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Letters from Readers (Aug. - Sept., 2016)

Simon Dewulf (Australia), Wayne Mallinson (South Africa), Vladimir Petrov (Israel), Shahid Saleem Arshad (Australia), Shireen Al - Jaouni (Jerusalem), Toru Nakagawa

Editor: Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.),

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Posted on Oct. 19, 2016; Updated: Nov. 12, 2016
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Editor's Note (Toru Nakagawa, Oct. 17, 2016)

To my thanks, I have been receiving emails occasionally from various readers in Japan and from overseas.  I am going to post some of those communications suitable for open discussions, in the present page.  There are comunications in the Japanese pages also, though not shown in this English page. 

List of Letters from Readers:

Aug. 6, 2016 ---------------------------------------------- Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" ---------------------
Aug. 8, 2016 Simon Dewulf (Australia) "BIG Patent Data", AULIV way of TRIZ
Aug. 25, 2016 Wayne Mallinson (South Africa) and Toru On USIT
Sept. 9, 2016 ---------------------------------------------- Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" ---------------------
Sept. 11, 2016 Vladimir Petrov (Israel) List of Petrov's Books, on sale at
Sept. 13, 2016 Shahid Saleem Arshad (Australia) On "Do we have any methodology of Creative Research in academia?"
Sept. 18, 2016 Shireen Al - Jaouni (Jerusalem) Short communication


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  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Aug. 6, 2016

A Summary of My Recent Research (Toru Nakagawa) ; Letters from Readers (Japanese pages);
A New Discussion: Do We Have Any Methodology of Creative Research in Academia ?
From Life-saving/Life-sustaining Medical Care to Palliative Medical Care (Munehiro Shimada); 
Fuda-Yose Tool and Visual Thinking (Akihiro Katahira & Toru Nakagawa) Part 1: Development, Operations, and Usage of the Fuda-Yose Tool. (A. Katahira): Part 2: Practices of Using the Fuda-Yose Tool by Katahira (A. Katahira);


  Simon Dewulf (Australia) ==> Toru Nakagawa   Aug. 8, 2016

Hi Toru, Hope all is well. Thanks for your newsletter.

I had a good presentation on how to prove triz with BIG Patent Data in the German TRIZ conference.
I have attached the slides for your viewing.  [Not shown here.]

Regards, Simon Dewulf         (CEO AULIV) 


  Wayne Mallinson (South Africa) ==> Toru Nakagawa   Aug. 25, 2016

Dear Professor Toru Nahagawa, I met you at the Triz Future 2015 conference in Berlin. I am also an interested student and trainer in USIT.

Do you know if there are any International USIT certification standards or syllabus?

Do you have a working contact email address of Professor Ed Sickafus or any website and contact details of ntellect?   If so could you copy these to me - I am trying to contact Prof. Ed. Sickafus.

I have enjoyed you commentary and works and wonder if you will be going to TRIZ Future Conference 2016?

Regards, Wayne Mallinson

  Toru Nakagawa ==> Wayne Mallinson (South Africa) Aug. 25, 2016

Dear Wayne Mallinson, Thank you for your message and your interest in USIT.

(1) Dr. Ed Sickafus: ****  [Not shown here.]     He seem to have joined LinkedIn very recently.

(2) No international certification of USIT.

(3) My works of 'USIT Manual' and 'USIT Case Studies' and many other related articles posted in my Web site are the standards of USIT as a method of structured problem solving.   Dr. Sickafus has moved on to much intuitive and heuristic method.

(4) I'll be coming to TFC2016 at Wroclaw. Could you please use plain emails instead of LinkedIn messages?

Best wishes, Toru

  Update of "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"  Sept. 9, 2016

TRIZ/CrePS Approach to the Social Problems of Poverty: 'Liberty vs. Love' Is Found the Principal Contradiction of the Human Culture (Toru Nakagawa; Japan TRIZ Sympo);


  Vladimir Petrov (Israel) ==> Toru Nakagawa   Sept. 11, 2016

Hello Toru, Thank you for information.

In honor of the 90th anniversary of Genrich Altshuller I sell all my TRIZ books at the lowest price, which allows Amazon. Please place your review of this book on the Amazon site above.

List of the books:

Growth Hacking for Breakthrough and Inventors. 5-Step Method for Breakthrough. 2015.

TRIZ: Innovation and Inventive Problem Solving. Handbook   

Laws of System Evolution: TRIZ Kindle Edition    

Laws of Dialectics in Technology Evolution: TRIZ Kindle Edition  


Law of Ideality Increasing: TRIZ Kindle Edition

The Law of Increasing Degree of Su-Field: TRIZ   Kindle Edition

A New Approach to Su-Field Analysis: TRIZ Kindle Edition    

Law - Antilaw: TRIZ Kindle Edition  

LOGIC OF ARIZ: TRIZ Kindle Edition 



The TRIZ Glossary Kindle Edition  

Fundamentos De La Teoria Para La Solución De Los Problemas Inventivos (TRIZ) (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition   .

LEY - ANTI LEY: TRIZ (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition   

TRIZ Body of Knowledge: for MATRIZ Kindle Edition  

TRIZ Body of Knowledge: for AI & MATRIZ [Print Replica] Kindle Edition 

I would be happy if my books were helpful to you, your colleagues and customers.

Best Regards, Vladimir Petrov


  Shahid Saleem Arshad (Australia) ==> Toru Nakagawa   Sept. 13, 2016

Dear Prof. Nakagawa, I trust you and your family are in excellent health. 

I noticed that a rather long gap has appeared in my communication with you and I would like to send this message as a brief precursor.

In the most recent issue of the THPJ (11Sep16), you have included a message  "Do we have any methodology of Creative Research in academia?" (Posing the issue: A Professor, Jun. 26, 2016; Discussion: Toru Nakagawa (OGU), Jun. 30, 2016) 

This is an extremely important subject which I am glad the prominent professor has raised.  He further states that "Thus the methodologies like TRIZ and CrePS seem to have very little relevance/significance with the methods for promoting academic researches."   

I will get back to you with my own thoughts fairly soon.
With best wishes,  Shahid

 Toru Nakagawa ==> Shahid Saleem Arshad     Sept. 13, 2016

Dear Shahid, Thank you for your message.

Yes, the issue raised by A Professor is very important for the academia and for the TRIZ community.
I am very much looking forward to your discussion. You always respond to my articles at the points of the most significance.

Thanks. Best wishes, Toru

  Shireen Al - Jaouni (Jerusalem) ==> Toru Nakagawa   Sept. 18, 2016

Dear Professor Toru Nakagawa;  I hope this e-mail finds you well. 

I would like to thank you for these updated information related to TRIZ especially in poverty. 
Your continuous supporting and cooperation will be highly appreciated;

Best Regards;  Shireen Al - Jaouni


[Note (TN, Nov. 12, 2016):  Later HP update and communications are moved to a new page for Oct.-Nov. 2016 ]



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