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On One-year Anniversary of the 3.11 Japan Disaster and on the Occasion of Professor Nakagawa's Retirement from Osaka Gakuin University

S. Saleem Arshad (Australia), and many others
Jan. , Mar., Apr. 2012

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)

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Posted on Mar. 23, 2012 ; Updated: Apr. 9, 2012
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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Mar. 23, 2012)

I have recently received a number of messages from my TRIZ colleagues and readers of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".  I would like to post some of them in this page (and also some others in the Japanese page ) with sincere thanks.   --  While I am editing this page, I have found it appropriate to cite my New Year message to readers on Jan. 9 as the starting point, and post a number of messages from my readers, most of whom I failed to reply to my apologies.

I am going to retire Osaka Gakuin University by the end of this March, and am posting an overview article of my activities for these 14 years in the aspects of research, education, and social promotion of especially TRIZ/USIT.

  Nakagawa's New Year Message and Communications from Readers

  Toru Nakagawa     (New Year Message in my Update Announcement mail)       2012/01/09     

Dear TRIZ Colleagues,  A Happy and Peaceful New Year 2012!!

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been posting a large number of articles and papers written by different authors besides myself and read by so many people in Japan and overseas for these 13 years. I thank you all the authors and readers for your contributions and supports for better understanding and wider penetration of TRIZ.

Afer the March 11 Disaster and Nuclear Plant Accident, I studied the issue of nuclear power plants again and have realized the problems in optimistic views of technology development while postponing the critical issues of risks of accidents and final disposal of nuclear wastes.
Stopping nuclear power plants and transfering to sustainable energy generation need to be persued seriously dispite their apparent difficulties, I beieve.  We wish to make TRIZ (including USIT) useful for such huge endeavors of mankind.

By the end of March this year, I have to retire Osaka Gakuin University at the age of 70 + 1 (extra).
Even after the formal retirement I wish to continue my TRIZ activities, including the Editor of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" and the Program Chairperson of Japan TRIZ Symposium, on a volunteer basis as before.
I need to take care of my health first of all, for continuing such activities.

Best wishes to you, your family, and your colleagues,    Toru Nakagawa

  Marco Aurelio de Carvalho (Brazil)       2012/01/10

Dear Prof. Nakagawa, thank you for your nice message and continued support for TRIZ. I wish you a peaceful, healthy and successful 2012.
I read that Japan is going to invest heavily in new energy technologies. That is great news for building a peaceful, prosperous and clean world for everyone in the planet.   Best regards, Marco

  Santad Khandipanichakul (Thailand)       2012/01/10

Happy New Year and Many thanks for your useful information. I have just reported my management about TRIZ implementation in my cases then they are interesting about the powerful of TRIZ,  so , this year .. I believe people in SCG want to joint in Japan TRIZ Symposium for learing the best practice and nice learning culture in your country.

As your working, many thanks for your post paper and volunteer about TRIZ for new young, new generation.  absolutely you are the one of my roll model so. Pls take care of your health.  Bgrds, Santadk

  Hugo Sanchez (Nicaragua)        2012/01/10

Toru, My congratulations for a life of work, contribution and achievement.
Please, let us keep enjoying your contributions to the spread of TRIZ and USIT.
Aging is a matter of attitude.
Very happy and productive 2012.       Hugo, Nicaragua.

  Pentti Soderlin (Finland)        2012/01/10

During the years I have frequently visited TRIZ home page in Japan. I have allways admired your valuable contribution of our mutual interest in promotion TRIZ.
I wish all the best to you and happy retirement!

  Bohuslav Busov (Czech Repubic)     2012/01/10

Hello, Toru!   Thank you again for your great and important work for TRIZ/USIT penetration in Japan as well as for popularization TRIZ/USIT throught your pages all over the world.
Good- by.    Also from my half year old grandson Sam. Bohuslav

  Richard Platt (USA)        2012/01/10

I am happy to hear that you are making time to take care of your health, it is very important to do so. Otherwise the value of your knowledge and your potential contributions will not be become known, nor will you have an opportunity to help other up and coming engineers and scientists to see and understand what systematic innovation and TRIZ are all about. As you well know we have in our collective minds the true capability that brings individuals, companies, and even nations to the next level of capability.

I sincerely wish you all the best of luck as you move into your next career, as it truly is. A new next step to grow.

Since I am well versed in the demands of our chosen vocation, I will offer what follows even though it is unsolicited. Please Give yourself some time to reflect a little, relax a little, and then when you feel bored you know that you will be ready to be back at it.

All the best my friend.  Sincerely, Richard Platt

Messages from the Readers in March 2012

  S. Saleem Arshad (Australia)    2012/03/10  

Dear Professor Nakagawa, Many thanks for your recent updates to the TRIZ Home page in Japan.

