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Editor:  Toru Nakagawa (WTSP Project Leader)
Posted:  Apr. 12, 2020

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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Apr. 11, 2020)

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Feb. 18, 2020 TN <==> Kurt Ed Sickafus (USA) Preparation for "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives"
Feb. 20; Feb 27 TN ==> Kurt Ed Sickafus (USA) Preparation for "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives"
Mar. 26 TN ==> Kurt Ed Sickafus (USA) "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives" is now open
Feb. 28 Carol Augustin (USA) <==> TN

"Loved the Compilation of Your WTSP Resources"
   ==> See further communications in a separate page  

Feb. 28 TN <==> Larisa Komarcheva (Russia) Please write Site Introduction of "Official Altshuller Foundation" site
   ==> See further communication in a separate page

Mar. 22


Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"

Mar. 25 TN ==>Readers of THPJ THPJ Update Announcement: "Dr. Ed N. Sickafus Memorial Archives" Is Now Open
Mar. 25 Rinka Singh (India)  ==> TN



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HP Update Mar. 22

HP-Letter Mar. 25

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  Preparation for "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives"

  Toru Nakagawa ==> Kurt Edward Sickafus (USA)     Feb. 18, 2020

Dear Kurt, How are you and your mother?

I have begun to prepare for 'Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives' in my site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

It will have a special folder containing index of all the articles related to Dr. Sickafus' works and also to our articles related to USIT and its extensions.
All the articles/files published already in my Web site will not be moved but just hyperlinked to the existent folders, for the sake of avoiding confusions while building the archives.

There are some original English papers/articles written by Ed and not posted yet so far in my site.
Could you please allow me to openly post them in the Memorial Archives ?

There are two book manuscripts Ed has not published yet. Since Ed sent them to me, it is nice if you would allow me to post them publicly. Such new manuscripts/articles will be marked explicitly.

When a draft of the Index of the Memorial Archives is ready, I will show you for your checking.
Please give me some time, maybe several weeks?
Best wishes, Toru

  Kurt Edward Sickafus ==> TN     Feb. 19, 2020

Toru, thanks so much!

Absolutely please publish all articles and papers in the Memorial Archives that you have so kindly developed.
Thanks very much for honoring my Father.

All the best, Kurt

Kurt Sickafus,  Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, The University of Tennessee

  Toru Nakagawa ==> Kurt Edward Sickafus (USA)     Feb. 20, 2020

Dear Kurt, Thank you for your reply and so kind permission of my publicly posting Ed's works.

I am now working to make a (rather extensive) indexes of Ed's works and all our works inspired by him, posted in my Web site so far. After that, I need to check my PC folders to find any articles and communications not yet posted.
There are many USIT News Letters and some manuscripts Ed intended to make books.

Another important issue is Ed's USIT Textbook published in 1997.
Do you know if he left many bounded copies of the book? Is there any digital (PDF?) manuscript of the textbook?
What would you like to do if anybody wants to buy the textbook? What do your think about the idea of posting the textbook in PDF in the Memorial Archives? Either downloadable without charge, or with any arrangement for payment to you ?
The USIT Textbook is the main work by Ed, and people want to read them to understand his ideas fully.
(My Web site is operated without any charging system so far. It is completely non-profit basis. I sell Books in Japanese Editions published by CrePS Inst. through Amazon. Its a separate system.)

Best wishes, Toru

  TN ==> Kurt Edward Sickafus      Feb. 27, 2020

Dear Kurt, I am working to build Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives in "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

A part of the top pages of the Archives have just been made, and I would like to ask you for your reviewing.
I am asking your decisions about the treatment of the full English texts of these textbooks and overviews/tutorials.

I am working on other pages mentioned in the Top Index Page. They are half done but will take some more time.

Best wishes, Toru


  TN ==> Kurt Edward Sickafus      Mar. 26, 2020   "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives" is now Open!

Dear Kurt, How are you and your mother?

I have made the "Dr. Ed Sickafus Memrial Archives" open in my Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".
Please see my Update Announcement of my Web site, attached below , and please visit my site  as shown there.

Could you please let me know of your decisions how you want to handle the text of the USIT Textbook and the copyrights of all the works by your father.

Best wishes, Toru


  "Loved the Compilation of Your WTSP Resources" (from Carol Augustin)

  Carol Augustin (USA)  ==> TN     Feb. 28, 2020

Hello Toru Nakagawa, I was looking for some resources about the "World TRIZ Sites Project" and I came across this section on your blog .   I like reading the material you put on your blog.  

Please refer to the below snapshot for your reference.


CFI (Corporate Finance Institute) 



(b1) Dedicated associations, (a1) Dedicated for information sending, (e1) Method developers, (e5) Training organizations, (e4) Consultants 

We also have a similar website, i.e. www.wallstreetmojo.com, which is a site dedicated to sending information, Method developers, Training organizations, Consultants.

Here is a link - https://www.wallstreetmojo.com

Would you be willing and able to use this as World WTSP Catalogs and promotor Organisation on your website? You have my approval to use anything from the guide you enjoyed, and there is no cost to use it. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.
Thanks and Regards,  Carol

     ===>  See several turns of communications with her in the separate page .


  [WTSP] Letter: (17P-1) Please write Site Introduction of yours for all TRIZ users in the world

  Toru Nakagawa ==> Larisa Komarcheva ("The official foundation of G.S. Altshuller", Russia) Feb. 28, 2020

Dear Larisa Komarcheva, Hello, how are you?

