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Posted on Nov. 27, 2014; Jan. 6, 2015
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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Nov. 10, 2014)

To my thanks, I have been receiving emails occasionally from various readers in Japan and from overseas. In the present page, and also in the Japanese page , I am going to post some of those communications suitable for open discussions.  I wish to make this Web site active, user-friendly, and useful for many new and frequent readers by the support of you, authors, communicators, and readers. 

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  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Jul. 28., 2014

Publication announcement: "TRIZ Practices and Benefits" Series (in Japanese): Vol. 3S: "Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithms (for Novices)" authored by Larry Ball.

  Jack Hipple (TRIZ and Engineering Training Services, LLC (USA))   July 28, 2014  

Toru, my recent book on TRIZ, now being used in all of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers TRIZ classes, is slated for an updated second edition next year.

I see that Larry Ball's book is now being marketed in Japan. Can you advise me of the arrangements for this type of arrangement and translation?

  Toru Nakagawa  ==>  Jack Hipple     July 30, 2014  

Dear Jack, Thank you for your message. 

I have not read your book yet.   But I have just watched the videos of your Webinar series, Part 1 to 3 of 'Soft Side TRIZ'.  Congratulations to and thanks for your contributions to this Webinar Series.
I understand well what you are talking on the Soft Side. But I am sorry for you that the questions from the participants mostly miss the points and not relevant to the topics of your presentation.

Concerning to the Japanese Editions:  So far, I have been involved in several translation/publication projects:
    Yuri Saramatov (Valeri Souchkov): TRIZ: Right Solution at the RIght Time,
    Darrell Mann:  HOSI
    Darrell Mann:  Matrix 2003,  Matrix 2010,
    Natalia Rubina:  CID Course for Children,
    Larry Ball:    Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithms
    Umakant Mishra:  TRIZ Principles for Information Technology

When I read such a book/manuscript, I made up my mind to translate them into Japanese and to try to publish them (through some commercial publisher).  I communicated with the authors directly for the arrangement of translation and publicaton. Thus publication arrangements differ, case by case.

There are two crucial issues for starting such a project:
(a) Whether I have enough time and find priority for the particular project.  [It' a pity that] I wanted but could not start some projects, e.g, Ed Sickafus's USIT textbook, and Darrell Mann's "Systematic (Software) Innovation".  It was my experience that even though I started some translation projects with a group of TRIZ colleagues I had to spend as much time as (or even more time than) I would spend for completing the job for myself.
(b) Whether the publication would make significant contributions to the readership in Japan and would be evaluated so by some commercial publisher.  I must evaluate this first for myself.  There are a number of publications in Japanese already, and there are a larger nubmer of publications in English.  Evaluation by commercial publishers is often different from mine. Most of my publication projects (including even Mann's HOSI) did not meet publishers' commercial criteria. 
Thus I have started to publishing them on a Print-on-Demand basis through 'CrePS Institute', i.e. my own firm or myself.  This became possible only this year.

This is my response at moment to your inquiry.   With best wishes, Toru

 Zulhasni Abdul Rahim ( Malaysia)   Aug. 11, 2014  

Dear Prof Toru Nakagawa, I'm very blessed to learn so much from your website.  I also have done some research related with TRIZ in my work field.  I'm thinking to share my research to your website.  If, OK, please advise me on how or what procedure I need to do.  Thank you very much for your contribution on TRIZ.  'Doumo arigato-gozaimasita' (Thank you very much.)  Best regards, Zulhasni Abdul Rahim

  Toru Nakagawa  ==> Zulhasni Abdul Rahim     Aug. 11, 2014  

Dear Mr. Zulhasni Abdul Rahim, Thank you for your message and your interest in my Home Page.

For sharing your work in my Web site, there is no much formality.  Please send me your communication/work via email.  Please send me also your brief profile and the reference source of the work, if any.  After reading it, I will reply to you how to proceed.   Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa


  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Aug. 29., 2014

Publication Announcement: "TRIZ Practices and Benefits" Series (in Japanese): Vol. 4: "Treasury of Inventive Ideas for Information Technology & Software - Classified with TRIZ Inventive Principles", authored by Umakant mishra. Documents of publication:  (A) Prefaces, (B) Messages from readers, (C) "Curent situations and information sources of TRIZ", (D) 40 TRIZ Principles for IT/Software (U. Mishra), (E) Hierarchical index of IT/Software technologies (T. Nakagawa, U. Mishra).

