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Anita Narayan (USA), Natalia Rubin (Russia), Ellen Domb (USA), Ravi Chandra Phani Thalupuru (India), Rinka Singh (India), Denis Cavallucci (France), David Verduyn (USA), Mahmoud Karimi (Iran), SB Khoh (Korea), Sarimah Misman (Malaysia), Isak Bukhman (USA)

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)

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Posted on Apr. 30, 2014
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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Apr. 30, 2014)

To my thanks, I have been receiving emails occasionally from various readers in Japan and from overseas. In the present page, and also in the Japanese page , I am going to post some of those communications suitable for open discussions.  I wish to make this Web site active, user-friendly, and useful for many new and frequent readers by the support of you, authors, communicators, and readers. 

Please refer to 'Letters from Readers (English/Japanese)-- Index Page (since 2013)' for previous messages/discussions.

 Anita Narayan (USA)    Jan. 22, 2014

I am a Mom of a 5 year old residing in the USA . I came across your website due to my interest in TRIZ which I am attempting to learn on my own. I want to teach this to my son and to the children in my community.

As I am following the sequence of lessons by N V Rubina and team for 1st to 3rd graders , as a way to learn & teach my son, I saw a reference in all the materials for a "Card Index" which will have finger games, games for developing of perception, memory, child's emotional sphere. However I dont see the "Card Index" anywhere on the site. Request you to please point me to the right location of these games,

I am exteremly grateful that you can make this material available on the internet for the common man! Wishing you much success with making TRIZ mainstream in the education systems around the world!
Thanks, Anita Narayan

 Anita Narayan (USA)    Jan. 23, 2014

Thanks so much for responding to my email. I am so happy & excited to see your response!!!

Thanks again for your wonderful work on Triz for children. It is very inspiring and motivating to see such wealth of knowledge shared with the public for the benefit of our future generation. I hope to learn and contribute just like yourself through small games and color visuals. I think this will make it easy for my son and other children to learn. I have a long way to go in understanding and applying the concept, however feel motivated by the work Rubina & yourself have shared so loving and generously!

Thanks again, Sincerely, Anita Narayan

 Natalia Rubin (Russia)    Jan. 31, 2014

Dear Toru!   Thank you very much for your congratulations!
I am very pleased that an interest in my work among parents and among children!
I have more materials for this course TRIZ for children, but they are in Russian. For example, the work of "Games in the classroom for TRIZ". This is a collection of games for practice. There is an additional demonstration material for the sessions (presentations on the topics of the course). There are several articles in English. They are written about methods of diagnostics of inventive thinking.;;

How do you think this may interest Anita Narayan?  How's things with you?
Best wishes! Natalia Rubin

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Jan. 26, 2014

New Year Message (TN); 7 Solutions for applying TRIZ (T. Ogata (OLYMPUS)); TRIZ Promotion (S. Hisanaga (Denso)); Innovation: Thinking Differently (S.S. Arshard (Australia))

 Ellen Domb (USA)    Jan. 28, 2014

Hi, Toru: VERY impressive set of papers, which I'll be recommending in my Twitter news and directly to several clients who need them. Thanks!

And thank you for the very gracious New Year greeting also. Ellen

 Ravi Chandra Phani Thalupuru (India)    Jan. 29, 2014

Hazimemaste Toru Nakagawa san, First of all I would like to convey "My New Year Wishes to you, your family & all your team - 2014" who are doing a great job in sharing knowledge & spreading "Shiny Eyes & Smiles" across.
Keep doing such great work & spread knowledge to help mankind.
Arigato gozaimasu Toru san for sharing. Would like to learn & apply more.
Arigato, Warm Wishes & Best Regards, Ravi

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Feb. 16, 2014

Editorial: Start of CrePS Inst. (TN); "TRIZ Practices and Benefits" book series (TN); Publication of Mann's "HOSI with Matrix 2010" Japanese Edition (TN);

Rinka Singh (India)    Feb. 20, 2014

Dear Prof. Nakagawa,  First - I'd like to say thank you for being a thought leader in the TRIZ eco-system and taking it forward. If the eco-system has come to where it is, that is because of a handful of people and you are one of them.

In a lot of ways - watching you develop this ecosystem has taught me a lot and I owe you that.
>   [2]  Publications of Book Series "TRIZ Practices and Benefits" by CrePS Institute
I would be happy to buy the book if there's an english version (:-) I apologize but I cannot read Japanese). May I humbly propose your publishing the Altschuller books too...
I have Darell Mann's book and so I don't need that.

One humble thought for you - the TRIZ eco-system needs a defined course of study - something like a Master's degree (I am aware of the various initiatives including what Nikolai Khomenko was doing) that is accepted widely. If you were to drive that. It would help:
    - Producing a lot more TRIZ masters.
    - Acting as a focal point for research
    - help in documenting a lot of the TRIZ learnings.
As an authority and a professor who straddles both Industry & Academia, you are probably in the unique position of driving this.

With warm regards, Rinka

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Mar. 16, 2014

News of TRIZ Conferences; 12 Years of TRIZ education (TN);

Denis Cavallucci (France)     Mar. 17, 2014

Dear Toru, I am glad to read that you are always so active in TRIZ world !

