in the enclosures.  They are given running numbers separately from the Problems.

Chapters 1 & 2
Page # Probem (or Exercise) Solution and Analysis  (page) Used method and remarks
3 Pr1 Robot.  Some chips fallen from the workpiece gets into the machine and stops the operation of a robot.  p 3.   Turn the machine and robot upside down. Chips should fall off by itself without getting into the machine.
3 Pr2 Robot.  Difficulty in sewing soft fabrics with a robot. p 4.  Freeze the wet fabric. Make the fabric stiff temporarily.
4 Pr3  Varnish coating of a wafer is damaged by bubbles before drying. p 4.  Covering the wafer with a varnish foam. (witty)
4 Pr4  Robot safety.  How can man stop the robot operation immediately from a distance? p91. Remote control with an LED transmitter.  Conductivity of control power. 
8 Pr5 Control the distance of the carbon electrodes of the electric arc.  p 29.  (by Yablochkov)  To place the two carbon electrodes in parallel with the gap filled with kaolin.  
9 Ex1 How do you measure the height of a cave.  p 33.  To use a baloon and thread as the measuring device. Comletion of an S-Field Model, and to intensify the contradiction.
p178. Use of Archimedes' principle.
9 Ex2 How the basement of the Pyramid made perfectly flat in old days? p177.  Make a ditch around the construction zone and fill with water to use the level of water as the flat reference.  Physical effect. 
12 Pr6 Monitor the state of the teeth of instrument for drilling the ground.  p 13.  Supplying the teeth with micro-capsules containing fragrance or stinky substance.  
13 Pr7 Supply gravitational force to the incubator in the space station. p13.  Use centrifugal force by rotating the incubator.  
13 Pr8 Measure the volume of an electric bulb. p13.  Use Archimedes' principle. Use of Archimedes' principle.
13 Pr9  Provide rectilinear microdisplacements. p178.  Use thermal expansion of a rod with an electric heating control. Physical effect.  Thermal expansion.
14 Ex3 Zebra crossing marks or wave profiles for letting the car drivers slow down.  p 29.  Both.  Zebra crossing marks are drawn in wave profiles.  To use illusion. 
14 Ex4 (Fire or Abasement)  Drawing a portrait of a cruel Cardinal.  p 29.  To draw the Cardinal looking at the Cross, on which Christ is drawn so scared.  
15 Pr10 Laser hardening of metals in a nitrogen atmosphere p 16. A compromise solution. With computer simulation and optimization.
18 Ex5 Soft water needed for diving practices p 46. To let the compressed air rush to water of the diving place; the aerated water absorbs the impact of corrision. Standard 1-2-2.  Introduce a third substance by modifying the accessible substance.
18 Ex6 Embodying Finnish soul in Arabian buildings p 29.  To arrange "Finnish" straight lines and sharp angles in a zigzag pattern to make "Arabian" stream line silhouette.  
20 Pr11 To package rubber nipples neatly. p 21.  Introducing a ferromagnetic into the nipple and use magnetic field.   
21 Pr12 To improve marketing of potato-peeling knives. p 21.  To make handles resembling to potato peels in color. With a brainstorming.
21 Pr13  To  release the complaints of waiting long for the lifts. p 21.  To hang a large mirror at the lift entrance.  With a brainstorming.
26 Pr14 Dilemma of an armature-aircraft system. p 26-27.  To use armature to strengthen the aircraft structure itself.  
27  Pr15 To avoid the mixture of fuel and air in the fuel tank of an aircraft.  p 27.  To keep gasoline in gel-like form in the fuel tank.   
28 Pr16 To heat cereal accurately up to 65 degrees, without exceeding 68 degrees. p 28.  To use ferromagnetic pellets with the Curie point of 65 degrees.  
29 Ex7 Formulate contradictions in pencils, needles, scissors, etc.     
30 Ex8 To find an easy way to sort eggs according to their sizes    