 Toshihiro Hayashi (Japan)   Aug. 31, 2014     Congratulations to publications 

 Masao Ishihama (Kanagawa Inst. Tech., Japan)   Sept. 1, 2014     Thanks for the publications  

  Umakant Mishra  (  India)   Sept. 2, 2014  

Dear Mr. Nakagawa, It is a great pleasure to read your announcement on the publication of my book.  I was waiting for this for so many years.  Thank you very much for taking up such publication projects. This time is memorable particularly because our Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is now in your country Japan.    Regards, Umakant

  Alexander Shmonov (Russia)   Sept. 4, 2014   'Computer can invent independently'

Hello. Company Microsoft is helping me make the introduction (i.e. use) work which is called the: Computer can invent independently [i.e. work which is called the: Methods of invention through which three programmers can easily write such programs (for a computer) through which the computer can devise many inventions without the assistance human]. To verify this you must:

1) go to the page:

2) on page  enter my email:  and the date when my company joined the Microsoft BizSpark i.e.: June 24, 2014 year.

And the company softline also helps me make the introduction (i.e. use)  this work. This can confirm you employee Softline by e-mail which belongs Softline company. Address of this e-mail on the website:

I think these software could be sold for billions of dollars. I ask you to help to me (i.e. i ask you contribute to): make the introduction (i.e. use) of this work [or i ask you make the introduction (i.e. use) of this work]. I am the author of the work. This work and my address can be found on the Internet: 

By the way, I believe that with the help of the above work been created a software through which the computer can to invent little inventions without human participation. More on that, described on the website

Regards Shmonov Alexander

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (in Japanese pages)  Sept. 7, 2014

Renewal of the top page by introducing 4 Entrance Pages.

  F.q. Xjo (Kinki Univ., Japan)    Sept. 8, 2014     Wonderful top page! 

  Yoichi Hasegawa (Japan)    Sept. 9, 2014     Splendid top page! 

  Katsuya Miyanishi (Japan)    Sept. 9, 2014     4 Entrance Pages are easy to access to rich contents. 

 Yoshio Oyanagi (Kobe Uniiv., Japan)    Sept. 8, 2014     Interested in Yamaguchi's FUKUSHIMA Report  

  Jun'ichi Watanabe (JTECH, Japan)    Sept. 14, 2014     Starting to learn TRIZ    

  Sarimah Misman (Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC))   Sept. 20, 2014  

Dear Professor.   I really appreciate to effort that you have shared a lot of good articles with me.   Just wondering is it possible if I could extend the sharing of your wonderful information in my organization facebook so that the dissemination of the TRIZ information could be more bigger.
Thank you, Regards Sarimah Misman

  Toru Nakagawa  ==>  Sarimah Misman     Sept. 20, 2014  

Dear Mr. Sarimah Misman, Thank you for your message. My Home Page, and hence my Update announcement also, are open to public. So please feel free to share such information in your organization face book. For more detail, please refer to my Operation Policy in .  Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa

  Tsunehisa Maekawa (Japan QC Society, Japan)    Sept. 21, 2014     Nice to meet you and TRIZ 

  Takeshi Miyamoto (working at Thailand)    Sept. 24, 2014     Just started to learn TRIZ with your Web site 


  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (in Japanese pages)  Sept. 25, 2014

Reorganizing the 'General Index' page into 4 subsequent pages.

  Tetsu Sadahiro (Fujikura, Japan)    Sept. 25, 2014     Studying TRIZ for IP 

  Tsunehisa Maekawa (Japan QC Society, Japan)    Oct. 3, 2014     Introduced TRIZ HP to 300 QC members 

  Masayasu Sugata (Japan)    Oct. 12, 2014     Impressed with active TRIZ HP 

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (in English pages)  Oct. 17, 2014

Renewal of the top page by introducing 4 Entrance Pages:
C:  (for Children and Highschool students) Let's enjoy 'Think & Try' !
S:   (for Students and the General public) For solving problems creatively,
E:  (for Engineers and Researchers novice to TRIZ) Methods of creative problem solving,
P:   (for Practitioners and Experts)  Practices and methodologies of creative problem solving.
Reorganizing the 'General Index' page into 4 subsequent pages.

  John Cook (CoCatalyst Ltd., UK)     Oct. 18, 2014  

Hello Professor Nakakawa, Thank you for the good news about the website. The new website format really helps the user to find the most useful articles for them. I found it easy to navigate with quick access to relevant content. Congratulations!   John .

  Shahid Saleem Arshard  (Applied Innovation, Australia)   Oct. 18, 2014  

Dear Professor Nakagawa, Many thanks for your constant improvement and updating activities of the THPJ ["TRIZ Home Page in Japan"]This present one is a major undertaking on top of your present hectic schedule. I just now got intimation of your email and will drill into each of the categories to see the papers you have compiled in each set.