One this anniversary of last year's terrible earthquake and resulting Tsunami, I would like to offer you, your family and associates, the very best wishes for continued recovery from the consequences of this devestating set of events. The destruction of the nuclear plants at Fukushima, and the valiant manner in which the workers and engineers overcame that crises is another aspect of the incredible trial which the Japanese people have had to endure.

From the news here in Sydney, I understand that the crises at Fukushima ( which I believe reached hitherto unimagined degree of criticality and damage ) and the effects of the Tsunami, which scoured the earth and removed all before it, have been contained. There must be many examples of the ingenuity and resourcefulness with which these problems were tackled.

Would you consider asking your students to compile briefs on 2 or 3 such examples which could be shared with the worldwide audience of the TRIZ Homepage? I hope this will not be an imposition in any way, but help your class find instances in which very difficult problems were approached and solved in unique ways. I certainly have no idea of what has taken place so far and how these issues will be resolved for the long term.  
Best regards, Shahid

  Toru Nakagawa to S. Saleem Arshad           2012/03/12

Dear Shahid, Thank you very much for your warm and thoughtful message on the anniversary of March 11 Japan Disaster.
Your description of the effects of the Disaster is accurate; thanks so much.

I have written an article "Creative Problem-Solving Methodologies TRIZ/USIT: Overview of My 14 Years in Research, Education, and Promotion" in Japanese to be published in a Bulletin of OGU.
This is a memorial for me just before retiring the university by the end of March.  I am allowed to post it in my Web site around Mar. 15.  I am now translating it into English to post in my Web site.  I am afraid the posting can only be done several days later than the Japanese page.    Best wishes, Toru

Alexander Th. Narbut (Ukraine)        2012/03/11

Dear Toru Nakagawa,   In Ukraine, we are remember about Japan in this day.  My best wishes to you, your family and your colleagues.
Sincerely,  Alexander Th. Narbut

  S. Saleem Arshad (Australia)    2012/03/14

Message on the retirement of Professor Nakagawa :

On occasions, I have an exchange of emails with Professor Toru Nakagawa. In the most recent one I came to know that he was planning to retire from his academic career at the end of this month. He further clarified that the Osaka Gakuin University will continue to support his long term work with the TRIZ Home Page in Japan (THPJ), and related activities. This is good news indeed.

Although it is the domain of former and current students and associates to send messages of felicitations to their retiring professor, I thought a message from me as a reader of the THPJ may be appropriate.

The meticulous layout and execution of the THPJ, is a testimonial to the planning and hard work of Professor Nakagawa. Perhaps the idea has always been to facilitate the access of the novice to this large data-base of TRIZ and USIT information, and thus to promote its dissemination. His personal reports of international confrences are a model of objectivity. The high percentage of papers originating in industry is also noteworthy.

I recall two personal instances:

In May/ June 2009, I contacted him with a request to urgently publish my paper on Aviation Safety and TRIZ as an Air France plane had crashed just then of apparently similar causes. He took the time out to read through this 37 page article, comment, and published it as soon as possible . It is interesting to note that the final recommendation of that paper, i.e, the close monitoring of aircraft through GPS and other devices is exactly the solution being developed internationally.

In May 2010, as an outcome of our mutual discussion, I sent him an article perhaps overly critical of TRIZ practice. He very politely suggested that I lessen my critique at places and suggested several ideas and written passages of his own . I mention this as an example of his willingness to allow the presentation of differing, almost opposed views about TRIZ, and to invite discussion in an open and free manner.

With his well earned retirement, I hope that Professor Nakagawa will have more time to attend to TRIZ and his further development of USIT. One way to make his task less burdensome would be for readers to increasingly contribute their own work to the THPJ.

With very best wishes and regards, 
S. Saleem Arshad, Ph.D, Applied Innovations, Sydney, Australia

  Ed Sickafus (USA)        2012/03/23  

Toru, Congratulations on reaching a major milestone in life -- retirement.
You have done it with a spectacular trail of educational efforts for all technologists. You should be proud of your accomplishments. I am very proud to know you, and to know you as a personal friend. So you're 70 + 1 years old. Well, I'm just 80 + 1 as of this month. I hope you will enjoy your retirement experience as I have enjoyed mine. Remember to SIT and Think and to continue your creativity.
All the best, Ed

  Joost Duflou (Belgium)         2012/03/25  

Dear Prof Nakagawa,  Your dedication to TRIZ promotion in Japan is noteworthy to the whole European TRIZ community: the time and effort you have invested over the years that I have been involved in this community were astonishing. Congratulations for this.

