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Posted on Apr. 25, 2015
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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Apr. 25, 2015)

To my thanks, I have been receiving emails occasionally from various readers in Japan and from overseas. In the present page, and also in the Japanese page , I am going to post some of those communications suitable for open discussions.  I wish to make this Web site active, user-friendly, and useful for many new and frequent readers by the support of you, authors, communicators, and readers. 

I would like to update this 'Letters from Readers' page every 1 or 2 weeks regularly, but due to many more things to do I could actually update this three months after the last posting.  Sorry for my delay, but I am very happy to receive and post many nice communications as you see here.  Some of them are official and public announcements from TRIZ-related organizations.
Communications from (and to) Japanese readers are shown here in a line each (with the  mark at the top); please read the Japanese page, (possibly by using automatic translation services). 


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Finding the needs of customer by the SN Matrix and TRIZ process (Takashi Ogata); Letters from Readers (Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015); ; Introduction to Visual Thinking Software 'Fuda-Yose Tool' and Its Web site 'Thinking School I' (Akihiro Katahira)


Osamu Saito (Keihin Co.) ==> Nakagawa  Jan. 15, 2015   Question on a USIT Example


  Toru Nakagawa ==> Osamu Saito    Jan. 15, 2015    Reply

  Ellen Domb (PQR Group (USA))  ==> Several people of Altshuller Institute    Jan. 21, 2015  on World TRIZ community

... to share my knowledge of the world TRIZ community:  

There are TRIZ associations in Korea (3 associations), Malaysia, Taiwan (operating in several Pacific countries), China,  Japan, and in Mexico (AMETRIZ), in Europe  (both the European TRIZ Association and TRIZ FRANCE, APEIRON –the TRIZ Association of Italy, TRIZ CENTRUM which is German-speaking countries), 3 associations in Israel, 2 (or more) in India, etc., and  the international association MATRIZ (based in Russia, operating in many of the former Soviet territories, and in Korea and some other places, but the president is in Boston.)   


  Iouri Belski (Royal Melbourne Inst. of Tech. (Australia))  ==> 27 TRIZ people in academia worldwide    Jan. 22, 2015   on Teaching TRIZ at universities

Dear Colleagues, Happy New Year!

I wish to ask you for information on your experience of teaching TRIZ at university.  There is a good opportunity to promote what we do in TRIZ teaching to Russian academics. I have recently been contacted by a Russian educational journal and asked to prepare an article on teaching TRIZ in higher education (HE).  It seems that a paper on teaching TRIZ at RMIT that was published in 2013 by the International Journal of Engineering Education triggered their invitation.

Could you please email me your publications (or citations of your publications) that are related to your university TRIZ teaching experiences by 15 February 2015.
The paper submission deadline is April 2015. It will be published in June-July 2015. Hopefully the article will report on your TRIZ teaching experiences too.
Thank you for your time and help. Kind regards, Iouri,  Iouri Belski, PhD


  Toru Nakagawa ==> Iouri Belski and colleagues    Jan. 22, 2015  My Experience of TRIZ Education

It is nice to hear you of your plan of writing a paper on TRIZ teaching in various countries.

On your request I am listing some references, which are all posted in my Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" , in English.
(1) Entrance page for Children and High school students:
(2) Entrance page for Students and the General public:
(3) Classes of 'Creative Problem-Solving Thinking -- Experiences at Osaka Gakuin University-- , Toru Nakagawa, TRIZCON2007
(4) Creative Problem-Solving Methodologies TRIZ/USIT: Overview of My 14 Years in Research, Education, and Promotion, Toru Nakagawa, OGU Bulletine, March 2012
(5)  Methodologies of Creative Problem Solving (A Series of 14 Lectures Given to the Class at Osaka Gakuin University), Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 2012   (Brief outline in English ; full text in Japanese )

Best wishes, Toru



  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Feb. 10, 2015

TRIZ marketing for the Ubiquitous concept (Shigeru Kasuya); Generalized structure of social revolutions (Tetsutarou Yasuhira); TRIZ News in Japan and in the World;

Tsunehisa Maekawa (JQCA) ==> Nakagawa  Feb. 11, 2015   Let's enjoy 'Think & Try' in industries

  Ramu Iyer (   (USA))       Feb. 11, 2015  on TRIZ and Solution Focus

I trust you are doing and in the best of health. 

I have been using Southbeach and enjoy using the language of TRIZ (although I must admit that I am still a novice).