As you know, there are now 2 years that STEPS software is on the market. The first and only TRIZ related French software (bi-lingual English-French) should in my mind pre as much present on your webpages as Goldfire is.

It is important in today's world of TRIZ to help small companies to grow (especially when this company benetifs from academical research on TRIZ to build its functionalities).

It would be also a way to communicate worldwide with your website about this important aspect for TRIZ development in future (Computer Aided Innovation). All elements can be found at :

Keep in touch, Denis

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Apr. 2, 2014

Brief guide of Southbeach Modeling software (TN); Experiences of TRIZ Propagation in Korea (K.W. Lee (Korea));

  David (Dave) Verduyn (USA)     Apr. 4, 2014

Hello Toru, You mention that Southbeach has demo videos. Is this true? Can you provide any links to the videos?

P.S. Your cherry blossoms are very pretty. 4 more weeks until they bloom here in Michigan. Have a good day, David (Dave) Verduyn

  Nakagawa's reply to David Verduyn (USA)     Apr. 4, 2014

Dear David, Thank you for your message.
I checked and found that I was confused with the slide show and demo videos.
Slide show:
Best wishes, Toru

 Ellen Domb (USA)    Apr. 4, 2014

Hello, Toru: Thanks for the beautiful cherry blossom picture. My taiko drum group will be playing in the Cherry Blossom Festival celebration in Los Angeles.
Of course the TRIZ Home Page in Japan has many things that I will recommend to my readers, but I particularly wanted to thank you for the beauty and delicacy of the picture.

 Mahmoud Karimi (Iran)    Apr. 4, 2014

Dear Toru, Happy to receive the new email from you and TRIZ activities in Japan.
Here in Iran the spring came too but it is still a bit cold and this year it is rainy and even snowy! I have watched many blossoms while travelled with the family to the center part of Iran as the new year of Iranian calendar holidays. Blossoms usually reminds you to me. :)

The Korea article was so useful and I have to thank you again for sharing this information to all on the web.
Hope to find chance to meet you again Best regards, Mahmoud

Ravi Chandra Phani Thalupuru (India)    Apr. 4, 2014

Hazi memaste Toru Nakagawa san,
First of all I would appreciate your great photo of cherry blossoms that you personally took.

I also thoroughly enjoyed reading as a kid of TRIZ without any hands-on experience on real project yet "Effective strategy to introduce and propagate TRIZ ".  It was a good presentation explaining different aspects and journey of TRIZ,the real hard lessons learnt etc. while implementation during the successful implementation. I also liked some of the strategies that you mentioned by your experience and others in the presentation. Arigato for sharing your invaluable experience and your efforts in spreading TRIZ knowledge across board.

May be it may sound naïve/childish on my part though I am not much experienced hands-on as other TRIZ experts, I somehow feel there is still some important missing link in the approach/strategy of implementation to make it easily replicated across all NPD teams, R&D teams, across all companies. Please apologise me for my ignorant comments above. I just want the team to make it more implementation friendly & applicable for easy replication across irrespective of TRIZ expert/Person driven approach towards more robust, capable & reliable process driven approach if rigor is followed by a reasonable expert of TRIZ & subject matter experts of the problem area to build that confidence of the leadership team. Since I am exposed to & used some of those concepts mentioned in the roadmap in my previous little experience in industry, I feel, I thought I will share my honest feedback after reading carefully the presentation.

Kindly ignore if my above feedback is irrelevant or is with lack of depth of my experience on the TRIZ real time implementation.

Arigato gozaimasu. Continue to spread knowledge & spread "Shiny eyes & Smiles" across with your experience.
Warm Regards, Ravi Chandra Phani Thalupuru

  SB Khoh (Korea)     Apr. 6, 2014

Dear Prof Toru, Howdy! Hope life is treating you well in Japan, and
thank you for compiling the Korea TRIZ papers in English . It's certainly very nice to learn from those who have been there.
Keep up the great work in maintaining the TRIZ website. Appreciate it loads. Many thanks.
Best Regards, SB Khoh

Sarimah Misman (Malaysia)   Apr. 11, 2014

Dear Prof.   Thank you for your email. I have read the articles in the home page that you have created. I found the information given is very interesting and useful. and not to forget the beautiful photo of cherry blossom. Thanks for sharing.
Best regards, Sarimah Misman

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Apr. 17, 2014

Publication of Mann's "Matrix 2010" Japanese Edition (TN);

  Isak Bukhman (USA)     Apr. 19, 2014

Dear Toru Nakagawa-san, Thank you very much for very interesting and valuable information.

Mr. Altshuller noted that TRIZ Contradiction Matrix cannot be extended more and more. In this case it will be transformed into Trial And Error Method. Mr. Altshuller and his team already did such attempts in the past.
Best Regards, Isak

[Note (TN, Apr. 30, 2014):  Isak Bukhman is TRIZ Master certificated by Mr. Altshuller.  In his book "TRIZ: Technology for Innovation" (2012), he explains Altshuller's Contradiction Matrix (togther with the 39 parameters and 40 Inventive Princilples for solving 'System Contradiction' (i.e., Technical Contradiction or Engineering Contradiction) ) in 30 pages plus a big sheet. ]



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