When I learned about your eminent retirement from Osaka Gakuin University, I feared that Japan was going to lose one of its TRIZ ambassadors. However your announcement that you will continue to be involved is reassuring. We hope that we will be able to welcome you to our activities in ETRIA for many years to come.

Keep up the good work !  Regards   Joost Duflou

  Richard Langevin (Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, USA)         2012/03/25  

Hi Toru,  Thank you for the interesting news. I assume you will be retiring at the end of the month. Good for you!!! I am humbled by your support for AI and me. In the early years, I could always count on you to show up to TRIZCON events and help out. I really appreciated that support.

Can AI publish your paper, "Creative Problem-Solving Methodologies TRIZ/USIT"?   I would like to use it for our Monthly E-Newsletter. It will go out several thousand people around the world.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Best regards,  Richard

  Ellen Domb (USA)         2012/03/25  

Hello, Toru: Best wishes for your "retirement" although it sounds like it will be a very active, very TRIZ-focused retirement!  I sent this announcement to my Twitter and LinkedIn subscribers: Toru Nakagawa's story of his 14 years learning & teaching & propagating TRIZ. Thank you, Toru!

I sincerely hope that the whole global TRIZ community will join me in thanking you for your contributions to TRIZ, to USIT, and to the communications between the European, Asian, and American TRIZ communities.

Best wishes for your good health.  I hope you can continue your travels so that we can continue to see each other and to learn together.  Ellen

  Xian-yong Zhou (China)         2012/03/25  

Dear Prof. Nakagawa: Thanks for your effort and hard working during these 13 years, and it is impossible for USIT-TRIZ to develop so rapidly without you. Looking forward to your new contributions to this methodology after your retirement.
Best regards to you and your family.    Xian-yong Zhou

  Alexander Th. Narbut (Ukraine)         2012/03/25  

Dear Toru Nakagawa,  I understand that you are retired, but I can not to imagine, to feel it.  I hope you will work for TRIZ more many years.

Also I will send you some materials for the next TRIZ Symposium in Japan. It will be in April, I hope.

Appendix - an old photo (2002, Suwon, Korea).

From right to left - Nikolai N. Khomenko, Tsukasa Shinohara, Alexander Th. Narbut.

Sincerely,  Alexander Th. Narbut.


  Michel Lecoq (Belgium)         2012/03/25  

Dear Professor Nakagawa,  I am very moved to learn that you are retiring.
I wish you first a happy 71st birthday  お誕生日おめでとうございます
I remember you when we walked at night in Bath during one of the first ETRIA meeting.
I wish you a busy retirement (like mine, I am almost 72) with your family.  I wish you also good health and long life.  We will keep in touch thru your site.   Best Regards

  Doocheol Park (Korea)       2012/03/26  

Thanks for your TRIZ letter.  I have always impressed with your passion to TRIZ.  And I hope you keep going well.  Thank you very much.  Doocheol PARK

  Iouri Belski (Australia)       2012/03/26  

Dear Professor Nakagawa,  Please accept my sincere thanks for your 14 years of TRIZ promotion.  I wish you a pleasant retirement and am looking forward meeting you at one of TRIZ conferences in the future.  Kind regards,  Iouri

  Kritaya Suparnpongs (Thailand)       2012/03/26  

Dear Prof. Toru,  I'm glad that you will continue the TRIZ/USIT activities, including "TRIZ Home Page in Japan", and Japan TRIZ Symposium & Japan TRIZ Society, on a voluntary basis.
I also would like to express my sincere thanks to you for kindly transfer and communicate TRIZ knowledge to the world. I am also grateful to you for giving me chances to join the TRIZ symposiums in Japan and a lot of suggestion about the TRIZ promotion.
Please take care and have a nice day for everyday.  Best Regards,  Kritaya Suparnpongs

  Karel Bolckmans (The Netherlands)       2012/03/26  

Dear Toru,  Congratulations with your retirement and with your wonderful career.  I have visited your website many times and have learned a lot from it.  I'm happy to read that you will continue the website.  Best regards,  Karel

  Ido Lapidot (Israel)       2012/03/29  

Toru hello,  May your retire be smooth and full of with Innovation.  Ido

  Fortunat Steinrisser (Swizerland)       2012/03/30  

Dear Toru, You have contributed a lot to the science of inventive thinking, both to TRIZ and to USIT.  I'm very grateful to you!  I hope you continue your good work, stay in good health and in good spirits.

We (you and I) met at Ed Sickafus' USIT-01 course in Michigan in March 1999.  I remember you very well - you impressed me greatly!  I still have my certificate signed by Ed on March 12, 1999. 