As you know, we have been working in the WTSP Project to build "World TRIZ-related Sites Catalogs" for proliferating TRIZ further in the world.
Current active version of the WTSP Catalogs is shown in my "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" with URL:

Two weeks ago, I sent you and many WTSP Members/supporters two emails, [WTSP] Letter (17M-1AB) and "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Feb. 13, 2020).

(1) Could you please write a Site Introduction of your Web site?

Your site, "The official foundation of G.S. Altshuller" is listed, of course, at the top of our WTSP Catalog.
Since your site is original, unique, and intensive/extensive, many TRIZ experts and users in the world want to read many articles in it.

  .... (snip)

===>  See a few turns of communications with her in the separate page .



  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Mar. 22, 2020)  

Editorial: "Dr. Ed N. Sickafus Memorial Archives" Is Now Open Inside "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (Toru Nakagawa)


  "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Updated (Mar. 22, 2020) "Dr. Ed N. Sickafus Memorial Archives" Is Now Open (Mar. 25, 2020)  

Toru Nakagawa ==> TRIZ Leaders/colleagues (THPJ readers)  Mar. 25, 2020

Dear TRIZ Leaders/colleagues,   

In the midst of the growing crisis in the world due to the COVID-19, we pray for the health of you and all people in the world and for our early overcoming of this severe trials for the world.

I have updated my Web site 3 days ago (dated Mar. 22). "TRIZ Home Page in Japan":

[1] Editorial: "Dr. Ed N. Sickafus Memorial Archives" Is Now Open Inside "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (Toru Nakagawa)

In memory of Dr. Ed Sickafus, (1931 - 2018), the original developer of USIT (Unified Structured Inventive Thinking) and great thinker, documents of his works and communications etc. are collected as Archives and made open inside the present Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan".

The Archives has the page structure as follows:

(0) Top Index Page

(1) Memorial Page (Posted earlier) (Oct. 31, 2019)

(2) Historical Indexes to Papers, Case Studies, and Communications On USIT and Its Further Extension by Dr. Ed Sickafus and His Followers Especially in Japan

(A) Papers: Papers, Presentations, Reports, Introductory articles, Lectures
         Papers (by Dr. Ed Sickafus and some other international authors)
         Papers (by Toru Nakagawa)
         Papers (by Japanese authors)

(B) Case Studies : Case study papers, Reports, Promotion activities
         Case studies (by Dr. Ed Sickafus)
         Case studies (by Toru Nakagawa)
         Case studies (by authors in Japan)

(C) Communications: Communications, Discussions, Questions, Comments, Conference reports, etc.
         Communications (by Dr. Ed Sickafus)
         Communications (by Toru Nakagawa)
         Communications (in Japan)
         Communications (International)

(3) Sickafus' Books, Overviews, Tutorials, etc.

USIT Textbook (1997),
USIT Overview (eBook) (2001),
Book "Heuristics for Solving Technical Problems (2004),
HI Textbook: "Heuristic Innovation" (2006) ,
Brief USIT Tutorial (2015)

(4) Sickafus' Papers and Presentations

9 papers/presentations are posted.

(5) Sickafus' USIT Web site (www.u-sit.net)

Originally built in 1999, rebuilt a few times after mal hacking,
and now accessible as was in 2007.
All the articles are restored in the Archives.

(6) Sickafus' WordPress Blog site (edsickafus.wordpress.net)

After the troubles in USIT Web site, Dr. Sickafus started to build a new Blog site in Cloud in Jul. 2015 and left the half-done site in Nov. 2015.
All the articles are restored in the Archives.

(7) Sickafus' "U-SIT and Think NewsLetters"

NL-01 (Nov. 2003) to NL-28 (Oct. 2004) are posted both in English and in Japanese.
NL-29 to NL-79 (Mar. 2009) will be posted in English.
Mini Lectures are interesting.

(8) Sickafus' Communications and Miscellaneous Articles          (under construction)

(9) Comments on Sickafus' Works by Others       (under construction)

(10) Communications from Readers (under construction)

For the purpose of keeping Late Dr. Ed Sickafus' work widely known in the world, the Dr. Ed Sickafus Memorial Archives is built and opened publicly inside this "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Web site.

Dr. Sickafus originally developed USIT (Unified Structured Inventive Thinking) and continued to extend it further to build concise and effective methods for creative problem solving in his own approaches.

I learned from him a lot since our first meeting in 1998, and introduced USIT into Japan. Integration of USIT and TRIZ has driven into the new paradigm, named Six-Box Scheme, for the general methodology of creative problem solving.
USIT has obtained many followers in Japan who used it in their problem solving jobs.
In the present Web site, many papers and communications by Dr. Sickafus have been posted both in English and in Japanese translation.

Lately Dr. Sickafus, overcoming the logical and structured nature of USIT, spent his much efforts for building
      'methods of solving problems more freely and effectively for professional technologists',
      'methods of generating innovative solution concepts without constrained by logic and structures',
      'methods of triggering with metaphors for the effective use of subconscious problem solving capability', etc.

He presented such new approaches in his keynote lectures at Japan TRIZ Symposium in 2006 and at ICSI 2015 conference in San Jose. Both of his keynotes were posted in our Web site in English and in Japanese translation.

However, we have not understood well his new approaches yet; I recognized this point through my compilation work of the present Memorial Archives.

The books, papers, articles, communications, etc which Dr. Sickafus has left for us all contain valuable insights from which we can learn a lot, I believe.
-- Dr. Ed Sickafus is one of my 'Teachers in Life'.

Best wishes, Toru


  Rinka Singh (India) ==> Toru Nakagawa   Mar. 25, 2020    

Stay safe Sir, My warm wishes are with you.




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