Chapter 3
Page  # Problem  (or Exercise) Solution and Analysis (page) Used method and remarks
31 Pr17 To pack the matches in boxes efficiently. p 31.  To introduce ferromagnetic powder into the match heads and use the magnetic field. Completion of the S-Field Model.
34  Pr18 To detect water contained in an oil. p 34.  To heat a drop of oil and see if any bubble of water vapor comes out. Completion of the S-Field Model, especially to find a suitable field.
34 Pr19 To supply water for the lubrication of the robot's clamp on a guiding boom. p 35.  To cool the guiding boom below the dew point to condense water from atomospheric moisture.  Completion of the S-Field Model.
35 Ex9 Flaunting flag wanted in the condition of no wind and no apparent devices. p211. To put a heater inside the base and use ascending flow of air.   
42 Ex10 How to pick up things fallen inside a tall, narrow cylinder. p211.  To use glue and porous materials for keeping the glue at the end of the cord.  To complete S-Field Models. 
43 Pr20 To protect the copper wall of the melting bath from heat in the fluid bath smelting method. p 46.  To cool the wall from outside and form a layer of slug inside, which protects the wall.  Standard 1-2-2.  Introduce a third substance by modifying the relevant substance. 
46 Pr21 How to pull out the ice cubes from the moulds. p156.  Separate the water into two layers with an elastic membrane, and make the lower layer freeze later (by adding salt).  When the lower layer freezes, the upper ice cubes will be ejected by the volume expansion of the lower layer. Ideal Final Result, consideration of resources.
50 Pr22 How to repair railroad sleepers within 5 minutes.  p 53.  Make cone-shaped timber plugs, compress them into cylindrical shape and dry beforehand.  The plugs are inserted in the sleeper holes and  made wet to fix there tightly. Standard 2-1-2. 
54 Ex11 To control the areas of aerial spraying of chemicals for agriculture.  p211.  To put the drops and freon in capsules, so that the capsules drop faster and explode near the ground? due to evaporation of the freon.  Introduce a third substance, and form a dual SFM.
55 Pr23 To "train" flowers for faster growing by moving the flowers (by air blowing or by any other method).  p 55. Attach small pieces of adhesive tape containing ferromagnetic powder to the flowers' stems and apply magnetic field to move them in various ways.  
57 Pr24 To make conveyers floating in a chute and useful even on slopes. p211.  Use magnetic fluid in place of water for the floating chute, and apply magnetic field to keep the magnetic fluid.  Standard 2-4-2:  Use ferromagnetic fluid
59 Pr25 To film unrealistic scenes of fantasic films in a saucer containing a mixture of various liquid.  Improve this method. p212.  Use finely dispersed ferro powder to make the system more controllable.   
60 Ex12 To cut plates accurately without breaking the knife edge on the table.  Choose a proper plank. p 70.  Use ferromagnetic fluid, so as to be hard during the cut but soft just when the knife cut through. Analysis by defining the technical contradiction and then the physical contradiction.
61 Pr26 To dip a painted object into water with benzene layer on its top. p212.  Freeze the workpiece into ice for protection while dipping.  
61 Pr27 To transport fish alive for a long distance to shore, without letting them fall asleep. p212.  Acivate survival instinct by putting some pills containing a powder smelling a canivore.   
62 Pr28 To search the welds on the pipeline quickly with an ultrasonic prove, which should not have an air gap to the pipeline wall. p213.  Use a spoonful of magnetic fluid.  It sticks to the ball and rolls with it along the weld  without making a clearance.   
62 Pr29 Think of a master key that will open all locks when necessary. p213.  Use an elastic pipe with magnetic fluid in it.  The screw press of the key presses the fluid to take the shape of the keyhole's internal space.   When electromagnet is turned on, the key is solidified and can open the lock.   
62 Pr30 To peel the pods of pepper automatically and efficiently. p213.  Put the pepper pods in a container under the pressure of 8 atm. and then release the pressure quickly.  The pods burst and the bottom part fly apart carrying the insides.   
62 Pr31 To clear wadding off the quilt at a quilt company. p213.  Blow the quilts with a flow of ionized air.  The fluffs bounce off the quilt due to electrostatic force and are collected by a vacuum cleaner.   
62 Pr32 To protect the fish from the blast wave of underwater detonation in virgin lands. p213.  Make a screen of air bubbles for dampens the energy of the blast wave.   
63 Pr33 How to wake up the train driver when they fall asleep during a long distance operation.   --  No target solution (p213)  
64 Pr34 To harvest cotton automatically and efficiently.  p213.  Give the fiber electrostatic charges of one sign with a corona-forming electrode, and attract the fibers to the other electrode.  
64 Pr35 To clean a porous ceramic filter set on the inner wall of a pipe. p213.  Blow the compressed air into the pipe and keep the pressure for a while, and then release the pressure abruptly.  The dust is removed from the filter.   
64 Pr36 To harvest grapes carefully and efficiently with a vehicle driven along the row in the vineyard. p213.  Electric current of 4000 - 6000V is applied between the wire and the grape.  The stem blows like in a short circuit, because it is the part with highest impedance.   
65 Pr37 To prevent a maintenance worker from touching a wire of high-voltage AC current even deliberately. p213.  Set the plate electrodes attacted to a loop of wire in the closes at the underarms.  When the high voltage current is running, the wire loop generates a current and gives an electric shock to the worker's muscle so as to contract the hands instantaneously.   
65 Pr38 To think of wheels of a vehicle driving on diamond snow. p214.  Use electromagnets as the wheel rims and ferro-powder in place of tires.   
65 Pr39 To protect men from the accident of using hammers. -- No targe solution (p214)  
65 Pr40 To device a method for a long-distance swimmer to train himself in a smaller pool.  p214.  Swimming trainer with a closed-loop cannal.   
65 Pr41 To cut the steel billets into parts accurately with a specified weight at a hot mill. p214.  Use the Archimedes' principle.  The billet is put into the reservoir through the side doors and marked afterwards according to the volume of the expelled fluid.  Magnetic fluid should be used in the reservoir for preventing it from pouring out.  p178.  Use Archimedes' principle.
66 Pr42 To improve the method of mooring ships. -- No targe solution (p214)  
66 Pr43 To improve the idea of the gravitational elevator as a rescue system for very high buildings in case of fire. -- No targe solution (p214) See Nakagawa's case study paper posted in the "TRIZ Home Page in Japana" (Aug. 2000)