Then you kindly sent me a magazine with incredible pictures of the tsunami which hit your country just about a year ago. This magazine and some personal contacts prompted me to help a group of children in Ishinomaki City with some money.  We are deeply impressed by the courage and the strong determination of these people hit so badly.

Best wishes to you and many many thanks for your wonderful work.   Fortunat Steinrisser

  Simon Litvin (USA)   2012/03/31  

Dear Toru, I wish you a lot of health and new creative achievements in the new stage of your life after the retirement. If you need any help please let me know.  Best regards,  Simon

  Dmitry Kucharavy (France)   2012/03/31  

Thank you for your endless efforts for keeping us informed!!  With best regards, Dmitry Kucharavy

  Darrell Mann (UK)   2012/03/31  

Hi Toru,  Many congratulations on your retirement. I wish you a long and rewarding next period in your life.

Your contributions to the global TRIZ community have been amongst the most important of anybody on the planet in the last decade. From my perspective at least, I would like to say a really big thankyou for all of your wonderful work. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I hope we will have further opportunities as your new activities take shape.

I am not sure I will be able to make it to the TRIZ Conference in Japan in September (I would like to come but am not sure budgets will allow it). If I can be there, I hope we will have the opportunity to meet again.  All the very best,  Darrell

Messages from the Readers in April 2012

  Darin Moreira Anthony Vincent (Malaysia)   2012/04/01  
Hi Dr Nakagawa,  I wish you all the best in your future after retirement.  You will surely be missed by the team in the university....
Please send my regards to your family.  Hope to have the chance to meet you again in the future... 
God Bless!  Take care!  regards, Darin

  Mahmoud Karimi (Iran)   2012/04/03  

Dear Toru,  Congratulate you the retirement day which means that you have successfully achieved to another important milestone in your life.   You have spent useful years in the university and has worked on TRIZ seriously. Those people who I know them all respect you and your effective hardworking.  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" is one of the main references of people on TRIZ and I am sure that it will work for hundred years :)

Happy to visit the pages on reporting about PSST and Iran. Photos remind us good memories with you :)
Best wishes, Mahmoud

  Umakant Mishra (India)   2012/04/06  

Dear Mr. Nakagawa,  I am very happy to know that you will continue your research on TRIZ and keep on your effort in maintaining "TRIZ home page in Japan".  Your recent paper on "Creative Problem-Solving Methodologies TRIZ/USIT: Overview of My 14 Years in Research, Education, and Promotion" depicts the great depth of your study and thorough understanding of various methods of TRIZ/ USIT and their applications.  It is a good learning piece for all TRIZ learners in the world.

Although there is a geographical distance between us, I always feel you to be very close to me because of your website, articles and regular emails.  It was my privilege to have worked with you in the past and hope to get more such oppertunities in the future. You have been an inspiration not only to me but to many people in the world.  I pray God for your long life, happiness, health and peace.   Best regards, Umakant

  Message from Toru Nakagawa: On Retiring Osaka Gakuin University  (Apr. 6, 2012)   (Posted: Apr. 9, 2012)

Under the warm spring sunshine, we now have cherry blossom getting in full bloom in Tokyo. I suppose you are working actively in your own places. 

I have retired Osaka Gakuin University by the end of March at the fixed age (plus 1). During these 14 years while I was working at Faculty of Informatics of OGU (and even during many more years while I was a student, and was working for the University of Tokyo and later for Fujitsu Limited), I have been owing much to you among many others for your kind support and collaboration. I am sincerely grateful to you all.

On my 14 years working at Osaka Gakuin University, I wrote and posted an overview : "Creative Problem-Solving Methodologies TRIZ/USIT: Overview of My 14 Years in Research, Education, and Promotion". It was a very happy period for me; I was able to concentrate myself in the research, education, and social penetration of the TRIZ/USIT methodology and to record almost all my activities publicly in the Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan". I am thankful that such activities were became possible only by the collaboration with many people. 

On the retirement, Osaka Gakuin University gave me the title of Professor Emeritus of OGU, and allowed me to use my OGU email address permanently and kindly further to continue the operation of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" in the OGU Web site. In addition, on a voluntary basis, I am going to continue my work as one of the Board Members of Japan TRIZ Society, NPO, and as the Program Chairperson of TRIZ Symposium in Japan to be held by JTS. 

Thus, except for my missing the classes in OGU (and the salary), I am going to continue my TRIZ/USIT activities in a way almost same as before. Getting the flexibility in the time schedule, I wish to be present at some new places/opportunities and to keep getting stimulated from old and new people. 

I should be aware of the fact that 'As long as my health permits me to work' is the critical constraint for my life left. Hence I wish to take care of my own health and have some relaxed time in my family life.

I wish you all your health, happiness, and good work as ever! Please keep me up with you as one of your friends!


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