I'd like to share a link to a paper that I have authored titled: Solution Focused Project Leadership

I'd welcome your ideas and insights on areas for expanding this paper. Thanks for the constructive feedback. 
Best regards,  Ramu 

  Jim Harrington (Altshulle Institute (USA))  ==> 22 AI members     Jan. 31 and Feb. 20, 2015   on Estimated Impact of TRIZ

I would like you are estimate of the impact TRIZ would/should have on creating inventions that fall into each of the five innovation levels. For example at level 1--68.3% of all the inventions are generated and TRIZ would/should only be used to originate 10% of these inventions. I believe these are only someone's estimate of what they think and probably are not based upon any statistical data but I would like a get your opinion on the TRIZ percentages related to each of them. The percentage of inventions is based upon real data.


  Ron Fulbright (University of South Carolina Upstate (USA)) ==> Jim Harrington and colleagues   Feb. 20, 2015  

To my knowledge, the chart that you are using comes from Boris and Alla. It appears on the Ideation Web site at:

  Alla Zusman (Ideation International (USA)) ==> Jim Harrington and colleagues   Feb. 20, 2015  

The data below were provided by Altshuller. In his book The Innovation Algorithm (page 47, Technical Innovation Center, MA, 1999) he wrote that he had analyzed 14 classes of inventions from 1965 to 1969 and obtained level of invention distribution shown below. There were no mentioning of the total number of inventions analyzed nor names of the classes.

When Boris and I looked into these numbers about 20 years ago, we were puzzled why the number of inventions of level 1 is smaller than of level 2 (we assumed that the actual distribution of inventions made without TRIZ likely should follow the normal curve (the picture shown in the original Jim’s email).  One explanation we had was that because invention of level one was on a borderline (invention or not invention at all) some of the similar solutions haven’t pass the scrutiny of patent expertise (or weren’t even filed) and thus were not included in the analyzed massive of inventions. .

The answer to the question of evaluation of TRIZ impact is much more complicated. Hypothetically, it could be done literally, by analyzing actual patents, which will require a huge research by experienced professionals or students given good guidelines.   ... (snip)

  Toru Nakagawa ==> Jim Harrington and colleagues    Feb. 20, 2015    on Estimated Impact of TRIZ

The following paper is excellent in showing the impact of TRIZ on the inventive capability by use of real data in a company of about 700 people:

"Back to Creatability", Klaus-Juergen Uhrner (KACO GmbH + Co.KG), ETRIA TFC2005: The 5th ETRIA "TRIZ Future 2005" Conference, Held at Graz, Austria, on Nov. 16-18, 2005

I wrote a 'Personal Report' of the ETRIA Conference and introduced this paper as:
          "Benefits of TRIZ Have Been Proved with Real Industrial Data of Inventions." Toru Nakagawa, Dec. 29, 2005 and April 22, 2006
Please refer to my Web site articles in HTML and in PDF .

The most illustrative figure in the paper is cited here:

Best wishes, Toru

  Stephen Dourson (  (USA)) ==> Toru Nakagawa and colleagues   Feb. 20, 2015  

Thank You for this information. I had not seen it before.   It is excellent.
Regards, Stephen Dourson

  Toru Nakagawa ==> Andrea Zimmerman (CC: Ellen Domb)    Feb. 27, 2015    on

Dear Andrea,  Hello, How are you?   I am now working to update the descriptions in my Web site "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" on the TRIZ activities in the world.

And I would like to know about the current situations of the TRIZ Journal and the CIL Journal.

-- I remember I must apologize you for my failure in June 2012 in submitting a paper "Future of TRIZ" even though I promised it in May.   It took me several more months or even a year to write such a paper in the form of ETRIA TFC 2012 and also ETRIA TFC 2013.

Anyway I wish you good luck in your current activities, Best wishes,  Toru Nakagawa

  Ellen Domb (  (USA)) ==> Toru Nakagawa   (CC: Andrea Zimmerman)    Feb. 27, 2015  

Hi Toru,  as far as I know nothing is happening.   The publisher of I-6 sigma owns triz journal, and has arranged the archive to sell advertising.  He is willing to sell it.  CIL had one issue and was discontinued because of Andrea's other work.  