Chapter 4
Page # Problem (or Exercise) Solutions and Analyses  (page) Used method and remarks
72 Ex13 'Smart' pegs required for cutting metal sheets on a table with a torch.  p158[added in the second version].  To make the pegs of shape-memory effect alloy.  The pegs bend down by itself to avoid the heat.  Ideal Final Result. 
Done all by itself.
72 Pr43a To make a device having the functions of a spoon and a fork for easier food tasting.  p 73.  A spoon on one end and a fork on the other. Example of a non-inventive patent. 
75 Pr44 To hold the bubbles which emerge from a leaking product during the impermeability test. p 75.  Use a floating gause to hold the bubbles.  Example of a level-2 patent.
76 Pr45 To sort sherical metal balls from non-spherical ones efficiently.  p 77.  The disc for centrifugal separation is given static charges by a brush.  Example of a level-3 patent.
78 Pr46 To put forward an idea for an underground car which can move in the earth crust at 10 km/h with running reserve of 500 km.  p 78. Example of a problem for a level-5 patent. 
Analogical and imaginative consideration.
79 Ex14 Michelangelo was ordered to build a chapel with sculpture portraits of all the Medicis, the enemy. p214.  Made sculptures with ideally regualar features of face and with postures of great thinkers, in contrast to the reality of their ugliness and stupidity.   
79 Ex15 How to make a thundering voice in an opera. p214.  Perform in unison by a choir hidden in the wings.   
83 Pr47 To make a cap on the exhaust pipe of a car controllable by the on/off of the exhaust itself.  p 83.  Use a bimetal plate; or use a alloy with memory shape effect.  Example of the controllability of a system. 
84 Ex16 How to repair a wooden water pipeline without excavation.  p214.  Insert a patch tube of glue-coated plastic inside the pipeline and blow it up with hot air and keep the pressure until the glue fixes.   
85 Pr48 To think of a more reliable/powerful anchor system of a vessel.  p 85.  Breaking the mental inertia.
p87.  Apply Size-Time-Cost Operator for breaking the mental inertia. 
88 Ex17 To make a simple method to send a signal for help while the owner is buried unconscious under deep snow.    

