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Team Code: MY    (D-my-Malaysia)   
Sites descriptions

Author:  Eng Hoo Tan, T.S. Yeoh (MyTRIZ), 
            Jun. 18, 2019   (posted Jun. 23, 2019)

Catalog setting:  Toru Nakagawa
                        Aug. 1, 2019

Posted: Aug. 4, 2019; Updated:  Jun. 6, 2020


  Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Aug. 1, 2019)

See the Editor's Note and the Table of 16 Sites (evaluated as ◎○□△) in the Index-MY.html page.

In this Sites-MY.html page, only the 6 sites evaluated as ◎○□ are shown.  Format is changed into a text form.
For each site, items are described in the following order:  Anchor point, Site code, Evaluation, Site name, Site domain URL, Location, Language, Roles, Single line description, and Note (Contact)

   TRIZ Websites created, hosted and managed by Malaysian TRIZ practitioners

Eng Hoo Tan and T.S. Yeoh (MyTRIZ), Jun. 17, 2019

WTSP Team: MY (D-my-Malaysia)


MY-01   ◎←◎〇   MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) Official Website   Malaysia    en    (b1) Dedicated associations, (b4) Domestic conferences, (e5) Training organizations

Main public sites for communication, announcement and sharing knowledge of TRIZ in Malaysia and South East Asia. 
Contact: Tan Eng Hoo

Site Description Form     WTSP (World TRIZ Sites Project)    (Version: 2020/5/28  TN)
Team: MY (Malaysia)     Site Code:  MY-01    Writer: Eng Hoo Tan      Date: June 4 2020




Site Name  **     

MyTRIZ (Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association) Official Website


Site domain URL **


Site Location  **

D-Asia; my-Malaysia

Refer the codes

Site Language **


Refer the codes

Roles of Site  **

(b1) Dedicated associations,  (b4) Domestic conferences, (e5) Training organizations, (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (f2) Publishers

Refer the codes

Evaluation **

◎ Most important

Refer the codes
Use ◎〇□△- marks

Single-line Description  *

HP of non-profit organization for proliferating TRIZ in Malaysia and S.E. Asian countries.


Application phase  *

(a) General preparation phase, (b) Problem finding and analysis phase, (c) Solution generation phase

Refer the codes

Application Fields  *


Refer the codes

Methods  *

(m) Classical TRIZ, (n) Modernized TRIZ methods

Refer the codes

Description of Introduction   *

This website is the official homepage of the Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (MyTRIZ). It carries content related to MyTRIZ activities such as key events marketing, TRIZ training and development calendar, important guideline announcement, annual reporting, success stories, etc. The non-profit organization exists for the benefit of those who know the TRIZ methodology, want to learn TRIZ, and wish to apply TRIZ for the benefit of all mankind especially Malaysia and South East Asia countries.

Free format, in 5-10 lines

Further Detailed Information

See the close Site Introduction
SiteIntro-MY-01-MyTRIZ.html (Jun. 4, 2020) (Updated: Apr. 27, 2023)


Note of description 


Remarks for further revision

Note:  Adjust/expand the cell spaces as you need.
          Refer the codes in “Multi sets of Indexing Schemes for the WTSP Catalog System”  (2020/5/28 TN).
          ** Mandatory,   * Desirable

See Full Site Introduction in SiteIntro-MY-01-MyTRIZ.html (Jun. 4, 2020) (Updated: Apr. 27, 2023)

MY-02   □   TRIZ Malaysia Group in Face book (Zulhasni Abdul Rahim)    Malaysia    en    (g4) Social networks,

Main social media sites for communication, announcement and sharing knowledge of TRIZ in Malaysia and South East Asia. 
Contact: Dr. Zulhasni Abdul Rahim


MY-05   □   Malaysia Productivity Corporation    Malaysia    en    (c2) National organizations, (e5) Training organizations

Malaysia National level Productivity Corporation.  Contact:  Cik Sarimah Misman

MY-06   □   PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre)    Malaysia    en     (e5) Training organizations, (h3) Educationsl organizations

Penang Skills Development Centre,    Contact:  Elly Leong

MY-07   □   IEMTC (IEM (Institution of Engineers、Malaysia) Training Centre)    Malaysia   en    (e5) Training organizations, (h3) Educationsl organizations

Product Development Provider offering TRIZ Training,   Contact:  Lim Teck Loon






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