  Zawiah Abdul Majid (Univ. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)   Oct. 19, 2014  

Dear Professor Emeritus Toru Nakagawa, I'm very grateful to received this information.  My prayer you and family will always have a great day & life.  Take Care & hope to see you again.   Zawiah

  Richard Lagevin (Altshuller Institute (USA))   Oct. 26, 2014  

Hi Toru, I hope that all is well. I have posted your latest update [in the TRIZ News pages of Altshuller Institute's home page]. Best regards, Richard

  Toru Nakagawa  ==> Richard Lagevin    Oct. 26, 2014 

Dear Richard, Thank you very much. It's very kind of you to repost my Update Announcement regularly on your AI Web site.  Best wishes, Toru

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"   Nov. 7, 2014

16th Aniversary of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan";  Paper: " General Methodology of Creative Problem Solving (CrePS): Reorganizing Various Application Cases and Their Methods in the ‘Six-Box Scheme’ by Toru Nakagawa (presented at Japan TRIZ Symposium, Japan Creativity Society Conference, and ETRIA TFC 2014 (Lausanne, Switzerland)).

  Ellen Domb (PQR Group, USA)   Nov. 10, 2014  

Congratulations, Toru!   This is a very significant achievement, and your friends around the world are grateful for all your work to keep us all in communication, and to propagate new ideas. Best wishes for your continued success. Ellen

  Toru Nakagawa  ==> Ellen Domb    Nov. 10, 2014  

Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for your encouragements.

We need some collaborative team in the world to play the role of your "TRIZ Journal" in the former years. Maybe the Global Network of Public Web sites in TRIZ will be the candidate.   Best wishes, Toru

 Ravi Chandra Phani Thalupuru (Mercuri Orion Consultancy Services, India)   Nov. 10, 2014  

Hazi memaste Toru Nakagawa san, I am very glad & surprised that today only I thought about you & why the newsletter has not come yet.  It appeared long-time not seen your newsletter.(De Ja Vu)

First of all let me congratulate you & your team for the 16th Anniversary of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan ". This milestone was only possible by your dedicated, diligent hard work & passion that you have on subject supported by your team & other like minded contributors to spread TRIZ widely across.

I also liked the 4 color coding segments and grouping of the content for the ease of the readers. 

Greatly appreciate the efforts put by you & your team.  I wish you & your team a great success in your mission in spread TRIZ & its variants for a better tomorrow.  Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge. Continue to spread "Shiny Eyes & Smiles". Take care your health also. Arigato Gozai masu.
Warm Regards, Ravi --> a TRIZ Kid :-)   Ravi Chandra Phani Thalupuru

  Shahid Saleem Arshard  (  Australia)   Nov. 10, 2014  

Dear Toru, Thank you for this latest update to the THPJ.   Your leading article is excellent, as it gives a multi-faceted view of your own latest developments as well as recalls the past contributions by Dr. Ed Sickafus with USIT, which you enhanced further.   The way the article is styled provides several input paths to the new reader to TRIZ.   With best wishes, Shahid


  Igor Kholkin  (USA)  Nov. 11, 2014

Dear Mr Nakagawa, my congratulations with 16-year work anniversary for TRIZ in Japan! I wish you good luck, and prosperity for whole TRIZ approach in your country! All the best, Igor

  Joost Duflou (Katholic Univ. of Leuven, Belgium)   Nov. 11, 2014

Congrats! 16 years of efforts to spreading knowledge is quite a proof of dedication. Thanks for that ! Joost

  David Verduyn   (USA)   Nov. 11, 2014

Congrats Toru! One of these days I need to come to one of your conferences!"

  Wolfgang Sallaberger  (Austria)     Nov. 13, 2014

Dear Toru, Congratulations to 16 years of Triz Homepage, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and the global support you give to the community of problem solvers ! Best regards from Austria

  Nikolay and Olga Bogatyrev  (Univ. Bath, UK)   Nov. 15, 2014

Dear Toru, congratulations with the anniversary! - It is so nice to know that you work for this exciting field for so long time - with dedication, patience and highest professionalism! - Yours very friendly Olga and Nikolay

[Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Jan. 4, 2015):  The following 3 communications are posted in a separate page.
==> Introduction to A New Publication: "TRIZ 40 Principles" by Yoshinori Takagi (Y. Takagi and T. Nakagawa) (Jan. 6, 2015) ]

Yoshinori Takagi (Sony) Sept. 11, 2014

Announcement of publishing a new book "TRIZ 40 Principles" in Japanese, and thanks

Toru Nakagawa ==> Yoshinori Takagi,  Sept. 29, 2014

Appreciation of the book and some comments on misleading catch copies

Yoshinori Takagi       Oct. 2, 2014

Reply and appreciation of Nakagawa's comments



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