Chapter 5
Page # Problem (or Exercise) Solutions and Analyses  Used methods and remarks
91 Pr49 How fire engines should treat with red trafic lights? p92.  Fire engines should have an infrared transmitter to tell the trafic lights.  The law of power conductivity.
92 Pr50 How to warm workers efficiently in wide store-houses in winter.  p92.  Use microwave radiation (of 1 cm wave length).  The law of energy conductivity.
92 Pr51 To avoid over-heating and under-heating of skis for waxing. p92.  Install a layer of ferromagnetic powder having suitable Curie point. The law of energy & power conductivity.
92 Pr52 To forecast hurricanes and thunderstorms. p93.  Detect the electromagnetic radiation generated by such storms. The law of power conductivity.
93 Pr53 To detect the air leakage from pipes in a power plant.  p93.  Use a micropone to hear the hissing sound from the leaking points. The law of energy conductivity.
94 Ex18 To change the color of thread efficiently according to the change of fabric on a transfer line of a clothing mill.  p104.  Mini-problem and technical contradiction. 
p106.  Conflicting pair of components 
p107.  Technical contradictions, 
p107.  Conflict pattern, 
p108.  Intensify the conflict, 
p108.  Problem model, 
p109.  chosen pattern of conflict 
p169.  Operational space, 
p170.  Operational interval 
p170.  Substance and field resources 
p171.  Ideal Final Result 1 
p172.  Intensified IFR 1 
p172.  Physical contradiction 
p173.  Ideal Final Result 2 
"Solution:  Use transparent and reflective threads". 
p173.  Modeling with Miniature Dwarfs
Analysis with ARIZ 
Step 1 through 8 

Step 9 through 16

95 Pr54 Imagine a new fantastic biological plant.    Simple fantasy tools in pages 96-97.
96 Pr55 Think of a fantastic beast, not known from fables or science fiction   Simple fantasy tools in pages 96-97.
98 Pr56 Think of a fictional natural phenomenon.    Simple fantasy tools in pages 96-97.
98 Ex19 To make 10 parts by using an synthesizer which can make one part of any thing.  (in a fantasy) p215.  Make one part and a synthesizer itself for repeating this process untill getting 10 parts in total.   
98 Ex20 To disembark the boat which is programmed to regard water as a poison.  (in a fantasy) p215.  Drink water and pretend to be dead to get on shore for a funeral.   
98 Ex21 To avoid from beeing killed by a superrobot who has the oath of killing the owner but is prepared for fulfilling the owner's last will not contrary to the oath. (in a fantasy)  p215.  Tell the robot "Kill me 100 years later".  
100 Pr57 To detect and seal a hole in a glass joint of a vacuum system by glowing the hole with corona discharge and by sealing with a torch.  p101.  Evaluate the initial situation, 
p103. Define the mini-problem, 
p106.  Define the conflicting pair, 
p107.  Technical contraditions, 
p107.  Select a conflict pattern, 
p108.  Intensify the conflict, 
p108.  Formulate the problem model, 
p109.  Specify the chosen pattern of conflict 
p169.  Operational space 
p169.  Operational interval 
p170.  Substance and field resources 
p171.  Ideal Final Result 1 
p171.  Intensified IFR 1 
p172.  Physical contradiction 
p173.  Ideal Final Result 2 
"Solution: flame serves as the conductor (since flame contains ionized gas)." 
p173.  Modeling with Miniature Dwarfs
Analysis with ARIZ 
Step 1 through 8. 