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Mar. 7, 2015

Development of a Spinning Top by TRIZ & TM & Simulation (Tomohiko Katagiri); Forum: Introduction to the Research of Short-term (or Just-before) Prediction of Earthquakes by Use of Electromagnetic Phenomena (Toru Nakagawa); Early Detection of Omens of Anomalies in Monitoring Power Plant Equipment (Anomalous phenomena detected just before earthquakes) (Takumi Yoshioka)


  Kazuya Yamaguchi (MOST) ==> Toru Nakagawa   Mar. 10, 2015   On introduction of Earthquake Prediction Research

  James Kowalick (  (USA)) ==> Toru Nakagawa   Mar. 10, 2015   On introduction of Earthquake Prediction Research

The earthquake prediction work you present is very interesting. I hope that the investigators are taking advantage of using MTS in their work, for it is a wonderful approach ( from Japan). The late Dr. Genichi Taguchi taught it to me, and it performs well - even with challenges like earthquake prediction. Best Wishes, James Kowalick

PS: MTS = Mahalanobis-Taguchi System, well known in Japan, especially at the CJQCA


  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Mar. 27; Mar. 31, 2015

For Searching Pages in This Web Site (Toru Nakagawa); How to Lead Beginners to TRIZ at the Place of Practices (Shigeru Hisanaga); Applying TRIZ to Products that TRIZ can Hardly be Applied to (Yoshiharu Isaka); Proposal for a New Life Style of the Elderly People (Kimihiko Hasegawa et al.); Methods and Examples of Applying the Business Management Related Evolution Trend (Hisataka Izawa, Ikuo Yoshizawa, et al.); On Personal Report of Japan TRIZ Symposium 2014 (Toru Nakagawa)   -- 2 Photoes of Cherry Blossom in Tokyo (TN)


  George Draghici (  (Romania))   Mar. 31, 2015  

Thank you. Very nice picture. The spring is come in Timisoara too! All the best!     George Draghici

  Ravi Phani(  (India))   Mar. 31, 2015  

Greetings ! I liked the lovely photo that you shared.

I also want to thank you and your team for sharing the papers from Japan TRIZ Symposium 2014.  It is as always value adding even though short version to understand the perspective, challenges and application examples to spread more the adoption of TRIZ across.

Once again as an Integral Part of the existing DNA / Culture/Framework etc. of the organisation....Integrated Continuous Improvement similar to how we all blend with NATURE/UNIVERSE elements both within and outside our HUMAN BODY.  Time has come to ACCELERATE the PROBLEM SOLVING across all sectors with KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM of TRIZ and all relevant/applicable tools under the sky ... Continue to spread "Shiny Eyes & Smiles" with your knowledge and wisdom.

Warm Regards, Arigato gozai masu,  Ravi

 Nicoletta Locatelli (   )   Mar. 31, 2015  

Sakura are simply wonderful, thank you so much Mr. Nakagawa for this gentle picture!    Nicoletta

 Helena Navas (  (Portugal )   Mar. 31, 2015  

Hello, Thank you very much. Spring in Tokyo is very nice!    Best regards, Helena

 Shahid Saleem Arshad (  (Australia) )   Apr. 1, 2015  

Thank you so much for your latest update to the THPJ.  What joy to receive intimation of such excellent content every month. 

Let me compliment you also for your very elegant photographic composition.  You have brought the internal magic of the cherry blossom tree into beautiful contrast with its modern surroundings.  Best wishes,  Shahid

 Soo Beng Khoh (  (Korea) )   Apr. 1, 2015  

Hello! Time really flies. 2015 Spring is now here. Hope life is treating you well at your side, and many thanks for keeping the TRIZ movement alive. Best regards, Soo Beng

 Yuko Hirayama (Japan VE Association)   Apr. 1, 2015    On Cherry Blossom

 Bui Van Tao (Vietnam)   Apr. 1, 2015    On Cherry Blossom

 Tsunehisa Maekawa (Japan QC Association)   Apr. 1, 2015    On Cherry Blossom and TRIZ Symposium papers

 Zawiah Abdul Majid (  (Malaysia) )   Apr. 3, 2015  

Thank you for your lovely photo and kind information. Looking forward to enjoy the Cherry Blossom. Take Care always - Zawiah

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Apr. 12, 2015

General Method of Creative Problem Solving: 'Six-Box Scheme' (Toru Nakagawa); Methodology of Creative Problem Solving: TRIZ and Its Extension (Toru Nakagawa);
A Note on a Method and Granularity in the Structure of the World (Toshio Takahara) -- 2 Photoes of Cherry Blossom in Tokyo (Toru)






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