Analysis with ARIZ 
Step 9 through 

111 Pr58 Imagine the human life on a planet that changes its size every 24 hours.   Exercise for imagination.
112 Pr59 Imagine a scenario in which the evolution of humans eliminates the necessity to have certain parts of the body.   Exercise for imagination.
112 Pr60 Imagine that man acquires the functions of the main technical systems.   Exercise for imagination.
115 Pr61 To make a test bed for barbar's apprentices' practices. p215.  Use a rubber balloon.   
115 Pr62 To make a recording machine for counting the usage of the ingot moulds for steel.  p215.  Use a bimetal sheet for covering the hole of a separater so as to let one ball down through the hole when the ingot (and hence the bimetal sheet) is heated.  Necessary to elaborate more for letting only one ball down in a heat cycle.  Thermo-mechanical effect.
116 Pr63 How to restore piston pins for engines.  Expand their diameter by 0.01 cm.  p215.  Heat the pin at 800 0C and feed a jet of cold water inside the pin.  The inner surface stiffens first while the body is hot and expanded, and then the whole pin get cooled around the inner surface.  Micro-displacement by use of the thermal expansion. 
Treat the inner and outer layers of the pin separately. 
116 Pr64 To monitor the melting of the permafrost under the concrete base of the power-transmission tower. p216.  Set a device (e.g. an electric switch, a crystal oscilator, or a spring) at the critical depth under the ground to monitor the change from ice to water.   
p216.  Set a frozen color-paint solution at the critical depth and attach a wick to transmit the solution up to the ground when the frozen solution melts.   
116 Pr65 To prevent danger from stretching of power line wires during hot summer. p216.  Make a bar holding the wire of a shape-memory alloy.  When the temperature goes up, the bar bends and tightens the wire.  Thermo-mechanical effect.
117 Pr66 To prevent the heating of bar screen in the furnace for electric carbonization of coal.  p216.  Introduce cokes between coal and the bar screen.  Distraction of a harmful S-Field.  The third substance should have the same properties with the product. 
117 Pr67 To add cupper as microelements in a measured proportion into the irrigation water.  p216.  Pass the irrigation water through an electrolyzer with electrodes of an alloy containing the desired proportion of the microelements.  Proportioning is done at the atomic level. 
117 Pr68 The laser rays used in surgery may cause troubles if reflected by surgical instruments.  How to avoid it? p216.  Scatter the laser rays with corundum balls of 0.04 mm diameter attached to the instrument's surface.   
117 Pr69 To think of new or increased functions of blackboards. p217.  Only a primitive solution:  Blackboard in the form of an endless belt between two cylinders.  The upper cylinder is submerged into a water bath to wash the chalk powder.  Apply TRIZ and ICI tools.
117 Pr70 To make some device to measure the thickness of the lining in a steel converter. p217.  Set a layer of substance that can tint flame, emit fluorescence or radiation rays at the critical depth of the lining.   

Chapter 6
Page # Problem (or Excercise) Solution and Analysis Used method and remarks
119 Pr71 How to reduce noise from circular saws? p120.  (See Example 69.) Locate the teeth at unequal intervals or bend the teeth at different angles of the plane of cutting.   
123 S80 To measure the mass of a moving thread between two rollers. p123.  Measure the resonance frequency of the leg between the two rollers. Law of rhythm coordination.  Use of resonane in measurement.
123 S81 To measure the degree of emptying of cow's udder while mechanical milking. p123.  Measure the resonance frequency of the udder.  Law of rhythm coordination.  Use of resonane in measurement.
128 Ex22 To dynamize the crossbar for high jumping for easier operation and judgement.   -- No target solution (p217)  
128 Ex23 To make the mannequin for tailors re-sizable and readjustable easily. p217.  Inflatable mannequin.   
128 Ex24 To make the springboard for jumping vary its stiffness according to the weight of each gymnast.   -- No target solution (p217)  
128 Ex25 To bend a crystal by small angle safely without breaking.  p157.  Deposit a substance with a different thermal expansion coefficient on the crystal surface at a high temperature, and cool the crystal.  Ideal Final Result,  Miniature Dwarfs Modelling
130 Pr72 To measure the length of coiled/uncoiled wire rope of trawls. p130.  Put magnetic marks on the rope at equal intervals, and count the marks by use of a magnetic head similar to that of a tape recorder.  Example of using resource rule. 
130 Pr73 To rotate the turbojet engine constantly and slightly while transporting it on a railway flat-car.  p130.  Put a pendulum with inertial mechanism on the engine, and use the energy of kicks from the rail joints for rotation.  Using resources. 
133 Pr74 To make counterweight for a deck crane, whose weight should vary with the load weight and motion of the crane. p133.  Use water as the counterweight. On the opposite board of the ship a vessel with water goes up or down for varying the counterweight.  Using resources. 
133 Pr75 To measure the flow rate of the liquid flowing between a dual nested glass pipe without inserting any substance.  p134.  Use cavitation bubbles generated by ultrasound.  Using resources. 
134 Pr76 To monitor the flow during the water tunnel testing of a parachute. p134.  Use bubbles generated through electrolysis of water at the parachute cords. Using resources. 
134 Pr77 To distinguish the slow water flow and the bubble's coming up by itself. p134.  Set the water tunnel horizontally.  Using resources. 
134 Pr78 To monitor the water flow without using bubbles.  p135.  Heat the water at the cords and see the image casted on the screen behind the tunnel. Using resources.  Difference in the light reflection coefficients with temperature. 
135 Ex26 To provide, in court, irrefutable evidence of being the original developer of an IC. 
To make pirate copies of IC deteriorate instantly. 
p158.  Add redundant circuit elements in a special way to show the authorship.  Ideal Final Result. 
All done by itself.
137 Pr79 To make a high-speed flywheel balanced for preventing breakage. p138.  Make a hollow flywheel with small balls inside. Analysis with Modeling with Miniture Dwarfs. 
140 Pr80 To make an efficient vibration machine with rotating unbalanced weight.  p217.  Set an Archimedean screw inside the hollow fly wheeel and use balls as unbalanced mass.  When the wheel is in rotation, the ball are drove to the periphery of the wheel.   

Chapter 7
Page # Problem (or Exercise) Solution and Analysis Used method and remarks
156 Pr82 To prevent the icing inside the ventilation ducts from blocking the duct on the roof.  p157.  Make the pipe of dual corrugated material, with a volatile liquid filled in the hollow part.  The pipe stretches when the sun is up and throws away and melt the icing. Ideal Final Results. 
162 Pr83 To predict future contradictions among various trends in a list.     
164 Pr84A In obtaining niobium nitride by burning niob and nitrogen, choose a proper ballast. p217.  Use niobium nitride as the ballast. Introduction of a third substance having the same property with the product.
164 Pr84B To heat solid oxygen in a criogenic vessel without contamination. p217.  Heat solid oxygen with gaseous oxygen. Introduction of a third substance having the same property with the product.
164 Pr84C To treat molten metal with ultrasonic wave, what material should be used for the ultrasonic rod. p217.  Make the rod of the same metal being molten.  Introduction of a third substance having the same property with the product.
164 Pr85 To prevent soil from sticking to the power-showbell bucket. p217.  Apply negative potential to the bucket.  Water in the soil will move from the pores in the soil to the metal surface, and serves as an interlayer between the metal and the soil.  Physical effect of electroosmosis. 
164 Pr86 To eliminate air polution in the opencast mine due to the waste air from many trucks. p218.  Pass the exhaust fumes through the load of rocks for filtering.  
164 Pr87 How to take a movie scene of the features of Dr. Jekill changing into those of Evil Hyde continuously.  p218.  Wear a make-up of red color (wrinkles and strokes), and take shots through red light filters and then remove the filters one by one.   
165 Pr88 How to test the coating on a metal product assuring no through holes in the coats. p218.  Submerge the metal product in a weak acid medium and apply electric potential between the product and the acid to detect the current.   
165 Pr89 To adapt the pumping power in the cooling system to the temperature of the input water. p218.  Make the hollow blades of the pump wheel of elastic material and fill with gas with low boiling point.  Corresponding to the temperature of the cooling water, the blades slightly change their inclination due to the inside pressure.   
165 Pr90 Where can we get samples of the air of last century to check the hypothesis on the historical change in air compositon. p218.  For example, in bricked-up tombs of Egyptian kings, in antiques such as sand glasses, in sealed bottles retrieved from ship-wrecks.   
165 Pr91 Try to work out new functions for the fountains.   -- No targe solution (p218)  
166 Pr92 How to protect the pipelines from a rapid development of a gigantic crack along the pipe.  p218.  Attach a sleeve with exposive substance to a section of pipe, and explode it so as to squeeze the pipe together from around.   
166 Pr93 To detect if the food left in a freezing chamber was got defrost during owner's abscence.  p218.  Half-fill the plastic bottle with water and freeze it while laying on the side.  Then put it upright.  If thawing occurs the water forms a horizontal layer.  The depth of the horizontal layer tells the duration of the thawing.   
167 Ex27 To improve the air jet sprayer of molten plastic solution for thin plastic coating.     

Chapter 8
Page # Problem (or Exercise) Solution and Analysis  Used method and remarks
179 Pr94 To process blind holes for final treatment with a reamer having a calibrated external diameter.  p179.  Apply thermal expansion of the blind hole to insert the reamer. Physical effect.  Thermal expansion. 
179 Pr95 To improve surgical clamp rings of a 'can lid' shape for surturing the sides of intestines layer by layer. p180.  Make the clamp rings with memory shape effect so as to disintegrate at 40-45 0C. Physical contradiction and then physical effect.
188 Ex28 To improve the method for making special effects of mixed heterogeneous substances.    
189 Ex29 To make an abrasive belt more efficient in the sense of the working surface.    
189 Ex30 To measure the volumes of babies and pigs, etc. in an efficient way with a 'dry' method.    Physical effect.

Chapter 9
Page # Problem (or Exercise) Solution and Analysis Used method and remarks
192 Pr97 To improve hothouses.   Use the transition to supersystems.
200 Pr98 To lead a selected object through all the ways of evolution of bi-systems.    
203 Pr99 Choose an object and make a transition to poly-system.     

Chapter 10
Page # Probem (or Exercise) Solution and Analysis Used method and remarks
207 Pr100 To polish the inner surface of molded polymer products. p218.  Use ice pellets.   
207 Pr101 To make the sucker for attaching hooks etc. more powerful.  p218.  Use the chemical reaction of forming water from oxygen and hydrogen gases.   
207 Pr102 To give warning about the expiration date of drugs and canned foods, etc.    -- No target solution (p219).  
207 Pr103 To put a proper amount of gas inside a rubber ball when the halves of the ball are joined with vulcanization.  p219.  Use a chemical effect.  sodium nitrite and ammonium chloride form nitrogen gas.   
207 Pr104 To transport a huge bell of 9.6 ton via poor roads without wheels or skids and without waterway.  p219.  Pack the bell with logs so as to form a wheel.   
207 Pr105a To place partition walls against the blast wave in the mines without disturbing mine works. p219.  Place a parachute in a small groove in the drift wall, and suspend a small (signal) parachute over the passage.  When the blast wave jerks the signal parachute, the larger parachute opes and blocks the passage to dampen the blast wave.   
208 Pr105b To send a fire engine cart to the fireplace automatically in the mines and turn on the water sprayer from a remote position. p219.  Use a sail on the cart to catch the air draught attracted by the fire.   
208 Pr106 To prevent toxic effects of drugs which are overtaken accidentally or deliberately. p219.  Add emetic powder in the tablets in advance.   
208 Pr107 Think of or imagine "dynamic pictures".   -- No target solution (p219).  
208 Pr108 Suggest a new ball game using the tools of the technical evolution.   -- No target solution (p219).  
208 Pr109 To make the cutting wire sharp in cutting and durable even during high tension.  p219.  Transfer electric current through the wire and apply a strong electromagnet outside.   
208 Pr110 To suggest a new way of motions of swings without using external power sources.    -- No target solution (p219).  
208 Pr111 To estimate the results of blasting in the mines efficiently. p219.  Use photographic copies.  
208 Pr112 To send electric current on the fence wire around the meadow when animals touch it. p219.  Use the piezo effect.  When an animal stretches the wire, it hits a piezocrystal and turns on the electric current.  
208 Pr113 To prevent babies from swallowing plastic toys and to locate them when the babies swallowed.    --No target solution (p219).   
208 Pr114 To count the number of drops spattered with each sneeze efficiently.  p219.  Precipitate particles on the filtering surface and measure the electric charge transferred by the particles under a potential difference.   
p219.  Use a polymer plate dissolvable into water and measure the imprints of water drops.  
p219.  Determine the difference of light fluxes passing through negative images of the base before and after the drops are fixed on the base.  

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